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Lies, Slander, and Defamation in Politics and the Media

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In the political and electoral arenas, what on earth is with all the blatant, in-your-face slanders and lies about others, whether they perceive those others to be good or evil?

Politicians, no matter who they are, have no right whatsoever to speak deliberate falsehood, especially of others, in their attempt to gain public favor. Nobody has the right to lie, cheat, steal, or kill with actions or words, even private thoughts. As Jesus Christ said, “If a man hates his neighbor without a cause, he’s guilty of murder.” Yet, in politics, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Democrats, Leftists, Progressives, Liberals, Anarchists, and organizations like BLM and Antifa have been particularly offensive with such sociopathic and evil tactics.

There is no right for politicians to bear false witness against their opponents or anyone else just because “it’s politics.” They have no right to defame, libel, or slander anyone. It is a crime; it is unlawful and immoral before men and certainly before God. All liars, slanderers, and character assassins must give an account to God and man for such heinous crimes.

Appointed leaders representing their followers and jurisdictions are especially responsible and especially guilty if failing to conduct themselves in all integrity. They’re morally and civilly obligated to treat their people with respect and trustworthiness, especially when they have sworn to do so, paid or not. Outright lies about others are to be entirely condemned in politics and government, no less than in any other sphere of life.

Aiders and abettors of crimes are equally guilty with direct perpetrators. Those like the Main Stream Media (MSM), talk shows, and “Hollywood” society who publicize others’ lies, knowing they are lies or unverified assertions, are just as guilty. If the Democrats, Leftists, Republicans, publicists, or anyone else speak deliberate falsehood and skew the facts, they must be charged and prosecuted. If the media publish their lies, they also must be prosecuted. Falsehood must not be tolerated any longer.

False information from “anonymous sources” must be stopped in its ugly tracks. Rumors, gossip, and their purveyors must be exposed at all times by anyone involved. It’s one thing to receive information anonymously but quite another to repeat and treat it as accepted truth anywhere in society, public or private. Let all information be validated beyond a reasonable doubt before it’s used and publicized.

Slandering and defamation of character differ little from murder. Innocent people are unjustly victimized. Fearful consequences, even death, often result. This mustn’t be tolerated in the name of politics.

“Cancel culture” is an egregious social crime in our day and so powerfully effective with social media. It’s horrible; it’s entirely unjust and those who practice it are in for a great shock when it turns to bite them, and it will, guaranteed. It’s called “karma.” As they say, “what goes around, comes around.” It is the inevitable judgment from above.

It is said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words/names will never hurt me.” So untrue! Words by far have done more damage than sticks and stones ever could. Words are the germinators of aggression by sticks and stones. If without sure cause or proof you call a man a Nazi, you’re condemning him, and as guilty as the mob that attacks and does whatever they please with him because of your words.

The perpetrators of cancel culture are criminals and must be penalized. Without justification, cowards and their accomplices, anonymous or otherwise, ruin businesses, marriages, families, reputations, careers, lives, and societies.

For justice to be nurtured and prevalent, the people guilty must suffer the evil they bring on others. They must pay for their ugly, unfair words and actions against others. Only in this manner can such crime be successfully withstood and eradicated. At a bare minimum, false witnesses must suffer the very consequences they were hoping to inflict on the victims of their lies. The guilty must not only be penalized for crimes but it’s also imperative that they make full restitution to victims for all damages of every sort. There is no decent justice without reparations.

Don’t think ignorance is to be excused. As damages occur in ignorant behavior, so those who indulge in harmful gossip in ignorance must reap the consequences of their damage. Everyone must answer for every idle word spoken. People must and will be held responsible for their evil actions, words, and thoughts toward all. The courts of Heaven will make sure of that. And, as the prayer goes to God, “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,” the courts on earth must conduct themselves accordingly. It is Law, True Law, not to be ignored or delayed.

The weak and innocent must never be exploited in the name of politics by power or might, as in, “All’s fair in love and war.” That is an evil saying and must be condemned if any society is to have good things like justice, equity, prosperity, peace, and wellbeing.

How about, “May the best man win,”  meaning best not by might but by right, as the saying was originally intended? The laws of any successful society must determine good and oppose evil every step of the way. It’s time.

Thus says the Lord God of Heaven and Earth.

Victor Hafichuk

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