You Don’t Have To

The world rushes headlong not only toward destruction but is there in destruction while it rushes. Priorities are confounded, based on gain and selfishness. Big is small and small is big. What is important and what is not? Is it not the “little things” that count? And has not the preacher said, “All is vanity” after firsthand experience of them?


Hello, my friend, and where are you off to?

Won’t you stay and make a friend you can talk to?

Stop and tell me how you’ll find a way to catch the wind…


Believe, you don’t have to hurry…

Relax, you don’t have to worry…

You’re not the one that has to do it all right now…


Look around and people are dying.

They hate to walk; they’ve got to be flying

But six feet under, their relatives and friends are cry-y-ing…


Take a lesson from the big dinosaur:

He didn’t get too very far;

Give an ear and hear the sparrows tell their story to you…


To win a race there are a thousand in a throng

But only one of them is destined to be strong.

Will you tell me nine hundred and ninety-nine are wrong?..


Take a lesson from some of the grasses:

Look and see that they are eaten by asses

But after asses go, the grasses stay behind to grow…


You needn’t live to others’ expectations;

You’ll give your heart too many palpitations.

Do what you can for now and gently put the rest away…


Take it easy, the night has a reason;

For everything there is a time and a season.

You’ll never find a tree that bears its fruit all the time…


Easy does it friend, don’t be in perplexion.

You never lose because you fail to make connection.

You only lose because connection’s so important to you…


Where were you when the world was without you?

Where will you be when it goes on beyond you?

Do let go and everything will be okay,

Do let go and everything will be okay,

Do let go and everything will be okay.


Great Falls, MT; January 1987 (in my sleep)

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What Will Be Will Be
This song came for Caren Lampitoc, whom Paul met in Philadelphia. How different we discovered the Christian walk to be in comparison to what we had expected or were led to believe it would be! It was lonely, painful of soul, friendless, fraught with enemies on all sides and the greatest enemy was on the inside. How we had to do battle with unbelief, with our carnal desires, ambitions, hopes, dreams, with the lusts of the flesh...lusting mostly for social security, belonging, importance, usefulness. All must be surrendered or lost; there really is no choice in the matter when the call of God is upon one. He that keeps his life loses it and if he loses it for the Lord's sake, it is still lost, if only for a time, even if replaced with more and better somewhere down the road. The main thing is that one must trust God in it all and let it happen. One must learn and accept that God is in charge of all things, working all for good.
Do or Die
In December of 2010, there came a call to lay down the life for another. There was no one else to do it, and it didn't matter; the duty and appointment were ours alone. It appeared this person's life was on the line. He was suspected and accused of, condemned, and hunted for, alleged horrific crimes in his country far away and many years ago. In my contemplation of these matters, realizing we could lose everything, a tune came to me in the middle of the night of January 30/31, 2011, followed by these words (Unfortunately, I don't recall the tune).
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"The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." At the time I wrote this, I sincerely thought and desired that I would give anything and everything. I haven't changed on that except that the Lord has given me more since then and the more I have, the less possible it seems that I can give all. I now have a son and am much more appreciative of what it cost God to give His Son. We have these sincere thoughts as did Peter on the last night but to perform is terribly difficult and even impossible, I say. Only by the grace of God can we give Him everything and it is not without pain if we have that which is valuable to us to give. But being a jealous God, we must surrender all to Him and He is faithful, patiently and mercifully enabling us to do His will.

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