Walk by Faith

This is the first song I ever wrote as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ…nothing fancy by any stretch but it amazes me how that we knew so much of what was required of us while yet babes in Christ. Twenty-one years later, I feel we have only been learning what we’ve known all along, that faith is the key and substance of our walk with God, that we must come away from all carnal thought and participation in order to walk with God by faith and be pleasing to Him.



CHORUS (repeat after every verse):

You’ve gotta learn how to walk by faith,

you’ve gotta learn how to walk by faith,

You’ve gotta learn how to walk by faith,

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You can’t go by your own understanding;

do as He says and stop demanding;

You won’t understand so stop your figuring,

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You’ll have to say good-bye to all institutions,

carnal men’s creeds and all their traditions;

You’ll have to say good-bye to their doctrines and systems

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You’ve gotta say good-bye to mother and father;

if they won’t come with you then you just don’t bother;

Only those in Jesus will you call brother

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You can’t walk by your eyes and ears;

you’re gonna have to shake all your doubts and fears;

Be ready to accept heavy trials and tears

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



The most important part of this wonderful story,

the part you must know if you’re to enter into glory,

Is if you start and finish, you’ll never be sorry,

if you put your trust in the Lord.


While traveling, 1975-Oct.’83

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