There’s Lots to Be Thankful For

At a time of uprooting and forsaking all once again, my wife was finding it difficult and this song came then. It held the promise of better things ahead as we had always experienced in similar times before. Encouraged, we plodded on.

There's Lots to Be Thankful For

Don’t ever let your bottom lip hang down;

Don’t let it happen when I’m around.

I’d rather see a smile on your face;

A frown on you is so out of place…



You know there’s lots to be thankful for.

You needn’t crawl; let your spirit soar.

Before you know it I’ll be back for more

Of your smile…of your smile.


We all have troubles that are hard to take;

We have bad habits that are hard to break.

Don’t let them get you down for goodness’ sake;

You need to know your happiness is at stake…




There’s open highway just around the bend;

Morning’s almost here for us, my friend.

Then tears and sorrow will be at an end;

It won’t be long before for us He’ll send…




Lethbridge, AB; September 18, 1983

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