The Victory of the Lord

There exists the notion that victory speaks only of joy, peace, love, rest in their counterfeit forms, the wishy-washy, mushy-gushy kind that has no place in reality. This song expresses the reality. There is war before victory. With war comes bloodshed, hard times, threatenings, loss and destruction, but the victory is there in real terms, earned and established by the Lord.



We wash our feet in the blood of our enemies;

Not in vain have we believed for our victories;

Though the trek has been long and full of miseries,

Still the worth has been there all the time.



We are crowned with the helmet of His glory,

Our scabbard filled with the power of His Word;

Though the battle is bloody and gory,

His life He gives by the good news which is heard.


Not in vengeance nor in spite do we revel;

We wrestle not with flesh and blood but the devil;

We fill the valleys and the mountains we do level;

Our goal is righteousness and peace in all the earth.


There was a time when on our backs all men did trample,

At times unbearable if only but a sample,

But His grace He gave to us was more than ample;

He is the Captain of the hosts and our Lord.


Let the powers of Hell advance and do their utmost.

Here on earth we will stand guard at our outpost.

Standing for us, all around us is the Lord’s host;

There is nothing in this whole world to fear.


Lethbridge, AB; February 12, 1985

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