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The Path of Truth

An exhilarating path it is but a lonely one. Each segment of this path brings its trials and troubles but also its rewards along with proof and assurance that any segment of it is more than worth the endeavour.

The Path of Truth

Well, here we go down the path of truth again,

Looking danger in the eye, fearing nothing but the Lord.

This path is hard and there are few that care to come

But as we go along we find that chains will all be left behind.


The tears we shed both for ourselves and our friends

Aren’t worth comparing to the glory that’ll be ours when we’re done.

It’s like a dream; it’s like a story of outer space;

It’s like a fairy tale for children

But as we go we find it’s true.


I wouldn’t stop and turn around for all the world;

It’s life or death for me

And those who’ve realized the facts of life.

Let come what may even death if that must be

But I’m convinced that I obey the One Who’ll finally set me free.


The light grows bright as I come closer to the end

And worldly pleasures and possessions fade away as so much smoke.

I find a joy within me bubbling to the surface

As in peace I run the race

That will soon give me the prize.


Dauphin, MB; before Israel, 1979

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The interesting thing about this song was that at the time it came to me, I had no thoughts, feelings, identification, circumstances, reason, or remembrance of the past to inspire the words; I just woke up and wrote them – no music, just words, if I recall correctly. I just laid the words aside, thinking no more of them until 2016, almost 6 years later. The words were a puzzle to me; I didn't know what to think of or do with them. They didn't express at all how I felt when I received them or when I returned to them years later – those days were long gone. But after I just happened to listen to a song or two by the late Amy Winehouse (not my usual custom by far), who impressed me with her unabashedness, freedom from self-consciousness or effort to sing creatively, I considered those words given me and put them to music. The spirit of the music seemed to be inspired by Amy, a troubled lady who was also crying for help but wasn't blessed to find it in this life. I wished I could have helped her. I then suddenly realized the song expressed exactly how I had felt in 1972 before I was converted. The song was a prequel to the time of newfound joy and freedom in Jesus Christ. Wow! I was thrilled at the realization. But for what purpose the song? I knew the song expressed how many, if not all, feel just before they meet the Lord. They're searching, troubled, lost, confounded, disoriented, not knowing up from down, sorrowful, without direction or purpose. It's a painful time -...
Who has not wanted to fly? Why do we have airplanes and stories like Peter Pan? Most of us have dreamt of flying by faith, that is, being airborne, powered by believing we could. Within, we can. God gives us that power in our relationship with Him whereby our spirits soar.
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