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Life’s a Road

I was given this song while ministering to some men in the Prince Albert Correctional in 1976. I cried, and they cried. I felt for them and they with me. God only knows how this song affected them in time.

Life's a Road

Life’s a road that is hard to travel when you’re lonesome;

Everybody just wants to do his own thing.

And it’s hard when you don’t know just where you’re going

‘Cause when you’re through, you don’t know what the end will bring.


I’ve got a Friend Whom I know I can always count on

And that Friend will never let you down.

He’ll take you by your hand just as you are and guide you

And at the end of that road you’ll have a crown.


Some people think they’ve gone too far and there’s no hope left.

Some say they’ve tried most everything to no avail,

But let me tell you friend, I know I’ve got the answer:

Only Jesus Christ can help you on life’s trail.


Now when you hear His voice and take His invitation,

He’ll tell you who you are and where you’re heading to,

And He’ll fill your heart with love and joy and laughter

And with peace that passes understanding too.


Prince Albert, SK; June 1976

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