Years before I believed, when we had a rock band in the sixties, we only played songs famous entertainers had recorded. Though I played guitar privately until 1973, the year I was converted to Christ, I still composed no music. It was not until I received the Spirit in 1975 that I was given the words and music to my first song, “Walk By Faith.” It was summer and we were on a road trip from Manitoba, Canada, to New York, USA, on our way to Europe.

I did not intend to write a song; it just happened. “Walk By Faith” described how our lives were and would be. Then, over the years, other songs came, inspired by revelations, circumstances, and people brought into our lives. I cannot, and never could, sit down and deliberately write a song. While I would say that God gave me these songs (and I know He did), I have heard many unbelievers also report the same sort of experience, that they were inspired without deliberation. The important thing is their kind of influence.

We know that these songs will speak to, inform, strengthen, and encourage others in their walk of faith in Jesus Christ. They already have. I am thankful to God for them.


This is the first song I ever wrote as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ…nothing default by any stretch but it amazes me how that we knew so much of what was required of us while yet babes in Christ. Twenty-one years later, I feel we have only been learning what we’ve known all along, that faith is the key and substance of our walk with God, that we must come away from all carnal thought and participation in order to walk with God by faith and be pleasing to Him.Chords (Chorus and Verses): D,A,D,A,D


CHORUS (repeat after every verse):

You’ve gotta learn how to walk by faith,

you’ve gotta learn how to walk by faith,

You’ve gotta learn how to walk by faith,

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You can’t go by your own understanding;

do as He says and stop demanding;

You won’t understand so stop your figuring,

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You’ll have to say good-bye to all institutions,

carnal men’s creeds and all their traditions;

You’ll have to say good-bye to their doctrines and systems

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You’ve gotta say good-bye to mother and father;

if they won’t come with you then you just don’t bother;

Only those in Jesus will you call brother

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



You can’t walk by your eyes and ears;

you’re gonna have to shake all your doubts and fears;

Be ready to accept heavy trials and tears

if you’re ever gonna walk with the Lord.



The most important part of this wonderful story,

the part you must know if you’re to enter into glory,

Is if you start and finish, you’ll never be sorry,

if you put your trust in the Lord.


While traveling, 1975-Oct.’83


While I called this song the above name 20 years ago, I would not do so now. The power of Jesus as the Pentecostal circles like to call it is nothing less than Christ in us, the hope of glory. His Spirit we receive not while seeking power but while seeking to do His will in reality and not as we perceive it.


If you try to live the Jesus life

You’d rather eat peas with a butter knife;

That’s how it is if you don’t have the power.

The disciples walked with Him three years

And at last their efforts came to tears

When Jesus died and they were without power.



But at Pentecost in the upper room

They were filled with the Holy Ghost

And they had power…

Jesus’ power…

Yes, at Pentecost in the upper room

They were filled with the Holy Ghost

And they had power,

Jesus’ power.


Today there is a form of godliness

And souls are falling in the deep abyss

And all because some just don’t have the power;

But if you will come and ask of Him,

He’ll fill you right up to the brim

And you’ll be overflowing with Holy Ghost power.




Prince Albert, SK; August 1976


Twice in my life has the Lord enlightened me on this person in particular, once by revelation without the experience and the second time by a taste of what Job suffered, taking me back to my mother’s womb, my earthly origins. It is not our righteousness.


There once was a man in the land of Uz;

Perfect and upright was he;

He offered sacrifices for himself and his sons

And his daughters religiously.


One day the Lord saw He had to break a man;

He put the devil to the job you see.

The devil took his goods but wasn’t satisfied with that…

He also took his family.

And Job said, “Naked have I come from my mother’s womb,

Naked will I return;

The Lord did give and the Lord takes away;

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.”


Still the Lord saw He had to break a man;

And all Job had left was his wife.

The Lord sent the devil in to plaster Job with boils

But told him to spare his life.

And Job said, “Shall we receive good at the hand of God,

And shall we not receive evil too?

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him,

Yet I’ll maintain my own ways before Him.”


Days went by and Job was in a mess;

He couldn’t understand where he went wrong.

Then the Lord spoke to him and set his spirit straight

And Job began to sing a new song.

And Job said: “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear

But now my eye sees You;

Now I abhor myself and repent in dust and ashes,

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.” (last line over)


Prince Albert, SK; October 31, 1976

Life's a Road

I was given this song while ministering to some men in the Prince Albert Correctional in 1976. I cried, and they cried. I felt for them and they with me. God only knows how this song affected them in time.

Life’s a road that is hard to travel when you’re lonesome;

Everybody just wants to do his own thing.

And it’s hard when you don’t know just where you’re going

‘Cause when you’re through, you don’t know what the end will bring.


I’ve got a Friend Whom I know I can always count on

And that Friend will never let you down.

He’ll take you by your hand just as you are and guide you

And at the end of that road you’ll have a crown.


Some people think they’ve gone too far and there’s no hope left.

Some say they’ve tried most everything to no avail,

But let me tell you friend, I know I’ve got the answer:

Only Jesus Christ can help you on life’s trail.


Now when you hear His voice and take His invitation,

He’ll tell you who you are and where you’re heading to,

And He’ll fill your heart with love and joy and laughter

And with peace that passes understanding too.


Prince Albert, SK; June 1976

Life's a Road

Cause me to hear Thy lovingkindness in the morning;

For in Thee do I trust:

Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk;

For I lift up my soul unto Thee.


Deliver me, O LORD, from my enemies:

I flee unto Thee to hide me.

Teach me to do thy will, O LORD;

For Thou art my God.


Cause me to hear Thy lovingkindness in the morning;

For in Thee do I trust:

Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk;

For I lift up my soul unto Thee.


Deliver me, O LORD, from my enemies:

I flee unto Thee to hide me.

Teach me to do thy will, O LORD;

For Thou art my God.



As we continued our walk with God by faith, we were disillusioned about our relationships with religious people and family. We discovered the value of true friendship, the cost of walking with God and how few there were willing to pay the price.


The walk with God will start out simply;

Religious people will throng your side.

As you go on, you’ll have to leave them

If it’s in Christ that you’ll abide.



Don’t let them you fool you, it isn’t easy;

The road is hard and lonely too.

Don’t let them fool you, it isn’t easy;

It’s just like He said it would be.


Your folks may say they have the answer;

Your peers will say that they’ve arrived

But they’re the ones that’ll really hurt you

With the love that they’ve contrived.


Count the cost before you start;

You’re ploughing fields, not picking daisies.

Building towers takes strength and patience;

The cross you bear will cost your life.




Dauphin, MB; 1978

The Flutterby

Of all my writings, there are two that were written in 2 sittings, years apart. These were the first ones I ever wrote, and this one, interestingly enough, speaks of two births. While I had known the first, I had written of it but did not write of the second, which is the resurrection, until I had known it as well. It is therefore most befitting that the words of this writing came in two parts. The first part came only as a poem, words. It is all now a song though the music did come somewhere inbetween the two sittings.


The shadow of the gallows tree

Spreads darkly over the grave,

And in the dust I toss and turn,

Hoping He will save.

I know the work is good as done;

He did it all for me;

He laid my sins upon His Son,

Who suffered the gallows tree.


Some day I’ll be a flutterby,

No more to crawl or squirm,

But it’s His work, I can’t deny,

For I am but a worm.


The angels watch from up above

To see this work beneath;

When God has formed in me His love,

His holy sword He’ll sheath,

And glorious will be that day

When Jesus Christ is manifest,

The day for which the saints do pray,

The whole world will be blessed.


Dauphin, MB; 1978-79


And then…

The heavy stone is rolled away; I’ve risen from the earth.

I have new life and power now; I’ve had my second birth.

The day for Him to judge is here; I sit upon His throne;

He draws His sword a second time and I am not alone.


Yes, now I am that flutterby, no more to crawl or squirm,

But it’s His work, I can’t deny,

For I was but a worm…

Yes, it’s His work, I can’t deny,

For I was but a worm.


Lethbridge, AB; 1984-85


In our losses we bore as we forsook all to follow the Lord, we were discovering that “a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of that which he possesses.” We were also learning about the sovereignty of God, how He is over all and engineers all things according to His will. (See also Intro. in Poem section).

We weep at the loss of our holdings,

Our ambitions and savings destroyed,

But to bring us to greater horizons

Has God these events employed.



Do we thank God and live or curse Him and die

As Job’s wife suggested to him?

Do we climb up that mountain receiving more light

Or do we sit in our valley so dim?


Job lost all his possessions;

Even children and health were not spared,

But when brought to loftier places,

He realized how poorly he’d fared.


The circumstances besetting us all

Are not the issue at stake,

But how we respond to the Lord our God,

This will make or break.


Dauphin, MB; 1978-79

A Deadly Pull

I think that one of the greatest battles I have ever had has been to forsake family and more particularly my parents, and perhaps most particularly, my father. His draw on my heart was so powerful, so very powerful. In his last years, his state was so pitiable that it was very hard for me to refuse him any wishes. It was agonizing indeed. But he died and was buried on my birthday, April 1, 1985.

His death was the morning after I received a vision of the Lord standing up to put a stop to the enemies who were tormenting me. I did not know anything of my father’s death until the following morning, or that his death and the vision were related. In his death, I felt loosened, with new freedom and power.


A dead man beckons me from his dismal grave,

One which he had dug for himself,

And begs that I come and join him there

Where I was once myself.


I struggle at the familiar voice,

A tear drops from my eye;

It’s almost as though I have no choice,

For if I go back, I die.


Impossible it has been for me

To convince him of the risen life;

My words fall on a dead man’s ears

And the result is only strife.


My life is in deepest turmoil,

The bloodiest struggle I bear;

To Jesus alone I’ll be loyal

For He alone does care.


I must go on to greater things,

More noble, holy and pure;

Whatever the mysterious future brings,

In Christ my steps are sure.


For me to live is Christ my King

And He is my Father new;

He wants me to live and to reign with Him

And He alone is true.


Dauphin, MB; 1978-79

Up is Down

This satire is an expression of a time oft repeated wherein I felt incredulous and scornful of the thinking of so-called “theologians.” They shape and size God, formulate the things they think He does, analyze Him, dissect Him, figure Him all out, put Him back together again according to their desires and tastes and put Him in a neat box, gift-wrapped and stamped, ready to be reproduced and mass-marketed to the ignorant masses the world over who swallow their doctrines as unsuspecting fish swallow bait, hook, line, sinker and rod.

By the way, God hates the term “theology.” How presumptuous is man that he should dare try to study God!


It is commonly believed by small and great

That God dwells in Heaven in royal estate,

That Satan in Hell lives in darkness and hate,

That this will never change.


God IS in Heaven and also in Hell,

The psalmist does declare

And with sons of God in Heaven, says Job,

Satan too is there.


God is in Hell and Satan in Heaven

The Scriptures testify

And only the sincere seeker of truth

Will faulty doctrine defy.


God in Heaven, man on Earth

And Satan in Hell is the creed,

Yet Satan walks to and fro in the earth,

And Emmanuel is “God with us” we read.

The Christian is seated in heavenly places,

The heathen dwell in Hell,

Yet both walk the earth with Satan and God

And where who is who can tell?


To know the truth is to shed the lie

And born full of lies we are;

It therefore takes a shedding of self

And to all we’ve been taught we must die.

The answer lies in the Spirit of God

Who leads us to know all things

And once we’ve discovered the answers we’ve sought,

To our souls peace and freedom He brings.


Dauphin, MB; 1978-79

The Path of Truth

An exhilarating path it is but a lonely one. Each segment of this path brings its trials and troubles but also its rewards along with proof and assurance that any segment of it is more than worth the endeavour.

Well, here we go down the path of truth again,

Looking danger in the eye, fearing nothing but the Lord.

This path is hard and there are few that care to come

But as we go along we find that chains will all be left behind.


The tears we shed both for ourselves and our friends

Aren’t worth comparing to the glory that’ll be ours when we’re done.

It’s like a dream; it’s like a story of outer space;

It’s like a fairy tale for children

But as we go we find it’s true.


I wouldn’t stop and turn around for all the world;

It’s life or death for me

And those who’ve realized the facts of life.

Let come what may even death if that must be

But I’m convinced that I obey the One Who’ll finally set me free.


The light grows bright as I come closer to the end

And worldly pleasures and possessions fade away as so much smoke.

I find a joy within me bubbling to the surface

As in peace I run the race

That will soon give me the prize.


Dauphin, MB; before Israel, 1979

The Father Gave Me Words

We encountered an incident wherein religious people, friendly and all, counseled us to reconsider an undertaking we knew was the Lord’s leading. We were learning that Satan’s servants are ever there, with Bible under arm, God’s praises on their lips, prepared to do battle “with love.” The strange thing is that while I recall the Lord giving me what to say to these people, I do not recall what those words were, so occupied I was with learning another lesson.

Satan came to my house one evening;

He tried to cast a doubt into my mind.

With his mouth he blessed the Lord

And with his face he flashed a smile;

Satan came to my house one evening.


At the time I didn’t know it was the devil.

He often comes in the guise of a good man.

But I knew there was a battle

And strong resistance from his vessel

And the Father gave me words to speak to him.


Repeat 1st verse.


The Lord has given us commandment

To trust in Him, with all our hearts,

To shun the works and the words and ways of man.

And if we’re true to His commandment

Then peace will follow and victory too

And men will have no power to make us stray away from Him.


Repeat 2nd verse


Dauphin, MB; before Israel, 1979


This song was written at Revivim, HaNegev, Israel in 1979 for a young man to whom the Lord had sent us to speak His Word of Instruction. Paul Cohen was confronted with a crucial decision, which had immediate and major implications for him. He took the right road, only to encounter many similar crossroads since, even as the song prophesied.

At times while travellin’ you will come to some crossroads.

They’ll come in sight just when you least expect them.

And then you’ll have to decide

To walk the path of truth or run and hide

And if you choose the right path, you’ll travel further on…

Till crossroads come into your sight again.


How can you tell to choose the right path from the wrong?

Do signposts fill you in so you can easily tell?

Everything appears to be so good

And you may think it’s easily understood,

But listen to the Voice inside Whose motive is for good

And recognize the peace that’s in your soul.


Some paths we take that we can never change again.

They may be easy first but harder in the end.

Don’t ever take the road that looks so smooth;

It’s smooth from crowds who’ve passed by foolishly;

The rarely traveled road with rocks and holes for travelling guests

Is the road that leads you to the truth of life.


So if you want it easier for now

Then take the road that pleases you the most,

But if it’s peace instead of shame you want to meet at last,

Then ponder all these things before you choose.


Revivim, Israel; September 1979

It's Great to Be Somebody

I knew a man by whom I met Judas Iscariot. Judas, I learned, was a glory seeker, one who wanted in on the best this world had to offer and who was prepared to betray any association to get what he wanted. Ironically, what he wanted was belonging, acceptance, social security. He lost it all or rather, lost all opportunity of gaining such because he never did have it.


I’ve waited for riches; I’ve waited for fame;

I’ve longed for the glory, and all in His Name.

I’ve sought for the spotlight; I’ve sought for the crowds,

But it’s great to be somebody because you’re nobody

Because you’re His.


We lust after good things; we want every gift;

We long for fulfillment, and all in His Name.

We want to do great things; we want to belong,

But it’s great to be somebody because you’re nobody

Because you’re His.


In sun or in shadow, in fame or seclusion,

In mountains or valleys, it matters no more,

When all that’s important is your life in Jesus,

It’s great to be somebody because you’re nobody

Because you’re His.


Winnipeg, MB; May 3, 1980

His Yoke is Easy

In Winnipeg, we met Henry Unrau, who laboured dreadfully under the Law, thinking he was doing God service. He was a tormented soul but a very self-righteous one who, while seeking counsel and help, quite believed that he was in a position of counseling and helping instead toward those who were not enslaved by service of the letter as was he. What ironies and contradictions in man!

There are those who worship God

And try to do His will their way

Like a horse which the Master has not broke,

But when finally they see that the means are meant to be,

Then the duty will be done His way.



His commandments are not hard,

It’s delight to do His will;

His yoke is easy and His burden light.

We know that truth will make us free

In Jesus Christ, simplicity,

And the joy of the Lord is our strength.


Substitutions He won’t have,

Those are not the things He wants;

We must learn to do exactly as He asks.

We have no wisdom in ourselves to decide the right from wrong;

We must hear Him tell us what and even how.


Chorus repeat.


There is purpose everywhere

In all the smallest things He does

And though our understanding can’t see this,

Still to trust Him and obey is the one and only way

And if we do that we just can’t miss.




Winnipeg, MB; January 3, 1981

Look to Him

We met Alan Gilbert, a young man who had been in a terrible car accident which left terrible consequences on body and mind. While he would put on a brave face, we knew it was a put-on. This song came to confront him with reality and to encourage him to repent and believe. He went away apparently as hardened as ever. The mystery of iniquity is something at which to marvel.

Look to Him

When the times are looking grim

Look to Him

Look to Jesus when the light is burning dim

Whenever trouble comes around

And from Heaven there’s no sound

Look to Him.


Look to Him

He’s the only One Who matters

Look to Him

Look to Jesus when the world beckons you, look to Him

He’s the only One that cares, look to Him

There is nothing He can’t do

Nothing He won’t do for you

Look to Him.


Look to Him

When things are going the way they should

Look to Him

Thanking Jesus for it all, look to Him

He’s the One who did it all, look to Him

He’ll be glad to get the praise

‘Cause you’re walking in His ways

Look to Him.


For Chorus, repeat in 3rd key


Winnipeg, MB; January 27, 1981


This song came for Caren Lampitoc, whom Paul met in Philadelphia.

How different we discovered the Christian walk to be in comparison to what we had expected or were led to believe it would be! It was lonely, painful of soul, friendless, fraught with enemies on all sides and the greatest enemy was on the inside. How we had to do battle with unbelief, with our carnal desires, ambitions, hopes, dreams, with the lusts of the flesh…lusting mostly for social security, belonging, importance, usefulness.

All must be surrendered or lost; there really is no choice in the matter when the call of God is upon one. He that keeps his life loses it and if he loses it for the Lord’s sake, it is still lost, if only for a time, even if replaced with more and better somewhere down the road. The main thing is that one must trust God in it all and let it happen. One must learn and accept that God is in charge of all things, working all for good.


Lord, when You first called out my name,

I knew I couldn’t be the same;

I didn’t know what I would do…or be;

I thought the future I could see.


For awhile I ran in reckless joy;

I played with You like boy with toy,

And slowly I began to understand

That You are Lord and it’s Your hand.



Right now I know that You’re with me

And through these tears it’s hard to see

What’s going on with You and me

But You’ve said, “What will be will be.”


It’s been so hard for me to be so still;

Like fire to ice it’s will to will.

You’ve shown me that I’m the one so cold,

Yet in my ways I’ve been so bold.




Nothing’s going the way I thought it would;

It’s so different and very strange.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve gone astray;

Seems no one’s here to come my way.


Chorus repeat 2x


Winnipeg, MB; February 27, 1981

Growing in Christ Jesus

Deeper and deeper the Lord took us in Him. Now were we seeing good in evil and evil in good, that is, whereas we once thought we knew the difference, now we began to see more clearly. That which we thought was holy was otherwise, both within and without, and that which we thought was wrong was not always so. Needless to say, such experience brings its own torment but God brought us through and delivered us from evil.


To do or not to do?

That is the question

That’s often on my mind

And sometimes gives me torment.


Clouds and smoke may look the same

But they’re so very different.

I must not speak in vain

But say what I’m supposed to say.


The Lord is Lord of all;

With that no one can argue.

Unless we look to Him,

We become self-centered.

Then, pointing to ourselves,

We seem to be His servants

But He alone can tell.


What was once the thing to do,

He’ll no longer wink at.

What was once so wrong,

Now we grow right into.


Things are always changing

And with no change we die,

But if we change we hurt

And pain is the fruit of growing

Until we come to the fullness

In Christ Jesus our Lord.


Winnipeg, MB; March 2, 1981

There's Lots to Be Thankful For

At a time of uprooting and forsaking all once again, my wife was finding it difficult and this song came then. It held the promise of better things ahead as we had always experienced in similar times before. Encouraged, we plodded on.

Don’t ever let your bottom lip hang down;

Don’t let it happen when I’m around.

I’d rather see a smile on your face;

A frown on you is so out of place…



You know there’s lots to be thankful for.

You needn’t crawl; let your spirit soar.

Before you know it I’ll be back for more

Of your smile…of your smile.


We all have troubles that are hard to take;

We have bad habits that are hard to break.

Don’t let them get you down for goodness’ sake;

You need to know your happiness is at stake…




There’s open highway just around the bend;

Morning’s almost here for us, my friend.

Then tears and sorrow will be at an end;

It won’t be long before for us He’ll send…




Lethbridge, AB; September 18, 1983

The Very Best

Simple and self-explanatory.


All we need to do is ask and He’ll grant our petitions.



The very best that you can ask is just to be with Jesus.


So many things we often want don’t satisfy when we get them.




Are you ready to leave all behind, let go of all that holds you?




Don’t be surprised if what you get is not what you imagined.




You won’t be disappointed if you ask for nothing but the best.



Loving You

My soul, as are the souls of others, as God chooses, is compelled to love, desire and serve God, no matter what. We falter, we fail, we don’t always know what God thinks or feels about us but we press on as if there is no choice. It is an irresistible and unconscious force in spite of everything.


Loving You, loving You,

Loving You is all I can do.

Even when I’m sad or mad,

Whether You think I’m good or bad,

Loving You is all I can do.


Lethbridge, AB; September 24, 1983 (verse 1)

Wanting You, wanting You,

Wanting You is all I can do.

Even when I’m rich or poor,

Whether it seems I’m not so sure,

Wanting You is all I can do.


Serving You, serving You,

Serving You is all I can do.

Even when I’m weak or strong,

Whether they think I’m right or wrong,

Serving You is all I can do.


Bernalillo, NM; March 1985 (verses 2 & 3)


Who has not wanted to fly? Why do we have airplanes and stories like Peter Pan? Most of us have dreamt of flying by faith, that is, being airborne, powered by believing we could. Within, we can. God gives us that power in our relationship with Him whereby our spirits soar.



For the first time I am flying!

It’s what I’ve always dreamed of…



What I’ve always longed for!

Now I really have it…



A worm I am in blossom!

Mounting like a pretty

Flutterby, away up high

Up in the sky…


I am now an eagle

In the heights of Heaven

I can soar forever and ever and a day

Away, away…



Finally I’m flying…

Yes, I am flying.


Lethbridge, AB; May 1984

There exists the notion that victory speaks only of joy, peace, love, rest in their counterfeit forms, the wishy-washy, mushy-gushy kind that has no place in reality. This song expresses the reality. There is war before victory. With war comes bloodshed, hard times, threatenings, loss and destruction, but the victory is there in real terms, earned and established by the Lord.


We wash our feet in the blood of our enemies;

Not in vain have we believed for our victories;

Though the trek has been long and full of miseries,

Still the worth has been there all the time.



We are crowned with the helmet of His glory,

Our scabbard filled with the power of His Word;

Though the battle is bloody and gory,

His life He gives by the good news which is heard.


Not in vengeance nor in spite do we revel;

We wrestle not with flesh and blood but the devil;

We fill the valleys and the mountains we do level;

Our goal is righteousness and peace in all the earth.


There was a time when on our backs all men did trample,

At times unbearable if only but a sample,

But His grace He gave to us was more than ample;

He is the Captain of the hosts and our Lord.


Let the powers of Hell advance and do their utmost.

Here on earth we will stand guard at our outpost.

Standing for us, all around us is the Lord’s host;

There is nothing in this whole world to fear.


Lethbridge, AB; February 12, 1985

The world rushes headlong not only toward destruction but is there in destruction while it rushes. Priorities are confounded, based on gain and selfishness. Big is small and small is big. What is important and what is not? Is it not the “little things” that count? And has not the preacher said, “All is vanity” after firsthand experience of them?


Hello, my friend, and where are you off to?

Won’t you stay and make a friend you can talk to?

Stop and tell me how you’ll find a way to catch the wind…


Believe, you don’t have to hurry…

Relax, you don’t have to worry…

You’re not the one that has to do it all right now…


Look around and people are dying.

They hate to walk; they’ve got to be flying

But six feet under, their relatives and friends are cry-y-ing…


Take a look at the big dinosaur:

He didn’t get too very far;

Give an ear and hear the sparrows tell their story to you…


To win a race there are a thousand in a throng

But only one of them is destined to be strong.

Will you tell me nine hundred and ninety-nine are wrong?..


Take a lesson from some of the grasses:

Look and see that they are eaten by asses

But after asses go, the grasses stay behind to grow…


You needn’t live to others’ expectations;

You’ll give your heart too many palpitations.

Do what you can for now and gently put the rest away…


Take it easy, the night has a reason;

For everything there is a time and a season.

You’ll never find a tree that bears its fruit all the time…


Easy does it friend, don’t be in perplexion.

You never lose because you fail to make connection.

You only lose because connection’s so important to you…


Where were you when the world was without you?

Where will you be when it goes on beyond you?

Do let go and everything will be okay,

Do let go and everything will be okay,

Do let go and everything will be okay.


Great Falls, MT; January 1987 (in my sleep)

I'd Give Anything

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” At the time I wrote this, I sincerely thought and desired that I would give anything and everything. I haven’t changed on that except that the Lord has given me more since then and the more I have, the less possible it seems that I can give all. I now have a son and am much more appreciative of what it cost God to give His Son. We have these sincere thoughts as did Peter on the last night but to perform is terribly difficult and even impossible, I say. Only by the grace of God can we give Him everything and it is not without pain if we have that which is valuable to us to give.

But being a jealous God, we must surrender all to Him and He is faithful, patiently and mercifully enabling us to do His will.


I’d give anything

I’d give anything I own

And I mean anything

I’d only ask that what I give

Would be received by Him

That He’d be pleased to have received

All that I give to Him



My heart goes out to Him

My soul desires that all my firstfruits

Do return to Him

That there is nothing held from Him

That He would love to have

What sheer delight is it to give to Him

The best of what I have, the very best

The very best…


Yes, I’d give everything

So much do I love Him

That I’d give everything to Him

He’s given me all things and even

All my love for Him

I only hope that by His grace

I’d give Him everything

Everything, yes, everything.


Let me not forget to give You everything

Not just the first and best but everything.


Helena, MT; August 26, 1987

The Work of God

At a time of discouragement I received these words from the Lord in song and at this very moment as I write this introduction years later in 1996 ( the song was written in 1987), I feel down after having spoken to people who do not believe what I say or that the Lord has sent me to them. Yet I have nowhere but onward to go and am persuaded that these words hold true and someday will be fulfilled.


The work of God can be so full of pain and sorrow,

You wonder why you get involved.

Sometimes it gets so hard, you fear to see tomorrow

But all your problems are resolved.


Though blood and tears are shed for those who seem unworthy,

Everlasting strength will make the way

And when you feel your work will only make you dirty,

That’s when you take the time to pray.


For all the good you do, most times you’re only hated.

You need remember it’s okay.

You work both night and day and often get frustrated.

The time will come you’ll get your pay.


Some day they’ll come from miles around to bless and thank you,

Dandling young ones on their knees.

They’ll be doing and speaking right because they want to,

Their holy ways the Lord to please.


Helena, MT; August 17, 1987


It seemed we were saying farewell to all things of our past, not just human friends or acquaintances. It also seemed I was prophesying a parting in the future but which would come to an end, never to happen again.

Good-bye, my friends, it’s time to go;

It’s been so good to share with you.

We’ve shared our joys, we’ve shared our sorrows;

Praise be to God, we have tomorrows.



There’ll come a day when there’s no parting;

We’ll be together and with the Lord…


We must go on to higher places,

To better things, to wider spaces.

We mustn’t stop and turn around

For our reward to come is bound.




Good-bye my friends, it’s time to go;

It’s been so good to share with you.


Bernalillo, NM; January 18, 1984

There Is a Place

On September 24, 1996, Marilyn prophesied that the Lord was taking me, as He did Moses, for trespass, and that He had a ministry in the next world for me even as He had for Moses (as was seen on the mount of transfiguration). There came a resignation on my part, with sadness, and in this circumstance came this song which expresses that God does have a place reserved for saints. It is the destination of every believer, the goal of his spiritual trials and journey.


There is a place not far away

A place for which saints long and pray

And when they go, they’re there to stay…


There’s little here that we can bring

There is no doubt death has its sting

But what awaits will make us sing…


Goodbye to what has been before

Hello to what is held in store

We cross the sea to a glorious shore…


We must let go of near and dear

He’ll wipe away our every tear

In Christ we know we needn’t fear…


There is a place not far away

A place for which saints long and pray

And when they go, they’re there to stay.


Moon River, AB; October 27, 1996

Audio (Revised Version)

The time has finally come when I can sing to you with joy in all my soul. Faithfully, my God has surely given me what He promised in His Roll.

When I first began the journey, I naively thought that I might have arrived. As I went on, disillusionment brought me to think that I was so deprived.

I sing and shout from a mountaintop, a mountaintop so high, So high it makes me cry…

Joy only comes…. with victory, and victory comes only when you die….

Three times I fell so hard and wondered if I’d ever leave the bloody ground. And every time, I learned that right is might, and not the other way around.

Yes, the journey was a long one and the battle was a hard one to the last. Now I rest in perfect confidence that threats and dangers are all in the past.



What a wonderful reality when a workingman is finally done his day. I didn’t earn it; don’t deserve it; He just freely, freely gave – what can I say?

I didn’t earn it; don’t deserve it; He just freely, freely gave – what can I say?

Moon River, AB; March 14, 2007

The interesting thing about this song was that at the time it came to me, I had no thoughts, feelings, identification, circumstances, reason, or remembrance of the past to inspire the words; I just woke up and wrote them – no music, just words, if I recall correctly. I just laid the words aside, thinking no more of them until 2016, almost 6 years later.

The words were a puzzle to me; I didn’t know what to think of or do with them. They didn’t express at all how I felt when I received them or when I returned to them years later – those days were long gone. But after I just happened to listen to a song or two by the late Amy Winehouse (not my usual custom by far), who impressed me with her unabashedness, freedom from self-consciousness or effort to sing creatively, I considered those words given me and put them to music. The spirit of the music seemed to be inspired by Amy, a troubled lady who was also crying for help but wasn’t blessed to find it in this life. I wished I could have helped her.

I then suddenly realized the song expressed exactly how I had felt in 1972 before I was converted. The song was a prequel to the time of newfound joy and freedom in Jesus Christ. Wow! I was thrilled at the realization.

But for what purpose the song? I knew the song expressed how many, if not all, feel just before they meet the Lord. They’re searching, troubled, lost, confounded, disoriented, not knowing up from down, sorrowful, without direction or purpose. It’s a painful time – there you are, desperately crying for answers, for help, and nobody hears, understands or cares – nobody.

I’m reminded of the words, “You gotta walk that lonesome valley; you gotta walk it by yourself; nobody here can walk it for you; you gotta walk it by yourself.” Woody Guthrie’s Lonesome Valley.

Thank God, He answered and delivered me out of the pit of destruction and made me His. He’s Faithful and True!


C7                                   F7              C7
I wake up in the mornin’ … I heave a sigh,


F7            C7            F7                  C7
I gotta go workin’ … but I’d rather die,

F7                   C7           F7                 C7   F7
Got nothin’ to live for … and that’s no lie,

F7             C7          F7                     C7    F7
Somebody help me, please hear my cry!


G                            F            G                       F
Oh, God, won’t You help me, please hear my cry,

G                     F           G                          F     C7   F7   C7   F7
I got nothin’ to live for, but I don’t wanna die!


C7                              F7                   C7
I’m on the road now… far away from home;

F7             C7       F7           C7
Nobody to talk to… I’m all alone;

F7                            C7      F7                    C7
There’s nothin’ here for me… I can call my own,

F7             C7          F7                         C7       F7
Somebody help me! Don’t you hear my groan?


G                            F            G                       F
Oh, God, won’t You help me, please hear my cry,

G                     F           G                          F     C7   F7   C7   F7
I got nothin’ to live for, but I don’t wanna die!


C7                                   F7                   C7   F7
They tell me that one day, in the by and by,

F7            C7      F7             C7   F7
If I’m not ready, I’m gonna fry;

F7           C7            F7          C7          F7
I’ll fry forever, and ever and ever and ever.

F7                   C7               F7                   C7   F7
Oh, God, will You help me? I don’t wanna die!


G                            F            G                       F
Oh, God, won’t You help me, please hear my cry,

G                     F           G                          F     C7   F7   C7   F7
I got nothin’ to live for, but I don’t wanna die!


C7                                         F7                   C7   F7
They tell me there’s a God … lookin’ out for me,

F7                C7          F7                        C7   F7
They say He loves me … wants me to be free,

F7                C7          F7                           C7    F7
He wants to take me; doesn’t want me to die,

F7                 C7       F7                  C7      F7
God, are You there? Tell me if You care!


G                            F            G                       F
Oh, God, won’t You help me, please hear my cry,

G                     F           G                          F     C7   F7   C7   F7  C7  F7  C7.
I got nothin’ to live for, but I don’t wanna die!



Moon River, AB; November 30, 2010 (4:30 AM)

Do or Die

In December of 2010, there came a call to lay down the life for another. There was no one else to do it, and it didn’t matter; the duty and appointment were ours alone.

It appeared this person’s life was on the line. He was suspected and accused of, condemned, and hunted for, alleged horrific crimes in his country far away and many years ago. In my contemplation of these matters, realizing we could lose everything, a tune came to me in the middle of the night of January 30/31, 2011, followed by these words (Unfortunately, I don’t recall the tune).


1) There comes a time when it’s do or die,

To stand in truth or to tell the lie;

To set aside your ice cream and pie.

The time has now come to do or die… (REPEAT)


2) They won’t know whether to laugh or cry;

Insisting the truth will never fly;

They’ll roll their eyes and heave a sigh,

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry… (REPEAT)



There comes a time when it’s do or die,

To stand in truth or to tell the lie;

To set aside your ice cream and pie.

The time has now come to do or die…

The time has now come to do or die.


3) From telling the truth we must never shy,

Though knees may knock and mouth goes dry,

“You need to cave!” by-standers will cry.

Which now will you do – tell the truth or lie…(REPEAT)




4) Only by blood will the truth be shared,

Truth goes to the gallows so others are spared,

We live because An-other has cared,

For speaking the truth, we must be prepared…(REPEAT)




5) Some day all truth will come to light

Nothing hid from any man’s sight,

Will we have done the wrong or the right?

Will our days a-head be dark or bright…(REPEAT)




Moon River, AB; January 31, 2011

I Want You to Know

On May 9th, 2017, while my wife Marilyn was away, the Lord gave me a new song I began to sing as I stood in our vacant, closed, echoing garage in Moon River.

I felt a thrill in my soul and began with a bar or two of a pattern as in C, Em, F, and G.

I searched for words. The only words coming at the time were, “I want you to know that, know that, I want you to know that….” From there I searched for more and came to, “…the greatest blessing, the greatest blessing….” From there to, “The greatest blessing is to know Him….”

As days went by, I’d go on to other things but would return to search for more of the tune and words that were life and reality, not religious platitudes. I was inspired to sing from the heart and not from indoctrination or intellectual knowledge.

I Want You to Know is one song I’ve had to search within for the tune and words. It’s also the one I’ve most enjoyed. It’s been like going deeper in mining for gold and by God’s grace, striking “pay dirt.” I speak of the theme, words, tune, the level of notes and form of words more suited for my voice and range, and the pleasure I’ve enjoyed in the Lord.

This is my most personal song. The theme certainly is the message of my heart. I came to realize this song is a Declaration of the First and Great Commandment.



Know that, I want you to know that,

I want you to know that, to know that.

The Greatest Blessing, the Greatest Blessing,

Is to know Him, to know Him.

In all His power, and honor, and glory, and splendor,

Forever more…



Know that, I want you to know that,

I want you to know that, to know that.

The Greatest Pleasure, the Greatest Pleasure,

Is to love Him, to love Him.

With all your heart, and soul, and mind, and strength,

Forever more…

Repeat Verse 1 and Verse 2


Moon River, AB; May 9, 2017

Take Two

On August 22nd, 2017, in our Moon River Estates home, I awoke having received the first 2 lines of this song. Later, at the computer, I began to amuse myself with the rest of the words, while Marilyn stood by thinking I was being silly. I was but I wasn’t. Words quickly and smoothly came forth to express the present theme of my life that was unfolding beyond my understanding. Call it inspiration.                                                                                                    

Now, what about a tune? Would it take long, as it has with some other songs? I took up my guitar, went to D, then E, G, and A, timing the words with the chords.

I partly but naturally adopted a kind of nasal, aged voice by the spirit of the song, which Marilyn also had questions about but I loved it to tears and here it is. I call it Take Two, being accustomed to recording my songs, doing retakes, sometimes far more often than once. Here I was with lyrics suggesting I was having the privilege of a retake on life.

I must say I’ve had many regrets about the wrongs, failures, and foolish mistakes I’ve made in my life. I’m well aware that others have learned important things early in life, gathering wisdom and understanding in early age well beyond mine now in my seventies. I’ve wondered if there was such a thing as reincarnation after all and that I had a life or two to live before I attained to the understanding others have had almost out of the womb.

This song promises much to come and now upon me, for which I can only be excited and thankful.

D                              E                        G
I could be wrong but I think I’ll be strong and
A                             D
Singing a song as He takes me along to the end…
D                   E
How can it be that I can still see
G               A                   D
Another life… arriving for me?
I’ve lived threescore and ten
Just to start it again,
G                                    A                     D
And what will now be was not… what was then.
D                                   E
Wonder of wonders, who knew?
I didn’t see it coming
A                                 D
I didn’t see this coming, but He knew.
D                                  E
From rags of strife to the joy of new years,
G                                    A
I thrill at the prospect before me.

D                           E
The sound of music rings in my ears
G                                    A           D
Telling me I’m strong and free… So free.
D                     E                                 G
I could be wrong but I think I’ll be strong and
A                               D
Singing a song as He takes me along to the end…
E                      G              A                D
To the end… to the end… to the end… the end.

Moon River, AB; August 22, 2017

  1. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I recently found The Path of Truth website. Very helpful to me- Praise Jesus and thank you.


    1. Good to hear. Thank you, Jennifer.


  2. Thank You for sharing your gifts. Great songs, wow. i recently found The Path of Truth website. Very helpful praise Jesus. Thank you again.


    1. Thank you, Jennifer. We now have a couple of songs redone with videos, I Want You to Know and A Deadly Pull at and FB Victor Hafichuk Music.


  3. Thank you Victor. These songs are amazing. They speak to me. Thankful i found The Path of Truth and your anointed music. A very blessed Sabbath to you.


    1. Again, I thank you, Jennifer with the hope you’re edified in the Lord.


  4. Thank you Victor, it’s a honor to meet you. These songs are amazing. They speak to me. Thankful i found The Path of Truth and your anointed music. Thank you for your service too. A very blessed Sabbath to you.


  5. i too feel i got nothin to live for, and i’m scared to die. this song didnt sound like i thought it would…’s kinda bluesy. i like it. the lead guitar is really cool


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