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I’d Give Anything

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” At the time I wrote this, I sincerely thought and desired that I would give anything and everything. I haven’t changed on that except that the Lord has given me more since then and the more I have, the less possible it seems that I can give all. I now have a son and am much more appreciative of what it cost God to give His Son. We have these sincere thoughts as did Peter on the last night but to perform is terribly difficult and even impossible, I say. Only by the grace of God can we give Him everything and it is not without pain if we have that which is valuable to us to give.

But being a jealous God, we must surrender all to Him and He is faithful, patiently and mercifully enabling us to do His will.

I'd Give Anything

I’d give anything

I’d give anything I own

And I mean anything

I’d only ask that what I give

Would be received by Him

That He’d be pleased to have received

All that I give to Him



My heart goes out to Him

My soul desires that all my firstfruits

Do return to Him

That there is nothing held from Him

That He would love to have

What sheer delight is it to give to Him

The best of what I have, the very best

The very best…


Yes, I’d give everything

So much do I love Him

That I’d give everything to Him

He’s given me all things and even

All my love for Him

I only hope that by His grace

I’d give Him everything

Everything, yes, everything.


Let me not forget to give You everything

Not just the first and best but everything.


Helena, MT; August 26, 1987

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