I Want You to Know

On May 9th, 2017, while my wife Marilyn was away, the Lord gave me a new song I began to sing as I stood in our vacant, closed, echoing garage in Moon River.

I felt a thrill in my soul and began with a bar or two of a pattern as in C, Em, F, and G.

I searched for words. The only words coming at the time were, “I want you to know that, know that, I want you to know that….” From there I searched for more and came to, “…the greatest blessing, the greatest blessing….” From there to, “The greatest blessing is to know Him….”

As days went by, I’d go on to other things but would return to search for more of the tune and words that were life and reality, not religious platitudes. I was inspired to sing from the heart and not from indoctrination or intellectual knowledge.

I Want You to Know is one song I’ve had to search within for the tune and words. It’s also the one I’ve most enjoyed. It’s been like going deeper in mining for gold and by God’s grace, striking “pay dirt.” I speak of the theme, words, tune, the level of notes and form of words more suited for my voice and range, and the pleasure I’ve enjoyed in the Lord.

This is my most personal song. The theme certainly is the message of my heart. I came to realize this song is a Declaration of the First and Great Commandment.

I Want You to Know


Know that, I want you to know that,

I want you to know that, to know that.

The Greatest Blessing, the Greatest Blessing,

Is to know Him, to know Him.

In all His power, and honor, and glory, and splendor,

Forever more…



Know that, I want you to know that,

I want you to know that, to know that.

The Greatest Pleasure, the Greatest Pleasure,

Is to love Him, to love Him.

With all your heart, and soul, and mind, and strength,

Forever more…

Repeat Verse 1 and Verse 2


Moon River, AB; May 9, 2017

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