Growing in Christ Jesus

Deeper and deeper the Lord took us in Him. Now were we seeing good in evil and evil in good, that is, whereas we once thought we knew the difference, now we began to see more clearly. That which we thought was holy was otherwise, both within and without, and that which we thought was wrong was not always so. Needless to say, such experience brings its own torment but God brought us through and delivered us from evil.

Growing in Christ Jesus

To do or not to do?

That is the question

That’s often on my mind

And sometimes gives me torment.


Clouds and smoke may look the same

But they’re so very different.

I must not speak in vain

But say what I’m supposed to say.


The Lord is Lord of all;

With that no one can argue.

Unless we look to Him,

We become self-centered.

Then, pointing to ourselves,

We seem to be His servants

But He alone can tell.


What was once the thing to do,

He’ll no longer wink at.

What was once so wrong,

Now we grow right into.


Things are always changing

And with no change we die,

But if we change we hurt

And pain is the fruit of growing

Until we come to the fullness

In Christ Jesus our Lord.


Winnipeg, MB; March 2, 1981

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