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This song was written in Israel when a future friend, Paul Cohen, to whom the Lord sent us to speak was confronted with a major decision. This decision had major implications for him either way. He took the right road only to come to many crossroads since.


At times while travellin’ you will come to some crossroads.

They’ll come in sight just when you least expect them.

And then you’ll have to decide

To walk the path of truth or run and hide

And if you choose the right path, you’ll travel further on…

Till crossroads come into your sight again.


How can you tell to choose the right path from the wrong?

Do signposts fill you in so you can easily tell?

Everything appears to be so good

And you may think it’s easily understood,

But listen to the Voice inside Whose motive is for good

And recognize the peace that’s in your soul.


Some paths we take that we can never change again.

They may be easy first but harder in the end.

Don’t ever take the road that looks so smooth;

It’s smooth from crowds who’ve passed by foolishly;

The rarely traveled road with rocks and holes for travelling guests

Is the road that leads you to the truth of life.


So if you want it easier for now

Then take the road that pleases you the most,

But if it’s peace instead of shame you want to meet at last,

Then ponder all these things before you choose.


Revivim, Israel; September 1979

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