A Deadly Pull

I think that one of the greatest battles I have ever had has been to forsake family and more particularly my parents, and perhaps most particularly, my father. His draw on my heart was so powerful, so very powerful. In his last years, his state was so pitiable that it was very hard for me to refuse him any wishes. It was agonizing indeed. But he died and was buried on my birthday, April 1, 1985.

His death was the morning after I received a vision of the Lord standing up to put a stop to the enemies who were tormenting me. I did not know anything of my father’s death until the following morning, or that his death and the vision were related. In his death, I felt loosened, with new freedom and power.

A Deadly Pull


A dead man beckons me from his dismal grave,

One which he had dug for himself,

And begs that I come and join him there

Where I was once myself.


I struggle at the familiar voice,

A tear drops from my eye;

It’s almost as though I have no choice,

For if I go back, I die.


Impossible it has been for me

To convince him of the risen life;

My words fall on a dead man’s ears

And the result is only strife.


My life is in deepest turmoil,

The bloodiest struggle I bear;

To Jesus alone I’ll be loyal

For He alone does care.


I must go on to greater things,

More noble, holy and pure;

Whatever the mysterious future brings,

In Christ my steps are sure.


For me to live is Christ my King

And He is my Father new;

He wants me to live and to reign with Him

And He alone is true.


Dauphin, MB; 1978-79

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