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Women Wage Peace – Code Pink – Jewish Voice For Peace

Women Gone Wild/Men Gone AWOL

In April of 2024, in downtown Tel Aviv, I was startled by the contents of a huge sign hanging over Begin Boulevard:

Tony Blinken: We Trust You – Women Wage Peace.

How could any Israelis be so confounded after the great massacre of October 7?

Who were these “women waging peace,” putting their trust in a man who treats Gazans as innocent and Israelis as criminals? Tony Blinken has repeatedly sought to handcuff Israel while letting Gaza go free.

The actions of a hostile US State Department and Executive branch have ensured that instead of peace more Israeli and Arab blood will be shed on the way to the elimination of Israel.

So why was national Israeli suicide being presented by a Jewish women’s organization as a lifesaving effort and advocated as if the special touch of women was the antidote to warmongering men?

Where are the men who raised such women, or are married to them, or who have anything to do with this work? Sitting silently in pain, nursing their castration, or all healed up and celebrating it as emancipated feminists?

Do they, like Tony Blinken and the women who trust him, support the Islamic strategy to “martyr” as many Muslims as possible to demoralize, degrade, and ultimately destroy Israel and the West?

Women “waging peace” will create many more victims, even as they have already done among themselves.

Vivian Silver, a founder of “Women Wage Peace,” was murdered by the Gazans along with her fellow kibbutzniks at Be’eri on October 7th. Vivian was there as a “good neighbor” to Gaza, helping its inhabitants in several material ways. But instead of this valiant effort at “waging” peace, the Gazans made war on her and her people by killing, kidnapping, and torturing as many as they could get their hands on.

With a peace like that, who needs war?

I’m reminded of the man who left civilization to live with grizzly bears and was eventually eaten by one. I mean no disrespect to the bears, because they were conducting their lives naturally and not as the hateful, deceitful beasts of Gaza.

The point of this parallel is that those who refuse a proven reality sitting right in front of them are not counselors to be followed – ever.

Women Wage Peace, along with Code Pink and Israel Voices for Peace, are organizations consorting with wild animals possessed of envy and baseless hatred. These women’s groups are, in their delusional “peaceful” and “loving” overtures, fornicating with beasts bent on evil and destruction. Beguiled by the subtlety of Muhammad’s spirit, they carry water for an Islamic jihad set on eliminating Israel and dominating the world.

Tony Blinken is confederate with these women’s groups because he too is sold out to the Islamic cause, just as are Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and the US State Department by and large.

Humanity, and not just Israel, is in an existential war waged against all in the name of “Allah.” There’s no neutral position in this conflict. You’re either for or against. Neutral is for evil. Ignorance leads to the proliferation of a cancer consuming the earth and not peaceful bliss.

Islam presumes that “Allah” is the same God as the One Who called Abraham, led Israel, and sent the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Islam claims that the Record of these things from God, the Bible, is corrupt, so you must listen to Muhammad instead as the “final prophet” who’s changed the major parts of God’s Word to suit his fancy. This isn’t a suggestion. Muhammad commands the world to bow to him and his false god.

So anyone thinking the Bible is a fairy tale or irrelevant isn’t paying attention and aware of the immediacy and presence of all things spoken of in the Scriptures that are happening and pertinent today.

Allah is none other than Baal, god of the Canaanites, whom God ordered the Israelites to rid the land of when He sought to dispossess the idolaters and their false gods.

Another of those false gods was Ashtaroth, feminine counterpart to the masculine Baal, (which means “lord”). Ashtaroth is represented by these women’s groups.

This explains why women’s groups, that want nothing to do with much of what Islam stands for, serve as its consort. Both are there to promote their own self-proclaimed godhood, made in their respective images and not what the One and Only True God and Savior of humanity, our Creator, has made us to be. The Muslims and atheist feminists have come together in a shared mutual rejection of God’s sovereignty in favor of their own and the false gods that serve them.

For the Muslim Baal worshippers, the God of Israel is too soft. They exploit His call to kindness and mercy as a cover to bamboozle the world into treating them as virtuous victims. Using this subterfuge, the Muslims pursue subjugation through overt violence that violates all that God commands.

For the women Ashtaroth worshippers, the God of Israel is too hard. They reject His just war and enable pretend “victims,” the deceitful Muslims, to divide and conquer.

The collaboration of these two parties of self-serving blasphemers unleashes murder and mayhem on everyone including and particularly themselves. The images they present of themselves and their mission as peaceable is irrevocably shattered.

The Bible tells us of the prophet Elijah who opposed the prophets of Baal in his day and defeated them by the hand of God. After this glorious event, the wicked queen of Israel, Jezebel, an Ashtaroth devotee, came after Elijah swearing to kill him just as she had previously done with the prophets of God.

Soft and loving? I think not. But dedicated to the death to death. Jezebel was thrown out a window, trampled by horses, and eaten by dogs, as prophesied by Elisha.

Everything has changed yet nothing has changed. Jezebel is still here, now “waging peace,” along with the men who follow her false gods that bring death and destruction to all.

And some of you say the Bible isn’t real or relevant?

Adam followed his wife after she followed the most subtle of beasts, Satan, with death ensuing. Eating from the forbidden tree, mankind became as God knowing good and evil, but with his own selfish bias without the Spirit of God. God comes by eating from the Tree of Life.

Where are the men today who aren’t beholden to the Devil and the women who follow him? Trump is such a man, which is why he is so hated by deranged feminist women and the men who follow them. Real women, on the other hand, love Trump, as do real men.

As a footnote, it doesn’t take much digging to find the false god’s fingerprints all over women’s organizations promoting war in the name of “peace.” Susan “Medea” Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, took the name Medea because she “had heard a feminist interpretation of the Greek tragedy suggesting that Medea had never killed her children and was only blamed for it by patriarchal traditions.”

Meanwhile, through her “Code Pink”, Medea sanctions the human sacrifice of Gazan children by their overlords (Baalim) hiding behind the children and women who bore them.

Hypocrites and liars, every one of these pretentious, prestigious, pandering, parasitic, pusillanimous organizations, Islamist or Feminist!

Every drop of blood spilled in Gaza is on the heads of Hamas and its supporters/enablers, which includes Woman Wage Peace, Code Pink, Jewish Voices for Peace, and other like-minded demented women activists such as Nora Barrows-Friedman and Anna Baltzer.

And you men shielding your eyes and holding your tongues are responsible and complicit.

God save us and Israel from all such.

Paul Benjamin Cohen
Rapid City, SD

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