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Wake Up Call!

I’m not sure where to begin.

The Lord has given Victor this ministry to lead the children of Israel out of darkness, out of slavery, out of total bondage to the flesh, and to take them into a good land. To establish the Kingdom of God. A Rulership of Righteousness. A land where justice rolls on like a river, and righteousness a spring that never dries up.

A prophet like unto Moses.

This is serious business, for serious people. His people.

However, what we’ve seen with many of you (and I would say particularly the young men) is apathy, indifference, and disinterest.

We’re going to name some names, not because these are the only offenders, but because they’ve offended in public for all to see, and we can make examples of them.

Nicholas Preston, why do you talk more about guns than Jesus Christ? Who is your defender? Who is your Saviour? And why are you always complaining about other people? What good is being good at programming if you’re pathologically unemployable? Why can’t you get along with anyone?

Nicholas Carpenter, you’ve also been unemployable. And like Nicholas Preston, not because of lack of ability. Why can’t you serve somebody without getting attention and recognition? Why can’t you suffer a little injustice?

Why can’t you boys just do your job quietly and faithfully in the Name of the Lord, so that all can see your testimony of His work in your life? Isn’t that enough? Must you be worshipped and feared?

Dennison, why are you talking politics like some kind of pundit? Who are you doing that for? Is it for Jesus? Is it for His Body? Or is it about you? How about your other blog-type videos? You have so much to say, but almost nothing about the Lord Jesus Christ who has been so merciful to you. He saved your marriage and gave you a child. He’s given you direction and blessing in your life. What do you do for Him? You know you owe your life, right?

Isaiah Dillard, where are you? You didn’t like what I had to say about vacations. Did you have a good time, while others were serving the Lord and not themselves? You don’t like answering to anybody. How are things going? We don’t hear from you. If you’re leaving us, don’t we deserve a farewell? We’ve helped you with your marriage and with plenty of other matters. Is this your expression of thankfulness? Surely, you have enough sense to know that you can’t just blow us off. You’ll only be tormented. A prisoner of your own afflicted conscience.

Jason, you’ve been given reprieve from the Hell of your own making. Don’t waste your time with stupid spatula memes and idle chit chat about guns. Take your life seriously for once. Do something wholesome for more than two days at a time. Toes can appear and even be quite innocent and unobtrusive but give them a chance to wedge the door and see sooner or later what comes of it. Haven’t you experienced that to the max?

Braden, you can’t hide in the corner like a scared mouse for the rest of your life. Are you with us, or do you prefer your mother and father? I don’t see how you can resent your brother so much without holding your parents responsible for creating him.

How can any of you expect the coach to “put you in the game” if you won’t even show up for practice? Are you here to learn about guns and self-defense? What is this?

Why won’t you share Victor’s teachings with each other? And I know, you’re all thinking, “the only people who are going to see it are other TPOTers.” True! And you guys are the ones those writings were written for! Have you learned anything from those teachings that you can share with others? Do you have anything to say? You have plenty to say about nothing, but nothing to say about the plenty the Lord has provided for you. We’ve seen Jill Veldkamp and Dena Dahl have some good things to say to you, and almost invariably your silly conversations come to an end, and nobody has anything to say to them. Why are you being so boring? The world is filled to the brim with boring worldly people. Have you no vision or excitement to learn the ways of the Lord so that you can participate in establishing His Kingdom?

And I’m not talking about hitting the streets and preaching about doctrines and truths that you barely understand with no judgment or wisdom. I teach my kids to eat organic and why we do so. Do you think I want them preaching to everybody without discretion? Of course not! We’re not asking you guys to be know-it-alls. We want the opposite! We want you looking to the Lord and praying that you don’t disown Him in your daily lives. That you speak of Him where and when He leads you to. Yes, you’ll get it wrong sometimes, but that’s a lot better than never getting it right, because you couldn’t be bothered.

How are you making us look? You say you believe us and that our Message is from the Lord, and then you continue living your daily lives in your usual worldly fashion. Is the Lord okay with that? Is it His fault?

Are you reading Victor’s writings? Are you watching his YouTube channel? Do you have any questions? Is anything happening for you?

How do you think Victor feels after a lifetime of service to God and man, when all of you remain silent and apparently bored of anything he has to say? Don’t you think he wants to finally get some fruit from all these trees he’s tended to for so long? Do you care?

If you’ll remain dead in your graves, we’ll only make ourselves unclean by continuing contact with you. The Scriptures are clear on this.

No more. If any of you want to continue representing yourselves and your own interests and hobbies, instead of testifying of the Lord Jesus Christ Who died for you, then we’ll have to cease any level of relationship with you.

If the Lord is working in your life, you’ll have something to talk about with somebody. You won’t be able to keep it to yourself.

“Sharing” a post isn’t just about hitting the share button. Why are you sharing? What does it mean to you? Not everybody is as talkative or free at communication, but nobody who loves the Lord has nothing to say about Him. That’s a fact.

This isn’t only aimed at those mentioned, nor do I want those mentioned to be discouraged or dismayed. Victor has asked me to express his heart in this matter so that you can reflect on it and be reproved and edified.

Is anybody listening? Is everybody listening?

Martin VanPopta

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