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A Brutish Vegan Condemns the Human Species

From: Chanelle
To: Harvest Haven
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 6:17 PM
Subject: Veganism

I read your article about veganism being based on lies and your pathetic arguments agains Anita. Now I want you to read this. I won’t ever right you back. It’s up to your open mind to read this article or not. You have to click on the Ethic, laws and tradition link.

From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Chanelle
Cc: Harvest Haven, Martin Vanpopta, James Sorochan, Paul Cohen, Marilyn Hafichuk
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 7:35 PM
Subject: RE: Veganism

Chanelle, if you have the propensity to falsely accuse the human species, as you have us, and to defend people who have come out against us with hatred and falsehood, you are capable and guilty of any crime ever perpetrated on the face of this earth.

Tell us exactly what lies it is we’ve spoken and we’ll be more than happy to retract.

Victor Hafichuk


From: Martin Van Popta
To: Chanelle
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 9:29 AM
Subject: Re: Veganism

Chanelle, you are just like every other hardcore vegan we’ve come across. Perfectly violent and self-righteous. 

The article you demand that we read says, “When I became vegan on July 24, 1996, and finally understood that animals had an inherent right to be free and live completely unfettered by human domination, I wondered why it took more than 25 years to attain this nonviolent awakening, and, “Who instilled this vicious mindset of human-to-animal exploitation as standard operating procedure?

And the irony is that you come against us out of nowhere with your totally unfettered thirst for human domination. You’re the one with a vicious mindset as a standard operating procedure. No different than Anita.

The article is ridiculous and offensive. Animals are not people. Slaughtering chickens is absolutely nothing like the Holocaust. Not that I would condone the horrible animal maltreatment that takes place in industrial agriculture (it is downright evil to treat God’s creation that way), but giving animal life and human life equal standing is a worse crime.

Take a look at yourself for a minute, Chanelle, if you’re at all willing. I’ll lay out the structure of your letter here for you.

  1. You are liars!
  2. You’re stupid!
  3. Do as I say and read this!
  4. You have to respond to me but I won’t respond to you. 
  5. It’s your responsibility and moral obligation to see that I’m right.

You don’t have any interest in where we’re coming from, not giving us a chance to answer, even for your sake. Do you realize how many folks have had their lives devastated by the bullshit you’re blustering? Do you have any idea how much farmland and wildlife has been destroyed by your militant vegan cult? You are destroying, not saving life, but you don’t care! This veganism trip is just your weak attempt to gain some kind of moral high ground so you can piss down condemnation on any unsuspecting low-life flesh eating Nazis, isn’t it? You’re only soiling yourself.  

I would love to reason with you. I could help you understand, but you have declared and demonstrated yourself unwilling and unfit to reason. So your judgment will be as sure as your misjudgment of us. 

If you ever have any interest in how Jesus Christ can help you out of the hole you’re in, you’re welcome to write us back. That’s a sincere offer, Chanelle. It’s obvious you have no peace in your life. 


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