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Unrighteous Opinions Abound

From: Sarah
To: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 1:03 AM
Subject: Correcting words

Hi Paul and Victor,

Have you ever received correction with an open heart? In fair warning, your pride will react instantly to any correction or rebuke. You will immediately start thinking of scripture or ways to back your doctrines and reputation. You may react in anger and arrogance, perhaps with snide or rude remarks discounting the messenger/other person, that may include facts and scripture but are of a proud condescending nature. I know that I’m no better than you, and I’ve struggled with pride and fear and control, and all sorts of crap in my past. So please don’t feel the need to push me down to make yourself feel better. Please don’t react that way now. Ask Him to reveal His heart and love for you right now instead. Please don’t read further until you do. 

Tonight I read on your site, so many quotes of yours of people correcting you, and you’re quoted remarks to them, and they are full of great pride. The correctness of your theology and doctrine do not define who you are, nor does trying to prove that you own the Truth show the value of your worth. Please stop trying to own Truth. Truth, and Wisdom are a person. He is your Father and you are His son, and you need to come to Him, seeking His face, and live dependent in Him in fear and in His love, and as a child in humility. You must not look to the left or the right, or to theology, or to all the blog wars (this garbage division and grief among God’s people, including you…the enemy rejoices when he reads these). Fall on the Rock (you don’t want to be crushed instead). Don’t compare yourself to or judge others please, especially those who you don’t even know…not with this pride thing. Judge and humble yourself first or He will. 

If someone is in sin and needs your correcting, please go to them first in humility and love and find out the truth. If they truly are false and in sin and won’t repent, go to their pastor…don’t assume they are false based on a few quotes or videos and then publicly declare them online as false and of the devil. That is not the right way to deal with it, and that is not what God has called us to, nor should it be on your website. 

Please please please seek to know HIM…read the scriptures to know HIM…NOT theology or to win theology battles. It’s such a sad counterfeit to the joy and Truth He wants you to live in.

I see that the Lord has been drawing you and has revealed many truths of Himself to you, and is refining you…just embrace His refining fire and let go. You guys are amazingly wonderful and God has gifted you and called you as His sons, to an amazing adventurous life full of Him, full of Truth, and full of love. I pray that God reveals His face and heart to you more and more and that both your hearts and mine will be totally surrendered to His. 

Take care,


From: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk
To: Sarah
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 7:05 AM
Subject: Re: Correcting Words

Have you ever received correction with an open heart?

Yes, we have, Sarah, by God’s grace. 

So please don’t feel the need to push me down to make yourself feel better.

We feel no such need whatsoever, because we know full well we’re nothing and have nothing to prove to anyone. Listen to It’s Great to Be Somebody

As for the rest of your letter, it is similarly full of assumptions, opinions, and unrighteous judgments. What Can We Say?

Paul and Victor

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