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That Prophet, Episode #17 – When You’re Afraid, You’re Dead

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Look, as long as we’re afraid, we’re dead; we’re defeated, we’re finished. If you fear something that’s going to come on you, and that inhibits your action, you fail to do what you need to do. Whether it’s to speak up or whatever, you’re already dead.  And the enemy knows that. And that’s their main tactic. First of all, they’ll come and they’ll frighten you as much as possible. They’ll behead people, they’ll burn them to death, publicly. And it will strike fear. That’s their strategy, that’s what Muhammad said in the Quran, that it’s the strategy he would take (“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore, strike off their heads.” (Quran 8:12))

And so, when you succumb to that fear, you’re dead, you’re finished. I had to make up my mind a long time ago.  Here is something else that you want to see about me that you don’t see about others. I put my name out there, I put everything out there, people know where I am, they can kill me any time they please, Lord willing. Ok, alright?

But I’m trusting the Lord Jesus Christ to keep me. He is my Savior. He is my Lord. He is my Wonderful God, Almighty God. And there isn’t a thing that happens without His say-so. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without His say-so. That’s where I’m putting my trust. I’m not putting my trust in the police. I’m not putting my trust in my government. Whew! Try and put your trust in the Canadian government right now? You gotta be a blooming idiot. Alright? 

I have to have my trust in the Lord. And He is the Only Security. He’s the only security there is, He’s the only refuge, the only place that you can run and hide. There is nowhere else. And ironically, when you run to Him, you’re not hiding. You’re taking on the true refuge, the true safety. The Lord is my Buckler and Shield, David wrote; He is my Fortress, He is my Rock. He learned that, and he wrote those things in the Psalms, right? And those are such wonderful truths, ok? It’s where it’s at, the Lord Jesus Christ is where it’s at.

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