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From: Gail
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2016 2:20 PM
Subject: questions-two which I ask below and thank you if you are so kind as to respond…
Re:  <email removed>

I do not know if you accept questions but I send two which are below if you would be so kind as to respond.

I have not read much on your website today.  I came there through a link from another website today.

I ask the following, I had read what I posted below some years ago  when reading about Constantine.

I have a question and that is, are you aware that the name “jesus” was given by the Emperor Constantine when he changed the scriptures and added books and took out others when he was attempting to woo the Romans to Christianity.  He did this name change as one of the many changes he made to entice the Romans to accept Christianity (he feared he was losing the Romans and thought Christianity with his “pagan” changes would interest them as the Romans loved all things pagan). He took this name from Zeus and also the birthday of Nimrod (who married his mother) as the day of Christ’s birthday which was 25 Dec and his wife had trees planted and decorated with gifts in gold and silver placed underneath in honor of the birthday of Nimrod.  The Romans loved all this and the early church did as well as they adopted what the Romans were doing at the time.

I have since tried to find the website that had all this info I read and repeat here but have been unable to do so.  It was several years ago that I read the things I include here about Constantine.

Constantine hated the Jews and had a special hatred for Passover.  He did not care for Christians either but thought he could keep ruling Rome and the world if he could use Christianity over them so he pursued this that they might accept Christianity.  With his several pagan changes the Romans accepted and loved

Later the early believers, called Christians, noted how the Romans (Catholics) celebrated certain holidays and so they began celebrating Christmas and Easter
as well.  It seemed not to matter that these things were based on pagan beliefs and gods. Constantine delighted in changing Passover to Easter after a pagan god.

And my second question:

I recently purchased The Cepher by The Cepher Publishing Company/Stephen Pidgeon.  What are your thoughts on this if you are familiar with this?

BTW, it is reported that the fallen angel, Sananda, who posed for pictures as a being called “jesus” is returning with his father whom he calls “haton” and his mother, is linked with the Vatican and promises to make all the people wealthy and do miracles (some refer to this as a fake “rapture”).  This Sananda will be recognized by those pics shown in Churches/Bibles which he literally posed as “jesus”.  He has, in the past, along with others channeling messages to New Age members about their soon ascension as Ascended Masters.  It is to be announced next month ( per article I read).  He promises they are going to make all people wealthy and destroy the Cabal. Sananda is affiliated with the Galactic Federation. 

Scriptures never referred to a “jesus”, He was never ever called that on the earth but was called Joshuah from what I have read in the past.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond if you have time and if you will.


From: Gail
To: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2016 9:18 PM
Subject: read the false teachers henry blackaby written by you today

Good Evening,
I was reading for the first time on your website today and have spent most of the day on your website and I really have enjoyed it.

As I was reading the Henry Blackaby piece I was struck how much the bickering between the disciples looked so much like what is happening today with “leaders of ministry” in the world today.  I was also struck by those on your list, several I have heard them preach and read their books. All clammoring me me me, how wonderful are we!  We hear this from all, do we not? They do not notice they left God behind.

I am 73 and have known the Lord most of my life, gone to church since a baby with my mother who died when I was 9.  She was a victim of a mercy killing against her will.  Long story and too much to try to relate here.  She made my dad promise we would go to church and he kept that promise.  He married one of her nurses who was going to have his child.  They married and she kept us locked in a room, three girls, youngest just turned 3 and another 7 and myself just turned 9.  He kept that promise.

I also read your testimony, I must share how when I was reading the Bible through to make sure I had read it all, I was reading it at my dining table each day and had to leave and when I returned my Bible was pulsating as though it were breathing…I stopped and I screamed    it is alive!  The Lord spoke to me saying yes, it is alive!  It appeared to be inhaling and exhaling.   You see the Lord became our teacher, our friend when our mother moved to Heaven.

In that room where the stepmother, the nurse, kept us, we must whisper and not be heard.  All clothing, toys, everything taken from us.  Our long hair cut as short as possible. You see our mother kept us dressed like dolls and beautiful clothes and toys.  Our baby sister had a pillowcase she made into her doll and she would tell us how Jesus came to visit her every day, playing games with her and how fun it was.  We were fed little and the friends of this
woman and my dad did not know we existed, he was president of the local men’s club and they went on vacations taking their son and leaving us with our grandmother (our mother’s mom).  We loved being with them.

When I was little attending every service they had which which much more than today I noticed that adults acted one way in church and at home they were a different person.  I told the Lord when I grow up I am going to act like you are real, I am going to live like you are real.  My mother’s sister was a good example of what a believer should be.  She read her Bible, she prayed, she sang songs of praise and was joyful all the time in the Lord.  We  watched her and learned how real God was.

Sir, I had to stop going to church a few years ago.  It was hard because I was so critical of what I heard taught.  People spoke things that proved they did not KNOW God, I believe few who preach/teach have ever truly met Him. 

Also, I became very ill at 44 years  with my pancreas bleeding and fell into a coma.  I did not know it but I had a genetic problem in that my body did not know when to stop making triglycerides and your pancreas can not tolerate high triglycerides, normal is something like 150 and mine would go to 15 thousand. I had severe necrotizing pancreatitis and got gangrene of the belly and ARDS of the lungs.  Surgery on pancreas and parked in a room called
“the dying room” in ICU at the Med in Memphis at the Elvis Presley Trauma Center. The surgeons refused to protect my airway as they insisted I could not possibly live.  ENT drs begged them to allow them to trach me to avoid damaging my airway, they were denied, I was dying and not necessary.

I lived. My trachea grew totally together with scar tissue.  While I was in the coma the Lord awakened me and up to my right I saw Him and He spoke this to me….I am the Lord, I am at the North, and I am watching over you.  Back into the coma I went.  I do not know how much time passed when again I felt something moving over my chest.  I had several nurses with me at this time and all working on me at the same time.  But this touch was different, something moving over my chest, yet not touching me but I became aware of this, still in coma.  I opened my eyes and a voice spoke…I am the Holy Spirit and I am moving over you as over the face of the waters in Genesis to heal you.  I went back into the coma.  I do not know how long it was before I awakened from the coma, this moving over my chest was my lungs healing from the ARDS. 

I at some point asked for food and the place when crazy, I was going to live they said, I was hungry and asking for food.  Funny, in scripture some who were healed  or came back from the dead said    I am hungry.  Six weeks after the intubation tubes removed I had to have surgery and a permanent trach tube.  My upper airway totally destroyed. 

Every year I had to have the tube changed in the OR. I moved to another state and drs had told me must always have tube changed in the OR and it can close up as they had destroyed the tracheal rings as well and the whole thing would fall in and they would lose my airway.  The new dr where I now live did not believe what I told him nor what drs had written in my records, that I had no upper airway and that physically impossible for me to speak.

But you see I can speak but could not for a few months from early 1987.  I was praying one day silently as I could make no sound, I said Lord, in scripture particularly Psalms it says to praise you with a loud voice and I can not do that.  I am taking that as a commandment and if I can not praise you in a loud voice I shall die.  That very evening something happened and I screamed and sound came out.

Why God chose to do this in the way He did I do not know.  I was told by one ENT dr that somehow I had learned to trap air in my mouth and make sound. NO, it was His answering my prayer.  The new dr here last July changed my tube in the OR but while he had me asleep he looked into my upper airway to see for himself because he did not believe me or the drs reports.  As I was waiting for a room in recovery I awakened and this dr came in and asked me, how do you speak just how do you do that?  He said there is no possible way for you to physically speak for I looked for myself and there is NOTHING THERE. 

He was not supposed to do that for drs said just touching that area causes me to grow scar tissue, it is totally shut off and that it would be extremely painful to me for anyone to try to look into that area.  There is no opening at the top of the trachea and the tiny opening from the pediatric sized trach tube which they can look in but can view little.  He did it anyway.

I am sorry this is so long, I left out tons of things He has done for me.  I spent many years in bed, in and out of the hospital over 250 times since 1/87. I had unnecessary open heart surgery, colon cancer with 1/2 colon removed, a fibroid tumor weighing 8 lbs, many surgeries and procedures and all sorts of complications and 5 more bouts of Pancreatitis.  One day the Lord told me never ever say you have been through anything, say rather the Lord has brought me through many things.

You see those nearly thirty years have given me time to spend with Him and in the Word, oh He has visited me and spoken with me and I have had wonderful days and times with Him and He sent so many drs and nurses into my life and others that God has opened my mouth at times.  You see I learned that I have nothing to say except when God opens my mouth and puts in that which He would have me speak.

You very likely may know of a place called The Eye of the Needle.  I never knew it was a real place when reading scripture saying it is harder for a rich man to go to Heaven and about the eye of the needle when I learned there is such a place called that and for one to go through the Eye of the Needle one had to get down on their knees.  The Lord told me, wanda there is no such thing as a little thing, every thing is important. 

He taught me so much.  He said IF you live in praise and worship, praise and worship will live in you.  One day after calling His Name and titles over and over telling Him how much I loved Him He spoke to me saying I love you and spoke my full name.  Another 20 years passed and He said I like you and I wept. 

People do not get it.  Few do.  It is wonderful to have read your writings today for I know you got it.  You see it is hard when one does not Know HIM to speak of Him in a certain way reveals your heart knows HIM.  It reminds me of Elizabeth and Mary, when Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth the babe in her womb knew it.  You just recognize another’s heart that loves Him.  I am saddened for few do.

I have seen tears in His Eyes as He turned His head to keep me from seeing them, He said my people have no time for me.  He later said I tell my people what to do but my people do not obey me.  I  have actually heard people say about those they meet who are needy, some very hungry that they must pray first before giving to them!  Scripture says Jesus went about doing good, that is what we are to do.  Scripture says   As we therefore have opportunity let us do good unto ALL men. We have opportunities every day.

Oh I am sorry, I am writing too much.  It is difficult to stop speaking of Him, is it not?

Sometimes He has shown me things in moving pictures that I see.  One day He was walking alone down this path, I am usually with Him but not this time. He stopped and turned His head saying to me   CALL ME BY MY NAME.  This is a very personal one which I am sharing with you.  I had learned that His Name was not jesus, never was He called by that name while on the earth.  This was the name the Emperor Constantine called Him when He was busy trying to woo the Romans to Christianity.  He hated Jews and Christianity and especially Passover.  He was afraid of losing the Romans so he wanted them to become Christians so he could write the rules to control them.  He made changes that were pagan and the Romans who loved all things pagan
accepted Christianity for those reasons. (jesus was the fallen angel sananda who actually posed for pics we see in bibles/churches and will be recognized by those pics).

Christmas and Easter and 25 Dec Nimrod’s birthday and trees planted decorated in gold and silver and gifts placed underneath in honor of Nimrod’s birthday and the Romans loved it.  Passover became Easter, also honoring pagan gods, choosing the name Jesus taken from Zeus.  Even the early Christians admired these holidays as the Roman’s celebrated them and adopted them for their own.

I will stop here.  I understand the heart of one who loves God and recognize that heart.  I read Paul’s testimony as well but will not repeat what I have written here, perhaps you might share this with him if you think he might be interested.

I can not speak well about the wonders of this great and wonderful God, Yeshuah….BTW I love the Cepher from Cepher Publishing and Stephen Pidgeon editor.  I can not think of anything but Him, I run after Him, I can not leave Him alone.  I once told Him, it is all YOUR fault, you allowed me to meet you and I can not help myself.  I just can not leave Him alone.  You see I have never gotten over the fact that He allows me to LOVE HIM, HE ALLOWS ME TO SPEAK HIS NAME….for what more could I ask?  I am greatly and highly honored that He allows me to love Him and you know that is enough.

People do not get it.  He said I am coming and my reward is with me,  the exceeding great reward is Himself!

Thank you for allowing me to email you and I pray you are not offended in the length of this.  I am alone in my room, I am a widow.  My spouse passed in 2013.  I live with my dau who is my caretaker.  I do everything for myself but I can not drive any longer. I spend my time with Him and am among those who are the most blessed of people on this earth, people who are allowed to know God.  People say I want to know God like you know Him, well we know there is as much of Him available as you have time.  Really, He has blessed me with time, time to spend with Him. 

I will come back to your website tomorrow.  I have read several articles there today.  You know people look for things that tickle their ear, things they want to hear and they linger there.  However, it is much like those ministries that are great today and very wealthy, it is all about them and not about Him.  The Lord told me once that there has been enough money to have preached the gospel around the world more than once but the money is kept back for themselves.

The Holy Spirit is here to comfort us and therefore we are comforted.  Recently the Lord said to me, in this darkness we are presently in it is time to rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to us for we will not get it from any where else these days.  I do not include your website but we may not have this much longer. If you have read this, thank you for it is very kind of you to have done so.  I thank you.  Please pray for me and mine.  Prayer is powerful for God answers prayer.

From: Paul Cohen
To: Gail
Cc: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2016 7:18 AM
Subject: Re: questions-two which I ask below and thank you if you are so kind as to respond…

You have a couple questions, Gail. We’ll do the best we can by giving and directing you to what the Lord has given us. You ask: 

Are you aware that the name ‘jesus’ was given by the Emperor Constantine when he changed the scriptures and added books and took out others when he was attempting to woo the Romans to Christianity. 

That’s not true. Constantine didn’t come up the name “Jesus,” and neither did he change the canon of the Bible, despite all the evil he did do. 

Read and for some basic facts. Then read our article that judges the spirit of the matter with the truth from God: Hebrew Names for God.

We’re not familiar with The Cepher (we may check it out) or Sananda (total demonic nonsense), but we do have something better to offer you. We know the true Lord and Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, and He is all you need. So do read much on our site, as much as you can. The Truth is here, and He will set you free when you begin to hear and believe Him. Occupying yourself in these diversions will get you nowhere, Gail. It is the knowledge of men, but you need the Living Truth. 


From: Gail
To: Paul Cohen 
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 5:22 AM
Subject: Somehow this went to junk mail, just found it, sorry about that. Re: [Suspected Junk Mail] Re: questions-two which I ask below and thank you if you are so kind as to respond…

Thank you for your reply.  I just found this in my Junk section which I checked today and found several from others which should not have been sent to junk mail. I apologize for that.  I want to be a blessing to others in the earth.  I have a long way to go but He is still working on me.  Sometimes the sandpaper hurts when He polishes me.  He does it to make me better.  I need that.  We are all free to believe as we are led, to pray as we are led, to speak as we are led.  Does not mean one is right.  I can not change anyone, only God can change a man.

When I went to your website and I read what I read and your personal testimonies I could feel the love in them you have for God which I expressed in my email to you. I had not read any further, perhaps I should have.  I later learned what you would think of me.  You see it matters not what you think of me , it matters much what He thinks of me. I am to speak words of comfort, of love, words of hope.  Yes, men are evil but God will either correct them or not.  It is not mine to correct everyone, I would never finish and I would not have time to spend with Him and praying for those who need prayer.  I will be held accountable for my time. I can not convince anyone of the error of their ways or beliefs.  The Holy Spirit woos a man, men can not do what only the Holy Spirit can do.  You may disagree with everything I say.  That is ok for you will believe only what you believe.  That is between you and God, is it not?

It is absolutely true that the more we love God, the more we shall love people.  Pray and weep over those who have it wrong, some know better and are in the ministry for the money, wow.  He said He is coming again and His reward is with Him, what most do not get is that He is the exceeding great reward.  Just Himself who is the God that is more than enough.  I believe He will search for love in us, love for Him and for others, for people for they are His Treasure no matter how wrong they may be.  He loved them enough to give His Life so they might know Him and He has not changed, whosoever will let him come. I do what He tells me to do and He has led me on this path.

I have read more on your website and I know you believe you have all truth and no one else has it along with literally hundreds of others who believe truth belongs only to them.  Funny thing truth, if you search each one none of them believe the same!  Do any have the truth, all the truth?  

I admit I do not know much for there is a mountain that appears before me with each time learning something.  I am in my 70’s and have studied many years 7days a week, 18 hours a day which began when I became so very ill about 30 years ago.  Prior to that I did study but not as I was able to do when I no longer had to work or clean house and such. I rarely sleep for I can not leave Him alone, I live in His Presence, I moved in, I do not enter into His Presence, I live there.  I can not help it, I run after Him, I can not leave Him alone.  He corrects me all the time for I have prayed that He does that and quickly, I have prayed please do not allow me to entertain or believe a lie. He is helping me with this, corrects me often.  Any can get off on the road to la la land.  Some love it so much they linger and perhaps stay there.

You know we are here on the earth to be redeemed.  Everything all day long is one test after another.  Testing us and testing those around us.  Nothing but tests, every problem/situation is nothing but a test.  I have this story about all coming to the earth with a suitcase, some have fancy ones while some have shabby ones.  Some are wealthy here, some desperately poor, into differing families, it is all a test.  When we leave here the suitcase remains, after all it was just a suitcase.  One thing we are here to learn is how to love, how to love one another, how to live.  If one can remember this thing that is presently taking place in our life is a test it makes it easier.  

He watches us. In Mal 3, there is another book that is mentioned besides the Book of LIfe, it is
the Book of Remembrance and written in this book are the things we say to one another about Him…I prayed Lord, I want to keep this angel busy and that he will need to call for more angels and more books due to my being unable to speak of you and the wonder of you, just who you are!

He once told me that needs were created and that is a test to see how we react and how others react to the one with the need and to others. 


In the Cepher = reading those books taken out which one continues about Abraham that it was not God chasing Abraham, it was Abraham chasing God for he so longed to worship the true One God in the land where idols were worshiped.  He just would not leave God alone.  I know how he felt somewhat for that is what I do.  And so much more is in that book, Stephen Pidgeon along with others who are Jews but believe in Yahshuah Messiah published this.  Very good in my opinion.  Called the Cepher   the Divine Book.  He has a couple of videos on YouTube, the two around 29 min each are my favorites, he has others much shorter. Pidgeon Publishing Company.

When one learns they have yet much to learn and have not yet arrived that man is learning something of great value for he can learn much more.

All I am is a seeker, I am very needy in that I need God and I can not learn enough about Him, I as directed just this last week to do a study, He said to me, I know your heart and now I want to reveal my heart to you and I had to stop doing other things He had me doing so that I might give my all to this, He is revealing His Heart to me.  I am excited and thus far delighted in what I am learning.  Is it not fun to sit at His feet and hear Him. 

I do know that when we are with Him we shall take with us one thing and that is the relationship we have with Him here and now.  It will not change then, it will remain as it is now.  This is extremely important to work on and develop that relationship and that is what I have done my whole life. We can know God and there is always more.

When we believe someone is in error, we are to pray for them, not tear them down.  You see things differently.  We are all different but where we all should be alike is Love.  I do not see a lot of love or much love really in others for people. I do know that the more we love God the more we shall love people.

I shared very little with you of my life. Life can be cruel, people can be cruel, I tell you a truth, the most hateful people to me throughout my life called themselves Christian.  Sad, is it not? 

I know that as the years passed my beliefs would change, that, I believe, is called growth brings change.  Just as you read scripture and as one reads it over and over you see something
new and gain more understanding and depth which you could not have seen at your earlier reading of the same scripture/precept upon precept.  It takes time to learn spiritual things and no one knows it all yet many believe they do, none are without error, none not needing correction. 

That one fellow who believes he is one of the two witnesses  has learned who the other witness is and he says it is none other that his wife!  How shocked and delighted he was to learn this.  He believes he is right about everything and those not believing as he believes will not make  Heaven.

There are so many groups who claim they have all the truth, no one else knows and are just plain lost.  Others have to believe what we believe, no one must believe God and follow the Word and not any man, God hates it when we put our trust in any man.

I have yet to meet just one who has it all right.  God is too big for one to know it all, He knows it all.

There was a fellow who was trying to convince me that God had called me to go after Jimmy Swaggart and pray for him to repent. This man’s whole life was taken up by writing articles and publishing them and seeking others to attack him.  No, I told him, God has not appointed me as an inspector of his people and did tell me it was none of my business, I am just to pray for Him, that He alone is well able to take care of His people. Misguided men try to correct things in others that only God can but God will do it His way.

He also told me one day, see that fellow over there to your right, that man is a believer, take care of how you treat him.  Then He said  see that one over there to your left, that one is an unbeliever, take care in how you treat that one.

Rather than help a man in error, some tear them down to the point of destruction.  I do not believe this is pleasing to God.

We waste much time in pointing our the wrongs and errors of others.  We are to be like Christ who went about doing good.  We are to look for opportunities to bless others, when we see a need we are to meet that need if we possibly can.  We are to pray for one another not pull others down.  Yes, many are wrong but God knows that already, we are not to police one another, we are commanded to love one another.  We are not to curse one another with our tongue.

One day the Lord spoke to me saying, people are talking about you and I do not like it.

God hates arrogance.  People are not on the same path nor at the same point of learning.  While one is learning about what the Lord is revealing to one, another is learning something else.  Now, they do not know yet what the other one might be learning and may not yet have received this light.  He also told me everyone thinks they know all and all they have learned is so to speak their piece of pie.  He further said, I am the whole pie, people do not know that they do not see the whole pie, they believe the piece they have is all there is and they are satisfied.

Yes, many teach lies, pass on errors which they have believed as truth.  There is not one without error that is yet human.  Those who say so lie.  They may not realize they are lying. I am constantly amazed at those who have been saved for a year and they are beginning to teach and preach, wow.  I am not a teacher nor a preacher.  I am yet a student.  One who teaches must be teaching truth for they will be held accountable for all they teach including error.

From what I have read on your website, I am not even considered a believer.  Only God knows the heart, not men.  Many have turned from the Lord as people have told them they are not of God, do not know the truth.  Ahh, it is troubling that we see little love for others, is it not?

The name Jesus is Greek.  He was never ever called Jesus when He walked the earth and that is a fact.  He was called Joshua. But His real Name which He had before the Foundation of the World is Yahshuah     and the Name that could not be said (a Rabbi said this and not God I have been told) is Yahuah which Is says to proclaim and publish.  He wants to be called by his real name.  You see when this jesus/sananda shows up and it is a fake rapture and all to deceive all will know it.  Many will be deceived.  I know you do not believe this but Constantine was not a believer.  And Catholics are not about the One True God.  Many Catholics do not know this.  Many love God but have been taught much not true.

At the Counsel of  Nicaea in 325 AD with Constantine many books removed. Constantine hated Jews and hated Passover and was losing the Roman People and he, as their Emperor sought how to win them. He hired scribes and destroyed all scripture and replaced it.  He added Christmas and Easter with DEC 25 which was Nimrod’s birthday/trees decorated on his birthday and gifts wrapped in gold and silver placed there.  All things pagan which the Romans loved.

I have read also that we were to believe what the early church taught but they loved so much what the Romans did they accepted this as good and true and of God.    I have not looked yet at the link you sent me of Constantine.  I will, however, do that.  I believe the things I said about Constantine to be true. He was not a man of God. Those books were removed to hide things from us.

Sorry, sir, this is so very long.  I respect you and what your have chosen to believe.  We all have that right.  I leave you to yours.

May you have a most excellent day and a better tomorrow.

Shalom Chaverim    if you will allow me


From: Gail
To: Paul Cohen
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 6:17 AM
Subject: I read those two articles. Re: [Suspected Junk Mail] Re: questions-two which I ask below and thank you if you are so kind as to respond…

I sent the email and then I went to the two websites you sent. I will address this as my reply which I will make this brief.  There are tons of material saying otherwise such as I mentioned as well.  Forgive any errors, not proof reading.  I have to get some sleep now.  I do not mean anything I say to be hurtful or putting you down in any way. I respect how others feel and what they believe.  God has not appointed me to be a Corrections Officer, the Holy Spirit has that job and does it rather well.  I am not capable, way above my pay grade.

I do not believe a thing Rood says or teaches, I do not speak from Hebrew roots, I speak of the root, Yahsuah.  Yahuah   Yahweh  which matters.  These beings have real Names which belong to them forever. Was not this their Name before He came?  Will it not remain His Name?  Yes, some take things too far into the Hebrew roots movement with their obeying the Law and more.  There are extremes in everything, is that not true?

I hear people cursing the Prayer Shawl  and the Feasts of the LORD and one man actually said that the Messiah threw these away. The Feasts were not the feasts of the Jews, they were always the Feasts of the Lord were they not?  Perhaps this in part may be the reason He was not accepted by them as Messiah for they did not believe He was and as each one is specifically about Him they did not fully understand them.  This fellow who was speaking also said
these Feasts have been fulfilled and we know the 3 Fall Feasts have yet to be fulfilled by Him. 

It does say in Rev that when He returns His Name is written on His thigh?  Could it be the Prayer Shawl in which is Name is?  Just as the woman in scripture who touched the hem of His garment, touched His Name?

This fellow, a very famous one, continued, saying those Jews who use the term Messianic are saying this, wearing prayer shawls, thinking they are better than others. No, they have found Messiah and are very happy over that. 

God has not forsaken the Jews, they have a place that is eternal.  Believers in Messiah also have a place.  We are to pray for Israel, the nation, Jerusalem and the people.  I do not who is and who is not a Jew, Rev 2 I believe it is found, with God saying   I know those who are Jews and those who are not.  He has not lost or misplaced even one.  He knows who is who.  Those gates named after the Twelve Tribes have not been moved and they shall enter into those gates one day.
He loves all who come to Him believing that He is and accept Him and are saved. 

God has always had a people.  I am just happy He included me.  He is still God,  still a Jew,  He has those wounds yet, as scars.

I see so little love or decency in many who claim they know God.  Proof yet we are in the very last days of the last days. I hear many speak hateful things.

I will stop now.  You do not have to believe as I, I have not finished with my journey, where He takes me I know not where but as for me I can only trust in Him and not men.  I know we have all been deceived about many things but God is revealing those things in these last days.  Perhaps the sealed Book of Daniel speaking about this sealed book has been opened and the wise may be learning that which we are meant to learn.

I believe we are in Tribulation, most of this takes place in the land of the Bible.  Believers are being beheaded and nearly wiped out.  This nation has Fema Camps aka Concentration Camps if you will and each have guillotines to remove the heads of those who do not believe in the Islamic god and will behead these believers of Messiah Yahshua=reading that years ago who would have thought it would be Muslims removing the heads of believers in these camps along with others as well.  They are in this country now, there are many hundreds of these huge camps all over the U.S.  You can google and view them and look up the ones in your area. We know what their holy book which they believe tells them to behead the infidel, that would include us.

Read the Executive Orders passed secretly by the president as law.  Shocking.  Read Agenda 21 where George Bush Sr signed the treaty with the U.N. giving this nation and its people to the U.N.  Remember his speech referring to this, A thousand points of Light?   Forgive me, I am off
on another subject.

You do not have to believe in anything I say, we are never to trust in any man.   I am sorry I am saying too much yet again.

Again, may you have a most excellent day with a better tomorrow.


The Father chooses the Bride for His Son, He wants a Bride who loves His Son.  Too many know about Him, they do not know Him. 

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