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Why is Ravi Zacharias false

From: Joey
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 6:26 AM
To: The Path of Truth
Subject: Ravi Zacharias

I’ve been listening to Ravi speak, and in no way have I seen a deviation from the teachings of the scripture in his case. I’ve also watched and listened to Rick Warren and witnessed his social actions that are evidence enough to coin him as being a false
prophet;”wolf in sheep’s clothing”; As for Ravi, his sermons have helped affirm my belief and faith. Using his apologetics to do theological research on my own, thus helping me on my walk with Christ. If you can elaborate and provide more reasons as
to why you believe Ravi is a false prophet It would be greatly appreciated. Would love to hear back, thank you. God Bless.

From: Joey
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 6:31 AM
To: The Path of Truth
Subject: Ravi Zacharias

I also meant to state, from what I read on your website, the reason you claim Ravi to be a false prophet is because he is educated and has studied theology/philosophy at a collegiate level. How he speaks eloquently and is well versed, yet he is still honest to
the teachings of Christ?

From: Paul Cohen
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 7:36 AM
To: Joey
Cc: Victor Hafichuk
b Re: Ravi Zacharias

Hi Joey,

No, Ravi Zacharias isn’t honest to the teachings or Person of Christ. Ravi is teaching man’s ways in the Name of Christ, something very different. We give an example of this in the first paragraph of the writing speaking about Ravi and how he calls himself “Dr.” That’s no small matter – it confirms where Ravi’s confidence is placed, and where he expects his audience to place it. His is not revelation from the Kingdom of God by His Spirit as much as in his understanding of God borrowed from education of men.

So what if Ravi has many true teachings? Aren’t you aware that the Pharisees did as
well? And what did Jesus say about them?

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which indeed appear beautiful outside, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so you also appear righteous to men outwardly, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity” (Matthew 23:27-28 MKJV).

The mark of the beast isn’t just a matter of doctrinal teaching, but represents the fallen nature of man at work, trying to be as God. While it impresses and deceives men, it’s abomination to God:

“And He said to them, You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God”
(Luke 16:15 MKJV).

As stated in the posting, Joey, read all of the Diabolical Doctrines and The True Marks of a Cult. In these writings you’ll find a multitude of indicators warning you of things not right with these men. If you have questions after reading, let us know.

Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk

From: Joey
Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2017 7:53 PM
To: The Path of Truth
Subject: Re: Ravi Zacharias

I emailed you well over a year ago and still have yet to receive a response. Either this
is an admission of the weak, unsubstantiated claim stated in prior emails, or you don’t
follow your own website anymore. Still would love to hear back. Thanks

From: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2017 7:36 AM
To: Joey
Subject: Re: Ravi Zacharias

Hello Joey,

Has not a third and even a fourth option occurred to you?

A reply was sent to you last year (see below) and we haven’t heard from you since. More recently we updated the posting on Ravi with some information you should see:

Might an apology be in order now for your impertinence?


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