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An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump Regarding Former VP Mike Pence, Paula White

Mr. Trump, I’m Victor Hafichuk, author and owner of I’ll be very surprised if I should get an answer from you by this avenue, but I’ll try to write now, seeing I’m moved to do so, and we’ll see what the Lord does with this.
I believe you chose a devil as your last vice president, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a goody-two-shoes evangelical as self-righteous as they come. We saw that from the beginning because God showed it to us.
And that’s why he made the choice he did. It was falsely pious and essentially stupid. When people get religious, they lose their power to reason because they’ve chosen themselves instead of God to worship, and more tragic still, they do it in the Name of the Lord, which is the real explanation of the Commandment, “You shall not take the Name of the Lord in vain. The Lord will not hold such a one guiltless.”
I don’t blame you for what happened. It is Mike Pence who tossed America in the pit and was even flattered when Nancy Pelosi touched elbows with him in commendation. He was flattered because, after all, that’s why he did what he did. He was thirsting for glory and praise. He was aiming for “his mommy to say the kind of thing little boys look for” “Good boy, son! You did the right thing!” Praise of men.
Pence should have done what you wanted him to do but it didn’t happen. What you wanted was the right and pragmatic thing to do but wasn’t technically moral enough for righteous him (you are the needful pragmatic man). You weren’t good enough for Pence because you didn’t worship him.
I’ll go on. For political purposes, you, or someone for you, chose a witch, Paula White for a spiritual mentor. She is full of devils, an enemy of God, a religious fraud through and through. She once even partnered with Benny Hinn, another consummate fraud. There are so many; America is flooded with them.
How do I know? I know these things by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. You need to part with that crowd, that table of Baal and Ashtoreth worshippers.
You’ll find I’ve reported many things at ThePathofTruth that I’ve received from Him. I walk with Him today. Few believe me; I’m a nobody to men, but I know my God.

Why didn’t you take the White House? God determined that it shouldn’t happen because America needed a serious spanking. For now, it was given a taste of better things held in store if it seriously mended its ways.

Which suggests, if I’m right, that there is hope for America, after all. God gave America an excellent sample of what it might receive if it did the right thing. It chose Barabbas instead and the thieves stole the election, as appointed from above.

True, the election was stolen. No contradiction here – God’s ways are multi-faceted. It all had to happen the way it happened. Obama is behind it all and those above him, as I’m sure you know. He’s the devil of devils in a great division of devils.

You’ve had to go through the fires to prepare you for a return to power. And didn’t you want to know who your real friends and enemies were? Valuable knowledge! You were surrounded by devils, liars, fools, and thieves. Now, should God see fit to appoint you once again as President of the US (as far as I’m concerned, you still are), you’ll have the right servants in their right places.

If you go to my site, you’ll find a That Prophet video on YouTube that identifies you as the anti-Christ. Please don’t misinterpret the meaning or misunderstand. It isn’t what nominal Christendom thinks and declares. I’m with you, not against you. We say so to all.

I’m thankful for having this opportunity to speak to you. I hope for great and terrible things to come. God bless you and keep you safe and powerful to do what’s right in His Sight.

His unworthy servant,
Victor Hafichuk

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