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God Heals in Spite of the Frauds

From: Van
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2016 1:02 PM
Subject: Supernatural healing

Dear Folks, while I totally agree with your position that Benny Hinn and others like him are complete frauds, I also never believe that anyone ever had a Devine healing or miracle based upon obedience and faith.  The bible itself is useless for the fact that it is a 100% human invention.  Quoting verses from the bible is about as valuable as quoting Bugs Bunny.

Sid Roth and his TV program “It’s Supernatural” is another hoax.  At one time I read every healing book I could buy, including books by or about Smith Wigglesworth. Kathryn Kuhlman, John Lake, Aimee Simple McPhearson and many others.  Ultimately years later I have concluded that none of them had a special gift of healing others.  They were all fakes.

I have seen ministers lay hands on the sick and paralyzed with zero results.  I have personally prayed for the paralyzed, the deformed, the sick and diseased and always with zero results.

I have been in the nursing homes and prayed for the desperate and always with zero results.

My own dad passed away from disease when my two sisters and I were small children, even though my dad was a church going, praying man of dedication and faith in God.  My daughter who is 32 lays in bed dying of cancer, even though she and her husband have dedicated faith in God, and thousands of prayers have been offered up for her healing.

Anyone who says God heals is for me, very self deceived and I don’t care what “proof” is offered,  because I don’t believe it.

Human suffering is proof that God is cruel and merciless and does not answer prayers.  God is totally responsible for human life and is therefore responsible for all human suffering.  Quoting Bible verses is to quote the men who concocted those writings and they do not have the answers.

God treats humans like morons, because he never communicates with us or shows up in person face to face.  Is he afraid of humans?  Is the purpose of human life just to worship God?  Is he so vain that all he wants is to be praised and worshiped?  And what good does that do for God or humans?  Surely there must be a reason beyond worshiping God, for human life.  What parent would want to have children, just so they could worship the parents?  It is absurd!

None of us have seen this essence called “God” or ever carried on an intelligent conversation with him.

So much to be said.

All the best,

Van (age 73)

From: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk
To: Van
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2016 6:56 AM
Subject: Re: Supernatural healing

You’re so wrong, Van, and you wouldn’t be writing us if you didn’t hope and suspect you were wrong. 

Frauds exist only because the Authentic exists. Jesus Christ IS the Authentic, God Almighty, Who has shown up in the flesh. And He is here now, in us. We live by Him and are in communication with Him. He speaks with and through us. He hears our prayers and answers them. He took us out of religion, and took religion out of us, so we could have this precious relationship with Him that you deny exists. 

The same applies to those who wrote the Bible, the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Because there are fakes and people without faith who take God’s Name in vain, doesn’t negate the testimony of those who believe and have communion with Him. 

Human suffering is proof that God does care, because He sent His Own Son to suffer and die for us in order that we could be delivered from the sin that destroys us. Did you know that sin destroyed your father and is destroying your daughter? It destroys you as well. 

“Truly, the Lord’s hand has not become short, so that He is unable to give salvation; and His ear is not shut from hearing: But your sins have come between you and your God, and by your evil doings His face has been veiled from you, so that He will give you no answer” (Isaiah 59:1-2 BBE).

Isn’t 73 years of that enough, Van? 

It’s possible we could help your daughter in very scientific, and what you would call “practical” terms – naturally, painlessly, harmlessly, inexpensively. Tell us more; give us specifics. Without miraculous intervention, we have seen and known of several turned from terminal to whole.

Understand, that’s not to say we don’t believe in miracles because we surely do, having experienced them for ourselves and with many others; they just didn’t happen in conventional, nominal orthodox Christian circles – God is not with them.

Paul Cohen & Victor Hafichuk
God Heals Today, His Way

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