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Condemning Jesus With Fake Marks of a Cult

From: Frank
To: The Path of Truth Forum
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 10:48 AM
Subject: Some characteristics of Cults

The following are basic patterns, or characteristics, found in almost all cults that one can easily identify.

Additions – Cults add to the Word of God by having additional writings they call scripture, or by saying that only the Bible is God’s Word but you cannot understand it without their interpretation from their own teachers or books. The Bible is discouraged to be read alone.

Subtraction – Cults subtract from the Person of Jesus by saying he is something less than Eternal Deity. Or they will add their own teacher as deity.

Multiplication – Every false religion has works as part of their system of salvation. They also usually specify what works must be performed at a certain level for acceptance to their group and God.

Mediators- They will always have others involved for ones salvation by others. For the J.W.’s it is the 144,000. for the International Churches of Christ its discipleship partners. For Mormons it is to join their church for salvation and use their materials- Doctrine and Covenants, Journal of Discourses and the Melchizedek priesthood.

Divisive – Cults have people choose by dividing a person’s loyalty. It’s God through their leadership by claiming to be the only Spokesman or group for God. They also require obedience to their leadership to be in right standing with God. They do not tolerate another’s differing opinions and it is looked upon as being divisive or of the enemy.

From: Ronnie Tanner
To: Frank
Subject: Some characteristics of Cults
Hi Frank,

What are you wanting to tell us? I see you gathered some information that can be found here: 

Are you aware that the patterns you listed below contain things that directly condemn the Lord Jesus Christ?

Some papers you should read:

The True Marks of a Cult 
The Big Lie Exposed
In Defense of Extra-Biblical Inspiration of God


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