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Breaking Down the Harlotry of David Wilkerson

From: Connie
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2014 10:59 AM
Subject: David Wilkerson

Greetings..I have been listening 2 D Wilkersons YouTube sermons all week..I ran into You by accident this am..I thought Wilkerson was anointed and touched by God honest I did..Yesterday I had a gut thought that David was in a Church with flowers, singing, choir robes, on and on..Not Bad -BUT -but  something was not quite right..IM sure not right..

I know David was an Honest Man with Integrity and LOVE..He was awesome 2 Me..Who can I learn from 2day?? They are all False Teachers False this false that..SO, now what do I do??..I can Be by myself and pray all day and read my Bible and stay in my Prayer Kloset right???

Any suggestions..I used 2 think YOUR website was legalistic..I saw it once B4 and thought You were know it alls..IM slightly confused..IM a senior citizen and have searched long and hard these last 13-14 years.IVE learned so much Believe Me..IVE done it all with Churches..I hated the big mega churches..I dont like garbage..IM a down 2 Earth give Me the Who le Truth as I can take it..I love God and Jesus so what do You suggest?? Thanks- Love 2 You in Christ from Connie

From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Connie
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 8:09 AM
Subject: Re: David Wilkerson

Hi Connie,

It’s good that you inquire further on David Wilkerson. You say, “I had a gut thought that David was in a Church with flowers, singing, choir robes, on and on..Not Bad -BUT -but  something was not quite right..IM sure not right..

No, what you saw is by no means innocent or benign; it IS bad. What you call a “gut thought” I believe is something you may have received from the Lord. Those features of choir robes, flowers and all represent not the saints and the Body of Christ, but the harlot church and men’s works, which are abomination to God.

We aren’t questioning if David was a good man in society, relatively speaking and according to man’s judgment. The world would be so very much better off if it applied principles and ethics David seemed to represent and practice. However, what people aren’t aware of is that ultimately, man’s righteousness undermines and countervails the righteousness of Jesus Christ. This is what the Lord taught Peter and His disciples by His example:  

“But he turned and said to Peter, Get behind me, Satan! You are a hindrance to me. For you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man” (Matthew 16:23 ESV).

Man’s righteousness substitutes for God’s righteousness while calling it His. This is the deception of the one who comes as an angel of light with great promise and good works, only to lead men to utter destruction in the end.

Fine if men wish to lead a moral life, but calling themselves men of God and having others look upon them in this manner is another matter all together. Let me point out some of the marks of David’s falsehood (though we’ve already done so in the article posted on him). 

You’ll most likely disagree with many of these points, but unless you learn of God and His ways and have your religious notions addressed, you’ll not be able to discern between good and evil and you’ll not attain to the Kingdom of God. What we say is true, being Jesus Christ’s true ambassadors, knowing His Mind, His will, and His ways.

You say, “I hated the big mega churches..” Mega churches are all abomination. Now correct me if wrong, but hasn’t David attended these and even cultivated the same, as for example, with Times Square Church (now led by Carter Conlon) and other elements of David’s organization? Where does one draw the line? Perhaps not in numbers so much as spirit and conduct?

From what I can tell, David believed in the rapture. The rapture happens to be a lie, a false hope offered to unrepentant masses, an escape that doesn’t exist. Haven’t many saints died in persecution without any hope of rapture? Why should last day saints be any different? But God brings us through the fires for our purification and salvation. 

Which isn’t to say He doesn’t keep some from destruction, as with Noah and Lot and their families. Hebrews 11 speaks of both groups, some delivered to martyrdom and some saved from it. But the rapture is a false doctrine. Read the Diabolical Doctrine: Rapture before the Great Tribulation.

Why did David call himself, “Reverend”? The title attributes righteousness to men and their institutions and not God. Did God call him “Reverend”? Nowhere in Scripture will you find prophets, apostles, pastors, teachers, evangelists or any other ministers called by any kind of formal title in Christ. Paul was an apostle, but he wasn’t called, “Reverend Paul.”

This is a big one: David believed in the trinity. The trinity doctrine is a confounding, anti-Christ pagan one, but see how much power it has in nominal orthodox Christianity. Read Jesus Christ Is God.

David believed in eternal torment, about the most heinous lie that can ever be told of God. No man of God assassinates his Master’s character. Read Are Eternal Hell and God’s Love Compatible? Set yourself to reading The Restitution of All Things and discover what is truly The Good News.

David’s book, The Vision, has unfulfilled prophecy which he claimed would have been fulfilled long ago, seeing he wrote the book in 1973. For one example of many, he writes:
Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and hailstorms will occur more frequently. More than one third of the United States will be designated a disaster year within the next few years.

It didn’t happen. Did God give him that vision? David unequivocally claimed so. Does God lie? Was He mistaken? If God sends a messenger to speak, the trumpet will give a clear sound; there will be no mistake about what God says and what He speaks will come to pass, even as the prophets’ words in Scripture come to pass; there is no difference.

Throughout his book, David speculates, surmises, supposes, and opines. God’s men don’t do that and still claim their message to be from God. The book is filled with expressions like, “uncertain,” “perhaps,” “it could be.” But God’s Word is “Yea, yea,” and “Thus says the Lord.” There’s no ambiguity with what God speaks. And if you were to argue that David brought forth God’s Word and added his own thoughts, I say he had no business mixing the two. 

And that is the danger of rather morally upright men like David. They mix God’s Word and thoughts with their own, causing confusion among men.

David permitted a movie to be made of him. Do God’s men make heroes and stars of themselves? It doesn’t happen. I can assure you none of the apostles would have permitted something like that to happen. There are offensive aspects of that movie too numerous to mention – feigning holy repentance on screen before man and God, using a famous star popular to the world to play David, charging for the “Gospel” – the list goes on.

David appeared on many shows of phony televangelists. Do men of God schmooze or work with false men of God like Jimmy Swaggart and so many others? Does a man of God allow such company to bring confusion to people? Not at all, not unless these men of God have a temporary fall themselves. David’s was no temporary fall – to work with such men was his consistent mode of conduct.

David likely celebrated pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter, thinking to honor Christ in them. But again, God doesn’t mix true and false, and a true man of God knows it. Read Christmas and Easter

David cloned ministers. He condoned men like Carter Conlon becoming his “spitting image.” But God doesn’t make or allow copies; each individual is unique in gifts and service through Christ, as Paul describes the different members of a body in chapter 12 of 1st Corinthians. 

And men aren’t inclined to emulate true men of God. Indeed, men of God aren’t desirable that they should be imitated. Think of Isaiah’s description of Jesus (Isaiah 53). It’s no different with His ministers. Jesus said, “No servant is greater than his master. If they hated Me, they’ll hate you too.” 

But you well know David has always been highly esteemed among men. Your own words praise him, so see how he has impacted you with a form of righteousness that has diverted you from the righteousness of Christ. Satan comes as an angel of light. What does Jesus say of such things?

“I have come in My Father’s Name, and you do not receive Me. If another shall come in his own name, him you will receive” (John 5:43 MKJV).

“And He said to them, You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God” (Luke 16:15 MKJV).

How was David able to preach, commune with, and be received and lauded by all these denominations and religious works of men? There’s only one way – he had the mark so he could buy and sell. Read The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God.

The mainline Christian denominations like the Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, and Anglican churches have been evil, thoroughly anti-Christ, yet David recognized these as legitimate gatherings of Jesus Christ. How so? 

For example, in The Vision he says, “Divorce and immorality will be more and more commonplace among ministers. A growing number of priests will be involved in sexual affairs and will leave the priesthood….

I interpret those words to suggest David expects there’s been legitimacy with these men and predicts they will “fall” from upright positions. The fact is, priests wouldn’t be priests if they were legitimate before God. If they had any personal knowledge of God, they would repent of the egregious doctrines and practices they find themselves steeped in. Read Diabolical Doctrines and The True Marks of a Cult.

So how is a true man of God oblivious to these things? He isn’t. David was never a man of God. He was “ordained” by men and men’s works as a man of God, speaking many true things (Satan always does) but he was no man of God. Men of God aren’t blind to the evils done in His Name, compromising their Master and Teacher.

There may be several of these points you will likely disagree with, perhaps vehemently so, but know that it will only show how you’ve been deceived by the prince of darkness posing as an angel of light. But why should that be surprising? Paul warned us:

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 MKJV
(13)  For such ones are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
(14)  Did not even Satan marvelously transform himself into an angel of light?
(15)  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.

“For many will come in My Name, saying, I am Christ, and will deceive many” (Matthew 24:5 MKJV).

So this is nothing new, Connie. 

Here’s another proof of David’s falsehood: 

David wrote, “I believe that Billy Graham and other great gospel ministers throughout the world are going to face more and more ridicule, gossip and misunderstanding by the press and by liberal people in the media….

Billy Graham? Read what the Lord Himself revealed to me personally of him: How the Lord Exposed Billy Graham. Would a man of God commend a false evangelist, one of the most highly praised in recorded history and effective in works of deception?

David writes, “I am in no way suggesting that the Pope or any other church leader involved in this super church organization [world ecumenical movement] will be engaged in antichrist activity.

What? Does a man of God not know the Pope is essentially anti-Christ by his very nature and station? Popery and Rome are anti-Christ in every respect, and so are those who agree with Rome. By the way, did you know that Billy Graham acknowledged and attributed godly virtue to the Pope, recognizing him as a great spiritual, Christian leader? And here’s David honoring a false man of God who honors among the greatest of false men of God.

Do you still think David Wilkerson was a man of God, really?

Wilkerson wrote, “This supernatural church of Bible believers will become a kind of underground fellowship and will include Catholics and Protestants of all denominations.

No believer can reconcile Catholicism and true Christianity – the two are diametrically opposed. Catholicism not only contradicts, but defies the truths contained in Scripture. So why doesn’t a man of God easily know this? He does. Wilkerson hasn’t had a clue; either that, or he has been outrageously disingenuous, in other words, a complete phony, notwithstanding putting up a show to the contrary.

This is not to suggest that the many Protestant denominations are of God, either. Many of them are a rather cheap counterfeit of the Catholic Church. Didn’t you know that Paul condemned sectarianism? Yet, so many of these organizations claim to preach nothing if it isn’t in the Bible, all the while contradicting the Bible by their ways and practices. “I am a Baptist…I am of Christ, of Luther, or Knox, or Wesley…” (1 Cor. 3:3-8).

David writes, “Already, comedy shows poke fun at Kathryn Kuhlman (the famous woman evangelist), Billy Graham, Oral Roberts – and lately, even the Pope.” 

We need to ask ourselves: Do these comedy show writers know much more than do nominal Christians and “men of God”? Are “the children of this world wiser in their generation than the children of light”? (Luke 16:8)

Kathryn was a phony, an exhibitionist, a mesmerizer, another deceiver. Oral Roberts worshipped and served another god in the Name of Jesus Christ, bilking millions of millions, pretending miracles, begging for money. Would a man of God praise, defend or justify such people? I think not. Indeed, he would condemn their works in no uncertain terms, not by opinion, but by conviction of the Holy Spirit of God.

Finally, David writes, “Even Satan is under control. As with Job, God may permit him to touch every material and physical thing around you, but he cannot possess you or rob you of your faith in God. The devil’s power is limited and even baby Christians can put him to flight simply by resisting him by the Word and by the blood of Christ.”

Yet David perished in a car accident while subjecting his wife and the driver of another vehicle to the tragedy, as well. Where does one find a true man of God dying of an accident? As a rule, men of God aren’t taken that way; neither is any true Christian walking in faith. Nowhere will you find it otherwise in Scripture, Old or New Testaments.

If this isn’t enough evidence for you, Connie, what is?

You write, “I dont like garbage..IM a down 2 Earth give Me the Who le Truth as I can take it..I love God and Jesus so what do You suggest??

The issue isn’t with David Wilkerson; it’s you. You need to go to prayer and fasting and seek the Lord, not only for what you want from Him, but especially for what He requires of you. You need to have your eyes, ears and heart opened. Our own motives and prayers can be so off the mark, yet appearing and subtly suggesting they’re virtuous.

God has brought you to The Path of Truth. In it, you’ll find wholesome teaching, good counsel and direction – all from God and by His grace. May God grant you grace to believe what is true and makes free from that which men have taught, which binds and kills.


From: Connie
To: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: David Wilkerson

THANK YOU 4 everything..I do not disagree with anything..You know 2 much 4 me to argue about anything..You are Brilliant Bible Men..You know Your Biblical material..

I have been reading some of the articles You have suggested B4 I met you..You are not Legalistic..I have been searching as I said..IVE known about the entire mess of the so called churches for maybe 4-5 years..IM at my spiritual place because I search the Bible and have great intuition..I realize how very BZ You must be..Again, Thanks..

I have Bible Work 2 do..I will read Your material..I have many questions 4 You but I will start with this..Could You be my Mentor maybe?? If possible a few E mails here and there? 

Excuse abbreviations..PS I loved David Wilkerson s Spirit.. I didnt go into everything You knew about Him.. wow and I agree with You..I hope He didnt smash the car purposely with 2 other passengers..I felt Love 4 Him and also pity..He had such a Love 4– anyway IM rambling..Do You think He went 2 Heaven? 

IM very scared 4 myself..You dont believe in the holy spirit? I dont understand the Trinity..3 in 1 right? I better let you go now..Too many questions..IM confused as I dont know what You know..Could You put it real simple for me in a sentence..funny I know..   

Prodigal Daughter

From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Connie
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 5:03 PM
Subject: Re[3]: David Wilkerson

Hi Connie,

We’re not brilliant men, but here’s what we are and have from God:

1 Corinthians 1:26-31 MKJV
(26)  For you see your calling, brothers, that not many wise men according to the flesh are called, not many mighty, not many noble.
(27)  But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
(28)  and God has chosen the base things of the world, and things which are despised, and things which are not, in order to bring to nothing things that are;
(29)  so that no flesh should glory in His presence.
(30)  But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, Who of God is made to us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption;
(31)  so that, according as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord.”

You too must look to Him and not to the flesh. Jesus Christ is the only way the prodigal can return to the Father. 

You’re welcome to write us with your questions. You may find great help if you were to attend our weekly meetings with believers, where by God’s grace we provide His counsel and help with the questions and issues related to a walk of faith in this world. Believers from around the world join us in a text chat room on our website every Sabbath (Saturday) at noon MST, with the meetings generally lasting for several hours. People are free to come and go as they wish or are able. 

Regarding David Wilkerson and the love you feel coming from and towards him, that isn’t the love of God, Connie. Do read the writings in False Love – Satan’s Last Stronghold and consider what the Lord teaches about His love in contrast to man’s carnal love that poses as His love. 

Once again, Satan the counterfeiter is at work spreading his tainted teachings through the works of men. 

What makes you think we don’t “believe in the Holy Spirit”? The Holy Spirit is God. You don’t understand “the Trinity” because it’s a pile of incomprehensible nonsense. There is only one God, not three gods in one. You have been made in God’s image; are you three separate individuals in one? There’s your “real simple” sentence. 

For the rest of the story, take your time reading the writings in The Trinity section, and the embedded section, Jesus Christ Is God. Many of the questions you have are answered comprehensively in our writings, so do familiarize yourself with what’s on our site and the various tools you can use to effectively search there. If you need assistance in these things, let us know and Sara Schmidt will help you, as well as with the details of joining our meetings.

One more thing – we send some of our replies to general inquiries and criticisms of our work in the Lord to a mailing list (it’s blind – your address won’t be published). Would you like to be added to this list? Much good instruction is there as well, which the Lord has provided thus far to the benefit of many. 


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