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A Ghost in my House?

From: Gonzalo
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2015 7:22 PM
Subject: A ghost in my house

Hello Paul, I am happy to greet you again, I’m writing to ask your advice on something that just happened last tuesday at 6:30 am. in my son’s room Jonnathan.

Today, my son woke up screaming because while he slept he felt someone was touching his back and he could not get up, he felt bound, unable to move, he tried to break free because he felt the presence of someone, he looked along, and he saw next to his door the presence of a person with yellow sweatshirt and white pants, he could not see his face because he had covered with a type of white bandanna, my son was scared and ran from the room and saw that the presence backed and got into a big mirror that is hung outside his door.

Please, can you please explain to me if it is a demon what he saw, and how I can get rid of it.

My son is 25 years old, he has seen before many things during the night, but nothing like today

Thanks Paul, I need your help.

From: Paul Cohen
To: Gonzalo
Cc: Victor Hafichuk, Edwin Romero
Sent: Monday, January 04, 2016 7:33 AM
Subject: Re: A ghost in my house

Hi Gonzalo, 

It sounds like your son is plagued by a demon or demons. How long has he been seeing “many things during the night”? And has he been seeing demonic forms similar to the one that he felt touching him? 

Tell us more about your son and his life – what’s been happening with him over the years, and about yourself since we last heard from you over a year and half ago. 

When Edwin Romero turned away from the truth that he heard from us after first coming to our website, things didn’t go well for him. The Lord began to expose the corruption in his life and that of his wife in unmistakeable ways. Edwin’s house was troubled, but it was the mercy of God to turn him to the Lord. Edwin returned to us six months after he left, acknowledging the Truth and joining himself to us in the Lord. That’s when the Lord began to turn things for Edwin and his house.  

The Lord has come to do a complete work of restoration. He didn’t come to just fix a window or broken door but to make a whole new house. The old house is condemned because it isn’t a fit place to live – not for Him and His Life He has come to give us. You need to come to the Lord Jesus Christ, Gonzalo, for everything to be made right. 


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