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An autobiography is primarily the story of a person’s life. A Theo-autobiography is about two lives in one, separate, yet together. It is the personal recounting of one’s life before becoming a Christian and the struggle and miracle of actually becoming a new creature, a Christian by God’s, not man’s, definition.

personal contact

Postby Tom Babcock » Sun May 07, 2017 11:52 am

Dear Victor:

I was introduced to you site about a month ago and have read most of your writings. Grateful.

First, a quote:

“PART ONE – Darkness to Light
The First Dimension

Particle – The Birth of a Fool
My sojourn on earth began on April Fools’ Day, 1946, in the town of Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. The day would come when I seriously wondered if I was not the greatest fool that ever lived.”

My birthday as a fool was in November,1934. But I only began to see its fullness recently, as the saying goes, “There is no fool like the old fool.”

Your site offered a way to send a private email through the Forum, but I was not able to see how to do that.
When it is convenient, please write back.
Tom Babcock
Tom Babcock

Re: personal contact

Postby Victor Hafichuk » Sun May 07, 2017 3:59 pm

Hi Tom, and I welcome your correspondence here. Isn't it interesting how the Lord impacts us when He decides to make Himself known to you personally? One might guess it's all wine and roses or ice cream, but then we discover the cross and its dreadful need in us - is "crucial" the operative word?

We can write one another privately. Lord willing, I'll respond to you by email.

By the way, you did things correctly at this forum and we made the wording clearer in the instructions. We appreciate the heads up. Thank you.

Hope to hear from you soon, seeing you may have something more specific in mind. My email is:
Victor Hafichuk
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