My parents don't approve of my marriage. How do I change their mind?

Regardless of licenses, ceremonies, and approval of men, if God didn’t put man and woman together, in His sight the union is a lawless one, and the couple lives in fornication. If so, then they ought to part, discontinuing their sin rather than continuing in it. Read more

My parents don't approve of my marriage. How do I change their mind?

Postby Jane » Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:00 pm

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Good day, am sorry if I fail to address you properly. I just read one of your article on " marriages are of God. Am from Africa, I and my fiance are planing to get married but we have a problem my parents they don't support our marriage because they feel his mother is secretly diabolical although she is shot tempered but she likes me and his family accepts me the only reason we are not married is because I want my parents blessings I know they love me very much but I also know I have want I have seen in the man I want I what I want in a man I intend to marry. Pls help me how do I change their mind we have being praying about this. We are both born again am 26 he is 34. Thanks

Re: My parents don't approve of my marriage. How do I change their mind?

Postby Victor Hafichuk » Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:40 am

Jane, the answer is very simple. In the Scriptures, you'll find that the authority and privilege of your marriage belongs to your parents. If they're in disagreement, there's a very good reason for it. You are going against God and will be very sorry for it should you disregard their counsel.

You say you know what you want in a man and you see in your fiancé what you want. You are blind; you see nothing because subjective. Your parents see because they care more for you than you know.

Why should God honor a prayer from you which is contrary to His Law? Keep the Fifth Commandment and you will do well. Ignore it and you will suffer. Which will it be?

For you to entertain the kind of considerations as you've expressed here, contrary to your parents and God and His Commandments, which only those who love Him keep, as He has said (John 14:21,23), we have to say you are a rebellious woman, overtaken by your lusts.

You are not born again, not you nor your fiancé, or you would honor your parents and so would he. Did they approve of your engagement or did you two get engaged without their permission? It seems your fiancé would be willing to steal your parents' daughter if push comes to shove, would he? Not good at all if so.

I can tell you this: If your fiancé (who is not your fiancé under God) doesn't love your parents (and he doesn't or he would honor them), neither does he love you. So is that what you want in a man? Really?

Beware; you are blinded. Obey your mother and father; they know and care more than you realize; they act by God's authority while you two are acting by Satan's influence, savoring the things of men and not of God.

I put it to you bluntly, not to condemn, but to speak the truth to you in certain terms for your sake. Frankly, your kind of stance and attitude anger me, especially when you claim to be born again, as though you loved the Lord. You don't love Him, not when prepared to resist His Law, Wisdom, Counsel and Authority.

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Victor Hafichuk
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Re: My parents don't approve of my marriage. How do I change their mind?

Postby Jane » Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:56 am

I have read your advice, thank you I appreciate the time which you have given me, I pray that God gives me the heart to obey him and listen to wise advice. Thanks

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