Thank you for truth, specifically about Joseph Prince

Hear and see how this strutting rooster strips you of your money and the Gospel of its power. See our two papers on Joseph Prince here.

Thank you for truth, specifically about Joseph Prince

Postby Crystal » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:10 pm

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Hello dear servant of Christ and I send my blessings to this ministry that wills for the establishment of His Kingdon on earth, rebuking mans will for his own kingdom in the name of the flesh and satan.

I'm still reading the article you wrote about the truth behind false
teachers, specifically Joseph Prince. This article, along with many other resources I watch or read, created by other brothers and sisters, is so encouraging, as I become depressed over the filth that spews out of the mouths of those who may be saved, or may understand or may have spiritual gifts or may have all these things, but are using Gods word to bring the false move if secular culture and social agendas to a fast paced rate, blinding the new and old believers and non believers.

I get discouraged at times, feeling so alone in the true ministry of Christ, trying to save children from their potential deaths of murder in the womb, while standing near the abortion mill, hoping all children will be spared, and that all who see the posters or talk to me, will repent in Christ; or donating to a poor and struggling ministry of Christ in other impoverished countries or witnessing in the streets, or just simply praying and surrendering to Christ at home.

I have pages created on fb just for the cause of bringing lost souls to Christ and strengthening believers in their walk, using end time prophesies, current events, other Christian ministries, etc, so I would like to share your page with some of the friends I have who claim to know Jesus but have barely enough spiritual discernment to see that it is wrong of a preacher to exalt himself or the flesh and to say that doing secular things is not a concern. Please feel free to check out any pages I've made like "Follow Christ, all men, women and children", "Voice of the Unborn of South Carolina" and the other page called "Christ is calling you" on Google plus.

I can't wait to finish reading what you wrote; I'm at the party about not denying that Joseph talks about Jesus... I just wrote a message today, trying to explain that we are all blessed to have church's and the servants within the churches but even when the preacher has lost his way or never found Christ at all, someone will still find Christ and be saved in Him; God could use a rock to reveal the truth, replacing man if He wanted, as John the Baptist explained this to prove that it's the message and it's the heart of the messenger but many are believing that if they can express that message in the fashion that you explained and I, as well as many, have so clearly seen then they have exalted the message of mammon and not manna.

As an ex atheist as of September 2011, much was revealed in me within seconds and there is no turning back from truth or compromising and I'll stand firm with you and the other true believers in Jesus Christ. Thank you and Shalom to you my sister in Christ :)


Thank you for truth, specifically about Joseph Prince

Postby Paul Cohen » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:38 am

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Crystal, the True One - our God and Savior, and not the false Jesus of religious phonies like Joseph Prince.

It's good to hear that our writings are helping and encouraging you. You may not be aware, but we have also had our run-ins and battles with those promoting abortion and homosexuality:

Pro-Choicers Despising Freedom of Choice ... tm#library

There's strong judgment coming on America for its sins, and on the whole world. People can only go so far in their wickedness - the Lord will not permit it to go on forever. The judgment is now set.

Thank you for writing and sharing with us, Crystal. Lord willing, we will share more together. You're welcome to join our Forum (on the website) and to come to our online text-chat meetings every Sabbath (Saturday), noon MST. We also have a mailing list for letters we send out that answer various questions and contentions received at our site. Let us know if you're interested and we'll get you started.

Paul Cohen
Paul Cohen

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