Beware: Netflix Email Scam

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Lynn Farris
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Beware: Netflix Email Scam

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I received the following notice at work:

A phishing scam targeting millions of Netflix users is spreading across the internet this week directing customers to update the financial details of your accounts. The subject line is "Your suspension notification," and the body of the email informs victims that their accounts have been suspended due to billing issue. The email directs recipients to click a link that redirects to a fake Netflix landing page. The fake landing page directs victims to input their user information and billing details in an effort to harvest credentials.

Michael Demerling

Re: Beware: Netflix Email Scam

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Thank you Lynn,

I got an email December 28, 2017 as part of the Netflix scam you mention above. I of course ignored it (did not click on the link).

The worst outcome is when the attacker uses a crypto-locker worm. Then the victim has to pay an illegal ransom to have their files unlocked. Some of my customers and even my accountant have reported being victims of this type of attack. Knowing what we at TPOT believe about victims, I use the word victim above - loosely.

One of my customer's in the process of rebuilding their systems after a crypto-lock attack asked for my help. In the process I found they were using my software in an unlicensed manner on up to 8 workstations. Furthermore, to date, this customer has made no attempt to resolve the licensing issue. So perhaps it may prove there are no victims. As per Victor's past teaching; "We either deserve or need what happens to us".

I recently watched an interesting YouTube video about the stuxnet worm;" onclick=";return false;


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