Dandelions and daisies

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Dandelions and daisies

Post by Shirley »

Was very interested to find out what the danilion was symbolic of . And I found this post...I have a vision of me walking through a field of dandelions and daisies. ..with a beautiful white dress on. .this took place after listening to a healing message on woman who have been hurt by men.. iam going though divorce right now. That vision brought me so much comfort . And finding this post has brought me even more comfort thank you so much for written this . I am a beliver in jesus Christ blessings and honour to you

Paul Cohen

Re: Dandelions and daisies

Post by Paul Cohen »

Hi Shirley,

Thanks for letting us know about your vision and finding our website when searching about dandelions. Have you continued reading here?

What do you see the dandelions and daisies in your vision representing?


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