Rucking - Walking with a Weighted Backpack

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Paul Cohen

Rucking - Walking with a Weighted Backpack

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During a recent Bible reading call we heard from Mike V. about how the Lord healed his knee. Praise God; that's wonderful. But it also made me think that as a runner, Mike puts a lot of stress on his knee joints and should consider an alternative exercise. So I brought up something I had heard about that gets similar and even additional benefits without putting debilitating stress on your joints. Here's an article about the exercise, called "rucking": ... 1fe6c48009" onclick=";return false;

William Woeger

Re: Rucking - Walking with a Weighted Backpack

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I believe it's true. In the Army we went on "ruck marches" all the time, for miles. Though the walks were long, and the weight on your backs heavy, nearly all of us would be able to get to our destination no matter how long or how far we had to ruck. Rucking definitely got us all in shape quick.

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