Psalm 92:7

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Psalm 92:7

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When the enemy rises up, we know it’s time for the enemy’s end, not ours. The Muslims, Leftists, angry neighbors, competitors, customers, FB hasslers, churches, etc.

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The psalmist had said (Psa_92:4) that from the works of God he would take occasion to triumph; and here he does so.

He triumphs over God's enemies (Psa_92:7, Psa_92:9, Psa_92:11), triumphs in the foresight of their destruction, not as it would be the misery of his fellow-creatures, but as it would redound to the honour of God's justice and holiness. He is confident of the ruin of sinners,

1. Though they are flourishing (Psa_92:7): When the wicked spring as the grass in spring (so numerous, so thickly sown, so green, and growing so fast), and all the workers of iniquity do flourish in pomp, and power, and all the instances of outward prosperity, are easy and many, and succeed in their enterprises, one would think that all this was in order to their being happy, that it was a certain evidence of God's favour and an earnest of something as good or better in reserve: but it is quite otherwise; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever. The very prosperity of fools shall slay them, Pro_1:32. The sheep that are designed for the slaughter are put into the fattest pasture.

2. Though they are daring, Psa_92:9. They are Thy enemies, and impudently avow themselves to be so. They are contrary to God, and they fight against God. They are in rebellion against His crown and dignity, and therefore it is easy to foresee that they shall perish; for who ever hardened his heart against God and prospered?

Note, All the impenitent workers of iniquity shall be deemed and taken as God's enemies, and as such they shall perish and be scattered. Christ reckons those His enemies that will not have Him to reign over them; and they shall be brought forth and slain before Him. The workers of iniquity are now associated, and closely linked together, in a combination against God and religion; but they shall be scattered, and disabled to help one another against the just judgment of God. In the world to come they shall be separated from the congregation of the righteous; so the Chaldee, Psa_1:5.

3. Though they had a particular malice against the psalmist, and, upon that account, he might be tempted to fear them, yet he triumphs over them (Psa_92:11): “My eye shall see my desire on my enemies that rise up against me; I shall see them not only disabled from doing me any further mischief, but reckoned with for the mischief they have done me, and brought either to repentance or ruin:” and this was his desire concerning them. In the Hebrew it is no more than thus, My eye shall look on my enemies, and my ear shall hear of the wicked.

He does not say what he shall see or what he shall hear, but he shall see and hear that in which God will be glorified and in which he will therefore be satisfied. This perhaps has reference to Christ, to His victory over Satan, death, and hell, the destruction of those that persecuted and crucified Him, and opposed His Gospel, and to the final ruin of the impenitent at the last day.

Those that rise up against Christ will fall before Him and be made His footstool.

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