Thank God for truth!

Letters from those finding their way in faith.
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Thank God for truth!

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This is a recent correspondence at The Path of Truth. We have sent notification to the correspondent.

From: D.
Sent: February-16-16 4:38 PM
To: Paul Cohen ; Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Thank God for truth!

Hello to you both.

Just wanted to write a little note and tell you how much your teachings, and forwarded emails are continuing to help me. No reply needed. As I meditate on the word, your teachings become more clear and continue to bless me. I don't come to you as a man who is righteous. But what you, through God, have helped me to do, is stop and examine myself and see that I'm not worthy of Christ. I am not walking as He walked. I do not have the mind of Christ. But that doesn't mean I'm forever lost to a torture state without end.

The doctrine of ALL men will be saved is wonderful. I hear all the time in many churches and within then so called christians, that we have only this life to get right with God. Then I came across the scripture where Paul said, If we have hope in this life only in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. Bam! Smacked me right between the eyes. Man, this has changed my whole outlook at how I view others. Not that im condoning homosexuals, amongst others, but they were the very ones I was casting into a never ending torture of the false hell doctrine. Little did I know that by doing so, I would recieve the greater condemnation by making unrighteous judgement.

I am so glad I found your site and decided to to continue to read here. At first, I almost said no way, this is not how I was raised to believe. I'd really love to hug you both. If you remember, I said I was raised in the heavy pentecostal movement. I never did understand it completely from my youth.

Many years back, I attended a pentecostal church and the congregation was told if anyone was seeking the baptism of the holy spirit (making that lower case for reason of the false holy spirit) then in faith to step out in the Isle. I stood out in the isle, thinking this was what I was supposed to do in order to receive in faith. But I did say, God, if this is not of you, then don't allow me to recieve it. Nothing happened, although, people of the church came flocking around me, shaking me violently, and smearing oil all over my mouth. What praise I did offer to God was totally gone at that moment. This was God doing the work, not allowing me to be sent strong delusion. He has been here my whole life, even while I'm yet a sinner.

As I looked in corintians, I later came across the correct use of tongues given by God through Paul. Tongues are a sign to unbelievers. If an unlearned comes in and someone speaks in tongues and there is no interpreter, then won't they say you are surely mad. I've seen this many times as a pentecostal church goer. People who were never raised in it would pretty much run out of the church, stating, those people are crazy, and I'm never going back in that church again! And they didn't. Best for them, no doubt.

Then in church, you would hear preachers say that those of Sodom were burning in hell. Then I seen an email you sent out showing from the book of Ezekiel, how they would be brought back to her former state before the religious people who were judging her unrighteously. How are we so stupid to not see this?

You guys, and I believe this has to be from God Almighty, are rewriting my bible through your teachings, as to what I use to believe. I know now that I have to wait on God to restore and renew my strength. I openly admit, at this point in my life, I am a man of the world, therefore I can't make judgement on anyone. God, may have them entering in, in an order before me. It's His call. He's teaching me, through your website. No man makes judgment against another but its the Spirit that judges. As Christ said as a man, He judges no man but the Spirit that was working through Him was judging.

I thank God above, that He will not always be angry with me or any of His creation and will bestow His grace on us ALL. Thank the Lord! And thank you both for doing His will and helping folks like me, who believed in the many myths that men teach, as the scriptures said would happen. There is no doubt that we are in that time now. There is still much more that I need to learn.


Andrew Battaglia
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Re: Thank God for truth!

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Amen! The Truth truly sets us free. Thank you Lord!

Cassidy King

Re: Thank God for truth!

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What a refreshing email this is. I believe the Angels are rejoicing. I relate to this person so much and God has ministered to me through this testimony. Thank you for posting it. Thank You Lord for Your work You are doing, gathering the eagles I see Lord, Bless Your Name!!!!

Paul Cohen

Re: Thank God for truth!

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D contacted me to let us know that he was mistaken in citing Amos as the source of a quote we provided about Sodom being restored. It was from Ezekiel. So I've corrected that in D's original letter now, and share the rest of his new letter:

TPOT website has made a huge impact on my outlook on life for all and total reconciliation. Its been a joy to read. I believe God has allowed me to see these things through Paul and Victors teachings, although im not worthy of Christ at this time in my life. It has taught me not to go into the harlot churches to find Him there but rather wait till He calls me and follow where He leads me from that point on. I believe He has allowed me to find TPOT for teaching and correction of what I use to believe was truth in the church systems. Take care.

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