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What do you think?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:57 am
by Gabriel Secrist
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Since my wife and I have united in pursuit of the God of Whom you teach and determined in our hearts to pursue Him to the fullest, we have already begun to experience the joy and healing of the Lord in our lives. It is with great anticipation that we seek to fulfill every command revealed to us and with great hope that we seek to obey at all costs! I had anticipated beginning a tithe this paycheck, but unsurprisingly my finances were completely consumed, such that I'll be scraping by until next paycheck. But with that next paycheck I will begin my lifelong commitment to following the Law of God in all my ways, financial matters included, and I am absolutely certain that He will always provide all that I need, as He always has but even more so when I walk in Him.

Herein lies my question; I know that we are to "come as we are called" so to speak, but I am active duty military and limited in my opportunities to move and act freely for several more years at a minimum. My family is well cared for in this way, but I cannot do as I'm inclined; which is to move closer to you and invest my full time and energy into the pursuit of the Lord and His will for my family and I. In prayer, the only conclusion I have reached thus far is to simply to do my best where I am at and wait for the Lord's leading. Although it's several years out, I am beginning to contemplate whether I will be reenlisting for the financial security of my family and their obscenely expensive health care needs, or whether it is of God that I would place the wellbeing of my family in His hands exclusively in faith to experience the fullest of His will in the life He has given me.

I've always felt led to be one who gives, and I have ample reason to believe this may still be the case, so there is still part of me that wonders if God would have me remain in my career and move upward for the sake of being a financial blessing to others. Ultimately, my desire is to live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Right now, my primary focus is simply learning to hear the Word of God such that I can move toward living by It. So far I have heard that I must worship in Spirit and Truth, which is to say that I must keep the Sabbath, tithe, and avoid unclean foods according to His unchanging Law. I am still reading to see if there are other feasts I must keep, how I can go about renouncing vulgar celebrations in a society that doesn't know how to function in their absence (as I have step children that complicate foregoing birthday and holiday celebrations for my wife), and generally how to live by the basic principles of God so that I will be ready to obey as He reveals deeper things to me.

One last question regarding the Truth the Lord has revealed to me and my efforts to spread It; if I attempt to witness and am stymied by being spoken over, interuppted, and assailed with circular religious-speak, am I right to abandon the effort on a given associate and move on? If I don't feel led to pursue my witnessing, indeed, if I feel strongly inclined to remove the individual from my life in light of their adherence to vanity and objection to the Truth, am I safe to consider that as being from the Lord?

I do not hear a voice, I do not see a light, and I do not feel a touch. But the intuition and conscience that have been with me as long as I can remember, the very same in me that cried out "The Truth!" when I started reading your teachings, still influences and guides me today. My current line of thought is that I've been hearing from the Lord all along, hence my longstanding distaste for the pagan Christian church and ways of the world, and I just need to learn to discern His leading by following what I have from Him thus far. I feel like I'm learning to trust Him, and I very much enjoy it! I was listening to Hebrews 12, the Message translation, and I felt the words like never before! Right now my wife and I are in a period of peace, experiencing the rest and goodness of the Lord like we've never known before. I anticipate hard times to come, likely harder than I've ever known (as ever intensifying and unprecedented hardship has become my new normal in life), but I feel like in this period of rest, God has changed our hearts such that we will be ready to face His glorious fire in faith, endure by His Grace, and overcome by His Power.

So I continue to read, learn, and speak with God and experience His presence. Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord! Thank you for your ministry.


Re: What do you think?

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:54 am
by Gabriel Secrist
Praise the Lord! In Him, we can rejoice and give thanks in all things! By His grace, we can walk in Truth and Life, ceaseless in our prayer and worship! Halleluyah! The Lord hears our cries! God is good, His will is flawless, His ways are perfect. He is fully deserving of all that He asks of us, and although He asks “everything” of us, He gives us reality and life in exchange for the vanity that once deluded us.

I am so blessed!! The Lord has me!! His Truth is my eternal pleasure! His timing and pace is gentle, loving, and immeasurably precise. He has granted me a taste of Life, and I can witness to His greatness! Today, I take great pleasure in His revelation to me, the joy and honor of obedience.

I am grateful to experience the peace of walking in integrity. I feel that the ease with which I walk now is not meant to last, but to lead. I look ahead with anticipation, for the Baptism by Fire through which I will experience Life and Truth and Reality to the fullest!

There is no fear here. The Fire will come, it will consume me, and I will suffer gladly, embracing the gift that is the chastisement reserved only for the legitimate children of God. The Lord will never give me more than I can bear. I will watch the flames all around me, the greatness of them, the pain, grief, and sorrow of them, and I will rejoice.

I will rejoice because without the Consuming Fire of the Spirit, I could not experience the full power of His grace. The greater the flame, even greater still will be the grace. I will also rejoice because it is through those very flames that I will see the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing but nothing on this earth is worth more to me than an inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven, the presence of God, and a life that is a pleasing fragrance to the Lord.

For decades I struggled and cried out to Him. Now I’m standing at the threshold of the Kingdom of Heaven, with the Lord carrying me toward the flames, preparing me for what is to come. I don’t know what it will be, but I know it will be more difficult, more painful, and more terrifying than anything I have ever known. I also know it will be temporary, it will be for my good, and through it all I will continue to see answer after answer to all my questions. I know that after this life is said and done, I will see God.

I see myself at the cusp of all I’ve ever wanted and so much more and I am so thrilled! I’m thrilled! To see the Light, to know the Truth, to take the first step on that exceedingly narrow path! But for all my anticipation, I rest now. I rest in this great revelation. I can enjoy the Lord! I can trust the Lord, no matter what!
Thank you Lord for all you have done for me! Thank you for Life! Thank you for your revelation! Thank you for giving me all the desires of my heart! Such enjoyment! Such fulfillment! And yet I know I’ve barely scratched the surface! Oh, the unsearchable depths of the riches of God! Halleluyah!!

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:21 pm
by Gabriel Secrist
Wow! This is so incredible! I can't get enough of these teachings! I can't wait to dive into the Word, but now with the Truth, reading and learning in the Light of Christ! I've been going through reading the teachings that I couldn't understand before and they are making sense! Scriptures are making sense! I can plainly see the deception of the harlot!

As I was reading today, I came across a teaching entitled "A False Gospel – A Man and His “Grace” Are Judged" and I was shown my present spiritual state! This:

The process of salvation begins when a person is supernaturally turned to God through Jesus Christ. This is only a conception, however, and not birth, which comes when one receives the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Of that blessed event, the Lord said that we would be baptized with fire.

Why fire? Because it is not until the Spirit indwells a person that the real battle between flesh and spirit takes place and the matter can be resolved once and for all. It requires fire and purging to put away the sin nature and to enthrone the Lord in His rightful place where it is His will, and not man’s, that is done.

This is salvation!

That is why it is written to believers to persevere and to receive the goal of God’s chastening and purging

Yes! This past week, the Lord has guided me into an appreciation and love for His Law, such that I determined to keep it to the fullest extent granted me by God. Today, for the first time in my life, I keep the Sabbath with exceeding joy!

Thank you Jesus!! Thank you for conception!! Carry me through to birth and True Life!!