You are blind

"Don’t judge according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)

You are blind

Postby Michael » Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:35 am

Think about your accusations of Doug Hamp…you interpret Genesis 6 ignoring the verse dealing with giants…knowing that both David fought a man Goliath that was just under 10 feet tall…Also Joshua and his men fought against these men of renown that were giants in the Levant also.

Identifying them as so large Joshua”s spies claimed they were like the size of grasshoppers compared to them..You rail and accuse people who know the text by the Holy Spirit and call Doug dangerous and self serving…You are not even aware of the human cloning in this modern era..because of your ignorance and lack of investigation into any black projects of our US government you will never get to the bottom of Truth..

Do you even know of the German Scientists who worked within our space program were deep into the occult. Try researching Josef Mengele.

You also have no idea about nano technology and the mark of the beast and how it can alter human DNA..Man connected to satans technology..

God will deal with you brash accusations of brothers in Christ that you publicly admonish…I know your response will be that you don't have to look at what is happening right under your nose right now..but if you wish to remain ignorant it will show before God and Man..I had government clearance to Boeing, Edwards Air Force Base and Northrop and know far more about Area 51 and secret projects than you will ever know..

You are ignorant brother on these things.

I'm sure you are aware of the LSD experiments of our government in the 60's.

Can you explain the Masonic murals at Denver's international airport..?

UFO's are verified what do you say they are?

Why does the Vatican have an Observatory on MT Graham Arizona that they illegally took from the Native Americans and why is their telescope called lucifer?

You know God has exposed everything from Gomarrah being unearthed and fact to all black projects to the world banking system and the luciferian markings on our money….where have you been path of truth…?

Paul either I am arrogant or you are….we both cannot be right..

Do you know of the portals in America and where they are located..?

Do you know we have a stonehenge also and where is that?

I know exactly why the Lord wiped out the human race and contaminated plants and animals in the days of Noah…

you skip many verses. Genesis 6:7….God destroyed all that he had created in the Garden..that had come to the point of total contamination.
Why would God destroy all mankind and then save 8 people with animals and plants in the flood that had reached such a point that is was no longer what He had created. Satans lie in the Garden and the fall of Adam and Eve began this progression even to the point of watching their son murder his brother…you forget their became a bloodline that now completely followed the devil and not the Lord after the split…Of Course it was the Fallen Angels along with lucifer that cause this beginning with the first lie of Satan…You can never exclude the heinous acts of those who delve into the occult and worship satan as not being tampered with…The fallen do come into our 4 dimensions from the 5th. and we now understand more about the speed of light through zero point energy that has been revealed by the study of Max Plancks investigations that have been furthered by Christians who have learned more about Quantum mechanics knowing that light is not a constant…as believed for so many decades..

We are a digital reality Paul and a Plasma universe which is a mere shadow of the dimensions that are beyond our understanding and no one has ever described eternity and the kingdom of heaven in detail because not even Paul the Apostle could put into human understanding the things that he saw…

Re: You are blind

Postby Paul Cohen » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:45 am

Michael, you say I'm blind, but your accusation is based on unwarranted assumptions. We aren't ignoring the fact that there were physical giants in the land of Canaan. But that has nothing to do with the sons of God going into the daughters of men as described in Genesis 6, whose offspring were wiped out in the flood God brought on because of such wickedness. So you're the arrogant one, speaking by presumption and coming against the Word of God.

-Conspiracies Who Cares?

Get behind us, Satan.

Paul Cohen

Re: You are blind

Postby Michael » Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:45 pm

Your rebuttal is weak and still ignores that in Genesis chapter 6 giants which was a human mutation because of the B'nai Elohim...

Your the one who started the arrogant accusation...also ignoring the contamination of animals also..You just ignore the text and I am not coming against the
Word of the Hebrew it is the B'nai Elohim...the Nephilim....your interpretation just states the sinful nature of the bloodline of Seth which has to ignore with the meddling with womens offspring so clearly written in the text...You have to deny the Hebrew Text of B'nai Elohim so you have the problem with Gods Word not me,,,

Satans tricks are still the same...trying to dominate the human race and alter their genome to create a race of people that are no longer created in the image of God
not having free will and DNA contamination...Josef Mengele is one you should investigate who has done cloning in South America..Also China just claimed human cloning this year.. that's nothing was done as far back as the 1930”s you call fact presumptions and ignore how intense the spiritual battle is since the beginning of time...I'm sure your also ignorant of Satans tricks with automatic writing by a certain gentleman I will not mention...You tell me why this person is so important to know and how he also made predictions from being open to the occult near a famous portal .You should also look into SRA and know there are Faithful men of God who bind the principalities and powers by the Name of Jesus that are killing infants in front of children...You should also study Santeria..and it's practice in South America and Mexico.and also Cuba...And don't forget Cern..and the ritual at the Gothard Base Tunnel in Switzerland...I love the Lord and I have been shown many things by Him...In 1974 He showed me the Sybil in the Sistine Chapel...Michaelangelo was a Necromancer and so was Ignacious Loyola...The devil hates those who expose Him and He wants all Christian and Jews dead of I have nothing more to say to you Paul...Watch Israeil and stay close to the Lord and seek to do His Will....God Bless you with protection by His Grace and Mercy always.....

Re: You are blind

Postby Paul Cohen » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:08 am

Mike, you need help, but until you admit it and confess your sins to the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom we preach, and turn to Him for His grace and mercy to do His will, you'll continue to suffer the fruits of being your own god.

Paul Cohen

Re: You are blind

Postby Michael » Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:54 pm

Paul your post of Doug interpreting the scriptures incorrectly is still true and you are just a stubborn man who falsely accuses others. Your a bag of wind that is not protecting the Word of God but you cannot reconcile what demons are and how Giants that are 10 feet tall and larger came to be.

Your are willfully ignorant on many subjects and your false accusations of those who see the factual evidence of this fallen world and deceitful People in government that also know of the black projects and pedolphilia laced organizations that are worldwide. That is why you cannot address the subjects of CERN, Bohemian Grove, a Sunni Muslim President and many things pertaining to the Mason's and the Vatican that has an Observatory in Mt Graham AZ. Your just an old coot Bible thumper that points your finger at the wrong people. I love Jesus and walk with Him. Your just an accuser of brethren and I challenged you and you have no good answer to give about how we have become like the days of Noah. The body of Christ knows what the fallen are doing and know that the world is being lured into the occult daily. The light of Jesus exposes these evil doers daily many that are guilty of Murder. Paul you need help seeing the obvious. Doug is a faithful man of God and as many of us we warn people of the end game of Lucifer. Your no help that's for sure. Your accusations will always be invalid before the throne of God.=

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