Your ilk make me vomit

"Don’t judge according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)

Your ilk make me vomit

Post by Tim »

So called teachers of your ilk make me want to vomit. Just from what I have read of your post and criticisms of others, it is clear to me you suffer of extreme levels of scriptural ignorance. You are the ones who crawl from the woodwork to discourage the saints and pervert the Word of GOD.

Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk

Re: Your ilk make me vomit

Post by Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk »

Have we discouraged you, Tim? Or are you immune because you're so spiritual and knowledgeable of the Scriptures that you don't even have to provide evidence according to the Word of God in order to prove anything? You simply announce the verdict without making the case.

God presents the evidence when He judges, but apparently you're much greater than He is. So move over, Lord, Tim Martin has spoken!

Paul & Victor

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