Blocked from Clayton Jenning's Facebook page

Here’s the son of a preacher who plays Jesus Christ on stage, while offstage he plays a preacher, though claiming he’s still “a messed up guy” (from his website – Don’t let the false humility fool you. The “aw shucks” posturing only covers over the arrogance of the man of sin, who pretends, by his knowledge, to be up to the job of playing God. This is the destroyer come in the flesh, a consummate liar. An actor, indeed!

Blocked from Clayton Jenning's Facebook page

Postby Helen » Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:23 am

I have just read your article on Clayton. Although some of it is harsh, I do feel that perhaps my worries may be founded in something. I recently got blocked from his Facebook page because I challenged something he said. He said, along the lines, that 'keyboard warriors make him want to vomit' and we're doing so from their 'parents basement'.

I was shocked and said it wasn't a Christian response and how I had noticed him changing. People had a go at me and I replied that no one should think they are so 'high' they can't be challenged. I got blocked. First time ever. I was just trying to save him going down an arrogant path. However, seeing his replies makes me realise that he is like that whenever challenged.

I also follow Joel Osteen and know that when he has been challenged in the past he has looked over scripture and apologized for his mistake. I still can't believe he blocked me. Even if he had had a conversation with me. There was none. I am so disappointed.

Re: Blocked from Clayton Jenning's Facebook page

Postby Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:14 am

Hi Helen,

You weren't noticing Clayton changing - you were seeing his true colors come out like hot water on a teabag, the real person instead of the make-believe “Jesus” imitation. That's all Clayton's got - he doesn't have the Lord, only his miserable insecure self. That's because Clayton is a recipient, practitioner, and propagator of a false, quite deceptive and seductive gospel, denying Jesus Christ comes in the flesh (inhabits His people).

The truth is harsh and unpalatable to those who choose to dwell in the fantasy and self-satisfaction of their carnal, anti-Christ (substitutionary) works. You're disappointed because you're putting your trust in man - the flesh - and not in the Living God. Take heed and repent.

Here's the true Gospel the Lord Jesus Christ has sent us to preach, Helen: The Cross - Only the Death Sentence Will Avail. This is the only way to live a holy life, pleasing to God and profitable for you according to His righteousness. Jennings makes a mockery of the cross of Christ.

Yes, Joel Osteen is a nice guy and much more capable of shedding criticism and avoiding conflict than the immature Jennings. Nevertheless, Joel is also a self-made man who walks in his own righteousness. He isn't a man of God. Read 'Everybodys Friendly Enemy.

Time to get real, Helen. Going partway will never work. You'll only end up bitter and defeated, retreating to a place for safety that isn't safe at all.

Matthew 24:11-13 MKJV
(11) And many false prophets will rise and deceive many.
(12) And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many will become cold.
(13) But he who endures to the end, the same shall be kept safe.

Paul Cohen & Victor Hafichuk
Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk

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