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Damola Hont
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Good evening, I really appreciate your efforts and time on this site. it has really helped me am indeed grateful.
pls i would like to ask some few questions about salvation,
1. How do we know we are saved?
2. why would God command people to repent since its him that causes us to repent?
3. I have many carnal Christians, they are worldly and materialistic, how can they work out their salvation since its God's that works in us to do his will and good pleasure?

Thank you for your response.

Victor Hafichuk
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Re: salvation

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There's only one way you can know you're saved and that is if God makes it known to you. There's no other way. He made me to know I wasn't, He saved me and thus made it known to me I was.

As for why He would call on you to repent, why don't you ask Him?

Is God leading you to repentance or are you merely intellectual and curious about God and His will? How are you different from your carnal Christian friends?

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