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Correspondence regarding various falsehoods.
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WeCo - The Collaborative Network For Change Makers

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Falsehood Exposed - WeCo- The Collaborative Network For Change Makers

On September 8th, 2016, WeCo, an online group that calls itself "The Collaborative Network For Change Makers" posted the following picture and note on Facebook, with comments following.

September 8
Visit: WeCo.online

Welcome! If you're reading this, chances are you're some type of misfit, earth-lover, system buster, change-maker, dreamer, or simply someone with a gut feeling that there is so much more to life than what we have been taught.

We feel ya. We're a team of people coming from different walks of life who never quite fit in this world, because we know we were born to create a new one. And so instead of simply dreaming about it, we decided to combine all of our special skills and talents to create a REALISTIC solution that we believe will be the bridge between a life that is imposed on us, towards a life where our passion, purpose and freedom is the driver.

On September 11 at 1:33pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: I understand where you're coming from and can't blame you for reaction against the evil rulers of the darkness of the world and spiritual wickedness in high places, but y'all need to know you're part of the problem. What is the problem?

It is sin. What is sin? It is the breaking of God's Law as encapsulated in the Ten Commandments. Man, every man and woman, has broken them all, thus becoming automatically enslaved to contrariness to his Creator. There's only One Solution, and He is Jesus Christ, the Creator and Savior of all.

Believing on Him and confessing our sinful lives against Him, He forgives and brings us into newness of life. He laid down His Life to that end.

Having that New Life in Christ, no power in heaven and earth can any longer rule over you as it does at this moment. You'll not find yourselves vainly scrambling for answers and solutions. You'll have become part of the Solution in Him. That, my friends, is the Only Answer, the Only Way to the Victory you want.

And I can prove it to you with 40 years of experience. See our site; you'll find it when you look for it.

On September 11 at 4:16pm WeCo wrote: We prefer people who still don't have the exact answer, but genuinely is trying to find one. All the best, Victor! Glad that you know the answer.

On September 11 at 7:36pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: A remarkable answer that leaves me rather breathless with amazement and incredulity. So you're saying that you'd sooner be a seeker than a finder, that finders and finding aren't welcome here?

I must acknowledge that is certainly an accurate assessment of human nature, the reason being that once seekers discover the Truth, they realize they are the more accountable to their Maker and all mankind, so they would prefer to continue seeking and not finding.

So are you also saying that once those seekers here discover The Answer, which is presumably why you exist, they are forthwith disqualified from your midst? That is SO interesting.

Jesus said, "Seek and you shall find," but you say, "Let's pretend to seek and hope the hell we don't ever find!"

If finding is so forbidden, why then the seeking? And why seek ways to nowhere? Amazing, WeCo, amazing, indeed.

Of course, I do believe you took the tactful way of saying, "You aren't welcome here. We don't want to hear what you have to say because we don't want to believe you." Am I right?

On September 11 at 7:36pm Tyson Sojan-Hunter wrote:You need to understand that their is no such thing as religion.. it was created to divide the populus, and turn them away from Human nature..

On September 12 at 12:37pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: What a silly remark, Tyson, and you're telling me I need to know? Try this, you and your likers:

It might be nice to know you were right about religion's nonexistence, but sadly, tragically, that isn't the case.

There indeed is such a thing as religion or you wouldn't be talking about it for one, and there wouldn't be all kinds of it in this world.

That said, I'm not talking religion. I'm talking Reality - the very thing people here are professing to search for.

I'm saying you're no accident; none of anything existing is. There is a Creator, a First Cause. He happens to be Jesus Christ.

Yes, men have made a religion of pretty much everything, including God and the Bible. It doesn't make God wrong or you right. There is the Reality, which is entirely antithetical to the bane of all men and the refuge of scoundrels and fools, that being religion.

Jesus Christ appeared to me in 1972, gave me freedom from sin in 1973, gave me and my wife His Spirit in 1975, instructed me to come out of all religion in 1976, and I've been walking with Him ever since.

He has proven Himself Real, Faithful and True. His enemy is, you guessed it, religion.

On September 14 at 10:25pm Aaron Olsen wrote:Victor Hafichuk, I do not believe that you are completely wrong. But I do think that you need to pick up a few history books. I too am a very deeply spiritual person and I do disagree with Tyson Sojan-Hunter, but I kind of disagree with you as well. Please read the history of the Bible. The teachings of Jesus Christ are very wonderful, and yes ABSOLUTELY they are going to be most helpful in building a utopian world. But those teachings are not Christ's alone. Those teachings have been taught throughout the ages by all of the great Masters, ALL of the great teachers. The reason is that they are the most simple truths of this world. Do not stress about tomorrow, love one another, love the Creator.

I do not believe WeCo was saying that you are unwanted. I think they were merely suggesting that you should expand upon that idea just a bit further and stop limiting yourself to the social constructs that were put in place to keep you as a slave.

YOU are very needed, you just have to understand that the die-hard religious fanaticism is not needed.

On September 14 at 10:33pm WeCo wrote:Aaron Olsen , thank you! Sometimes i get truly impatient. Need to work on it.

Was indoctrinated by religion for more than quarter of a century. I saw firsthand how wonderful ideas were exterminated by the institutionalized & corrupted structures thatall "knew the truth". Out that bitter disappointment is my personal "allergy" to anyone who knows it all. I genuinely wish them all the best but prefer to spend most of my energy on creating instead of arguing.


On September 14 at 10:34pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: Just so happened to be here, Aaron. As for religious fanaticism, not guilty. If you think Jesus Christ's doctrine or teaching, as you may prefer, was valuable, then YOU need to read the Bible and consider every Word He spoke. You'll find I'm "right on the money."

On September 14 at 10:36pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: No doubt Truth has been spoken by many before Christ appeared in the flesh 2 millennia ago. Nobody who knows the Lord like I do will argue that. Read Him and believe what He says and you'll find you then contradict Him. Either He was a liar, a fool, a bit of both, or He knew what He was talking about. You'll have to decide.

On September 14 at 10:36pm Aaron Olsen wrote:I totally hear you on that one. I spent the best part of my life searching and struggling to find a spiritual home amongst people who "knew" the truth. Fortunately about two years ago I began to realize that no one knows the truth, but we can all seek it. I love to share spiritual knowledge and always seek to gain more. Sometimes it's hard to creatively help others evolve what they "know" without stifling them and making them feel like Outsiders.

On September 14 at 10:45pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: Aaron, Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man can come to the Father (God) but by Me. He also said, "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free...and when the Son of Man (Jesus Christ) makes you free, you will be free, indeed." All in the Bible, spoken by the One you seem to claim to respect.

How then can you say nobody knows the truth? He promised we could and He has kept His promise to me. Isn't that possible to you? He also said, "Seek and you shall find...." Well, I sought, and according to His Truthfulness, I found. I sought the Truth, the Answer to Life, and He answered. You deny one can know the Truth simply because you haven't experienced finding. I tell you there is a finding, and I'm one thankful finder and recipient.

On September 14 at 10:48pm WeCo wrote:
WeCo The question that makes many "preachers" puzzled is "what are you specifically doing to make this world a better place". Talk is cheap!


On September 14 at 10:49pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: As for you WeCo, I too was indoctrinated in religion from the cradle. Jesus Christ delivered me from religion and indoctrination. He showed me what was of men (error)and what was of Him (Truth).

By you people declaring one can't know the Truth, you teach the greatest false doctrine and error anyone can teach. Do you not realize that? No, because you've never known the Truth.

I'm not being arrogant or self-righteous, I assure you. I know what I'm talking about. Isn't it possible to you that one can really know what they're talking about? If not, what makes you think you know what YOU"RE talking about? Do you not contradict yourselves?

On September 14 at 10:53pm Victor Hafichuk wrote:No doubt talk is cheap. What am I doing, you ask? I laid down my life to have the Truth and now I share with the world, just as I do here with you. Isn't that good or acceptable to you? And we do much more. See http://www.ThePathofTruth.com and read my story. See http://www.HarvestHaven.com and see how we put Truth to practical use in many ways, teaching others right and wrong and how to live. Does that answer your question?

On September 14 at 10:53pm Aaron Olsen wrote:
You know Victor, you're still proving my point. Please just calm your ego down, just a little bit. It is crowding the room. You are never going to get your point across by speaking to people in that way.

On September 14 at 10:56pm Aaron Olsen wrote: It would be best if you come off the whole Jesus thing, the problem is is that the teachings of Jesus and the Bible have been used for so much corruption and such horrible horrible deplorable things, that it instantly turns people off especially when you go all self-righteous like you did. You've got to keep it simple sir.

On September 14 at 10:57pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: No ego here, Aaron. I know the Truth and can't apologize for it. If I was apologetic or hesitant about speaking it, then I wouldn't be free because I wouldn't have the Truth. You think it's ego because you don't believe anyone has the capability of knowing the Truth or doesn't have the right to declare it if they do know it. Both notions are erroneous.

Now something else Jesus said is that people would hate the Truth. Is that what's happening here? Consider.

On September 14 at 10:58pm Aaron Olsen wrote:
How about starting with something very simple, like the message of The Sermon on the Mount. What a great message that was, right?

Or how about the Beatitudes.

Better yet, let's simplify it down to Luke 15:7. That's pretty much the best message that could be shared in a community like this, if you are seeking to go inter-religious. Matthew 7, Luke 15:7. Simple sweet and to the point. And without all that egotistical "Jesus told me" stuff. You know who else claimed that Jesus spoke to them? Every monster in history who has used religion to justify the atrocities that they commit.

On September 14 at 11:01pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: No doubt liars have spoken lies, Aaron. So what's new? And are you saying Jesus can't speak to anyone? He lives, Aaron, having laid down His life for us and taking it up again to give us a relationship with Him in His Spirit. Do you really propose tossing out genuine currency because it has been counterfeited by liars and fools? And because I claim to possess the true currency, are you right or fair to accuse me of counterfeitcy?

On September 14 at 11:06pm Tyson Sojan-Hunter wrote:
Religion exists in the reality we live in yes... but the point i was trying to get accross to you is that religion is nothing but fabricated bullshit to distract you from your resl life goal, which is to become connected to your deeper, spiritual self.

On September 14 at 11:07pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: And seeing you give Scripture some credibility, what do you have to say about the Scriptures I gave you? How do you answer?

Something else Jesus said: "My sheep HEAR My voice." Do you believe it's possible I'm one of His? And if I am, did He not declare I can then hear Him speak to me?

And should I be ashamed of His speech to me? He said, "That which I speak in your ear, shout from the housetops."

WeCo says words are cheap and asks what I'm doing to make things happen. Well, the Lord's Words are anything but cheap and He backed them up with HIS Life, and now He commands that I do the same. Is that good or bad to you, profitable or useless? You all seem to think the latter. Being burned by the lies you chose to believe for a time, why condemn me when I admit I was also there and now am free, having...wait for it...DISCOVERED THE "PEARL OF GREAT PRICE," that is, The Truth.

On September 14 at 11:08pm WeCo wrote:
Tyson Sojan-Hunter couldn't agree with you more!

On September 14 at 11:10pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: Aaron Olsen, keeping it simple: Jesus Christ is the Answer. The Very One you reject is what you claim to be looking for. He said the world hated Him. There's nothing in this world to this world so hateful as Him and He promised those who spoke on His behalf would also be hated.

See, you guys don't want the Truth; face it. If it were otherwise, you'd be letting go and opening your hearts instead of building your own kingdom. Isn't that so?

On September 14 at 11:12pm WeCo wrote:
Victor Hafichuk it wasn't WeCo, but was your fellow human Simon was asking. WeCo is all of us and hopefully will never have a dominating singular voice. It's an organized collection of the most logical ideas that people would support going forward. WeC...See More

On September 14 at 11:15pm Aaron Olsen wrote:
Absolutely Tyson Sojan-Hunter, totally agree with you 100% on that one.

Victor Hafichuk
I'm not saying that you're wrong, just the way you are going about it is not really any way that would get across to anybody. This is not really the place to get into a deep scriptoral conversation. But again in every comment you make I see a lot of ego there buddy. All I'm asking you to do is just tone it down a little bit.

See, you immediately come to this conclusion that we reject Jesus just because we do not necessarily agree with you and that's not how it is. We just reject the ego that you are projecting.

On September 14 at 11:14pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: Tyson Sojan-Hunter and WeCo, like I said, this has nothing to do with religion. So toss the baby out with the dirty bathwater. Not a wise move, but you insist. You guys really aren't sincere about the Truth; you're only playing your bitter games. Face it. I know what I'm talking about and you know I know. Right?

On September 14 at 11:16pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: I'll tell you something else, Tyson: You don't want to see "your deeper inner self." I guarantee you that when Jesus Christ, the Light of all men shines His light in your soul, you will witness the ugliest thing you ever saw, a horrible sight, and that will be you. It happened to me and it happens to every soul that comes into the Light. You guys don't know what you're looking or asking for.

On September 14 at 10:57pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: The first thing you'll see is the Truth about yourself. That's something none of you wishes to see, so you entertain yourselves with pretending to search for the Truth and think to yourselves, "God forbid that we should find it." Isn't that so?

On September 14 at 11:21pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: And how is it you don't reply honestly and fairly to the things I have to say about Jesus Christ and the Truth? Are you indeed objective about seeking the Truth? Is all judgment left to you and nobody has the right to speak the Truth because you don't want or know it? Come on, guys, you're being dishonest now, aren't you, along with stubborn and proud?

On September 14 at 11:24pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: It's past my bedtime and I have a very busy day tomorrow. Guess what? People catching planes from abroad without invite or notice to come to me to hear the Truth that makes them free. You see, they've been through all the bullshit you all claim to have suffered. They're tired of it and finally ready to receive, I hope.

The same will have to happen to you. When you grow weary of chasing your vain tails, then maybe you might have some credulity and respect for what I lay before you as Pure Unadulterated Truth. Keep searching.

On September 14 at 11:28pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: Simon, I know of nothing more constructive and valuable that can be said than what I'm saying here and now. Let all those for Truth, those having ears to hear, hear.

On September 14 at 11:31pm WeCo wrote:Victor Hafichuk good night

On September 14 at 11:33pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: If there's anything I've learned in my years on earth and relationship with Jesus Christ for over 40 years, it is this: One can never speak the Word of Truth, Pure Truth from Above in a way that is palatable to those not open or desirous of Truth. You can never be nice or politically correct or diplomatic enough. Face it, I offend you because I know what I'm talking about and you simply don't want to hear it. Isn't that so? call it ego, call it what you want, but you would be wrong, dead wrong.

On September 14 at 11:34pm Victor Hafichuk wrote: Goodnight!

On September 14 at 11:47pm Tyson Sojan-Hunter wrote:
Victor Hafichuk Your ignorance is astounding.. I do not agree nor believe anything you say. What you need to understand is that their is one race, the human race.. Religion has been created as a means of dividing, 'aw, my religion had these beliefs so i want this religion, it guarentees me blah blah blah'... What you need to understand is that we are our own Master, nobody controls us, but at the same time in saying that, we are constantly being controlled by the powers at bay... We didnt get put on this earth to work for paper money, and pay off an Illegal organisation which has taken over our whole perception of reality... Everything you have been taught from a young age, who told you it? Did you find this information out yourself? Or did someone just regurgitate what they've been told, to you... The only way you will start the path of freedom and realisation is if you start questioning everything... Everyone has a soul, the fire burning deep down inside which the world we live in today, tries its hardest to surpress.. Every single person on this planet has the potential to be enlightened, and become powerful in a sense of critical thinking..

On September 15 at 9:56am Victor Hafichuk wrote: Tyson, you say my ignorance is astounding, yet you don't believe anything I say. Is there nothing true in what I've said? So who is ignorant? And Simon "likes" what you say?

Wow. You guys have a lot of searching to do, don't you? Which suits you two just fine, seeing you don't want to find but rather salve your consciences and boost your egos by "searching."

May I show you even more of how you so contradict yourself?

There's humanity and within humanity, many races, colors, tongues, and nations. That's the way it is; nothing wrong with that. God made it that way. Your problem is you throw any diversity to the wind, presuming that if you toss chocolate, ketchup, ice cream, garlic, and beef all into the same pot, you'll have achieved unity? You don't understand the simple elements of nature and their unique purposes. And I"M ignorant?

And why continue in this "religion" rant when I've already mentioned more than once that where I come from is not in the least about religion but about the Creator, Who made all things. Yes, man has messed with His creation, but I'm speaking for Him and not for men.

You too are evidently messing with Him and His Creation, as just described, yet presuming to fix it?

Are you your own master? Really? I could likely mention hundreds of things you would wish to be different and would change if you could. Some master! How about your circumstances you now whine about that you want changed? Why is change needed if you're your own master? You say, "nobody controls us."

Are you the only master of your fate? You DO say we're all our own masters, yet are controlled! ("but at the same time in saying that, we are constantly being controlled by the powers at 'bay'"). Listen to yourself! And I"M ignorant? You are confounded.

Your problem is you confuse being controlled with not wanting to be controlled. Because you don't want to be controlled doesn't mean you aren't controlled.

And is there any man who isn't controlled? Who might that be, Tyson? Do you know? Oh, the bankers, maybe? How did they get there? Were they masters of their own fate?

And tell me, how long has this control of the masses been going on? Do you know? How did it get that way? Were "masters" like you letting go of their masteries? Do you know?

You're right - we weren't put on this earth for money (mammon). So in the Scriptures, Jesus declare:

"No one can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon"
(Matthew 6:24 MKJV).

The Lord also says you become enslaved not by others but by what you truly worship. So why are you being controlled? According to Jesus Christ (a Name you hate to hear), it's because you've been worshiping what controls you. Believe it; take it to the bank; it's true. Your Creator said so.

I, on the other hand, am free; I am subservient to nobody but the Lord Jesus Christ Who has delivered my soul from bondage - that is a wonderful place to be, I assure you. Few know that place, notwithstanding their claims.

So now conveniently discount what I say because others claim the same and don't have it. Is that being wise...or ignorant? Read my story, Tyson; learn something.

As to what I was taught, yes, I was raised believing lies, just as many have. When Jesus Christ appeared to me, I had to let go of lies to believe the Truth. More accurately, the Truth swept away the lies I believed were true.

God put that search in me to question everything, as you put it. Been there, done it, and now I'm telling you what I've discovered by God's grace. I was a slave to sin (disconnected from God) and He restored me to Himself. I lost friends, family, vocation, possessions, everything, for the Truth, for His sake.

But now I HAVE that freedom you presume to be on the right track of finding, not that I'm the only one; others with me have that freedom in Christ now, as well.

As Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." (By the way, she never found that freedom in this world. Tragically, she perished in ignorance, not knowing the Truth.)

You speak of being "put here." Which suggests you believe in a Creator or Cause - a "Putter.". Jesus Christ is He; I've met Him and been redeemed, Tyson.

You speak of having a soul. True! You speak of "a burning deep down inside." That is what happened to me and that burning was answered by the Only One Who can answer it - Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior of all men, Creator of all things.

He's your Answer, Tyson. You'll not find peace elsewhere, or Truth apart from Him - He, as He claimed, is it. Do you believe Him?

He owns you. He owned you when laying His life down for you. No religion here, no church, no religious organization of any kind, just the facts. Read my story; by God's grace, you'll see.

In March of 1976, God commanded me to come out of all religion and to leave it behind as though it were my own shit. You mistake what I say for religion because His Name and the Bible have been messed with and abused for relIgion's sake - power grabs by men.


On September 22 at 4:24am Linda Sola wrote:
Victor Hafichuk --

You owe God and Jesus your charred soul on a stick for committing spiritual masterbation against others, posturing as a false prophet, and corrupting holy teachings. Your smug arrogance is shameful and not remotely aligned with Christ.

In other words: You are deep in hot shit mister.


On September 22 at 7:54am Victor Hafichuk wrote: Read your own meme, Linda Sola. As to your judgment of me, do you honestly know who or what I am? Really? Do you know Jesus Christ?

Come, Linda, aren't you the one in "hot shit," now? I tell you, you are, and it won't be long before you find out. Not a threat or even a promise; only a statement of fact as a prophet, though it doesn't take a prophet to understand some of God's basic principles.

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Re: WeCo - The Collaborative Network For Change Makers

Post by Jorge Rodriguez »

Hi Victor, greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ. thanks for sharing these, writings God.bless you!!

this scripture came to my mind wing
John 8: 38-47 NIV
[38] I speak of what I have seen in the presence of the Father; and you also do what the Father has heard. [39] Abraham is our father -replicaron. If they were children of Abraham, they would do the same thing he did. [40] You, however, want to kill me, To me, I have told you the truth that I have received from God! Abraham would never do such a thing. [41] deeds are like your father. We're not born children of harlotry 'I they protested. One Father we have is God himself. [42] If God were your Father -Les Jesus answered, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own, but he sent me. [43] Why do not understand my way of speaking? Because they can not accept my word. [44] You are of your father, the devil's desires. From the beginning this has been a murderer, and not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his nature, because he is a liar. It is the father of lies! [45] And yet to me, I tell you the truth, do not believe me. [46] Who among you can prove me guilty of sin? If I tell the truth, why do not you believe me? [47] He who is of God hears what God says. But you do not listen, because they are not of God.

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