Full of Grace, the Movie, Review

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Victor Hafichuk
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Full of Grace, the Movie, Review

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I was surprised they accepted my review and am thankful, not that I expect anything from it.

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Tang Williams

Re: Full of Grace, the Movie, Review

Post by Tang Williams »

Wow. Good review.

Michael Demerling

Re: Full of Grace, the Movie, Review

Post by Michael Demerling »

Thank you Victor,

For doing the movie review and telling us about it.

It occurred to me while driving back from a parts vendor today that all false ideas and teachings take time and effort to change consensus and corrupt truth. This seems to be the case, especially, in the religions of men, where truth is of little consequence and promoting their own version or abstraction a higher purpose.

Without people of true knowledge and courage to stand up and speak the truth most people remain unaware of the lies being told to them.

Therefore we are so grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Truth. He raises up men after His own heart to speak truth and challenge falsehood.


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