To adulterers and fornicators...

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To adulterers and fornicators...

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Victor asked me back in December to share an email I had written to him. Below is that email.

This is my first forum posting. I have delayed posting for a few reasons, all of which are excuses and need not be mentioned. Nevertheless, here it is!

Glory to Jesus in my weaknesses.

John “Joey” Tezon

From: John Tezon
Sent: December-12-17 3:46 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: Question Session.m4a - Our Conversation

Hello Victor,

There is a lot to say so I’ll just begin…

Firstly, I would like to apologize for my last email, rambling on about seeking a Prophetic Word, when, in fact, your response what in a way a reply to me—that the Lord doesn’t have a Prophetic Word for me at this time. I apologize to you and the Holy Spirit; IF and WHEN the Lord wishes to reveal a Word to me, whether it be through you, someone else, or directly from Himself, then He will determine this; it was wrong of me to even ask. I repent! Also, upon our meeting, I never said, as it is found in Romans 10:15 (KJ3/LITV) “…How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things!” which I believe I should have said to you, and I’m sorry.

Secondly, I saw your video and read Pt. 1 and 2 of “That Profit,” and for the most part I am convinced you are “That Profit.” I say “most part” because there is a small part of me that questions from time to time (it isn’t every day someone makes such a declaration). However, when the questions come to mind over your declaration, I remind myself of the true “power” found in your message of the Cross; as I find it changing my life as I go about repentence. This reminds and reproves to me that I have found the One, True Gospel—Praise Jesus Christ!! There are other personal revelations I believe I have received leading up to our meeting and my discovery of that proof you have to be that profit!

Thirdly, on Wednesday, November 29th (two weeks ago tomorrow), I sent a letter via email of confession and apology to the husband of the woman I had an affair with (after calling him, requesting his email address). The letter addressed both of them, but out of respect to his request I never contact his wife again, I only sent it to him (there’s more detail I can share with you later if you wish). He responded to the email saying, basically, he couldn’t accept my apology and I was a coward for sending an apology letter via email from the safety of my home (to which I anticipated this, and was already fully committed to meet with him/both of them in person). I then calling him and explaining I emailed the apology so he and his wife would have a written record of the full apology, and then offered to meet with him in person. To his surprise, he accepted and later that night, we ended up meeting in the back of a local Wal-Mart parking lot, where I confessed to the entire affair being wrong and apologized for my role. I also answered some questions he had (I can elaborate later if you wish).

As you can imagine I’m sure, the meeting had much anxiety leading up to the moment, but I knew that I had to accept whatever God’s will for me was over the situation. I did not take a weapon or anything else—I just prayed and believed the Lord to get me through the situation. And he did in a big way! At the end of the meeting, to my COMPLETE shock… though he said what I did was unforgivable, he shook my hand upon our departure in appreciation for the apology; I thanked him for his mercies.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. I was dumbfounded! I went with the full intention that he was going to have me jumped or pummeled to death, but I was shown COMPLETE, UNDESERVED, MERCY!!!

When I got home, after speaking with my wife, I began to cry, and felt such a relief come over me; I finally felt like I no longer had to look over my back. Again!! FREEDOM!! Praise Jesus Christ!!!

Fourthly, a huge reason as to why I haven’t responded right away to your email, is that my wife gave birth this last Saturday, December 9th at 12:48 PM CST, to a healthy baby girl (remainder of paragraph removed for irrelevant / sensitive information pertaining to my family)

However, it hasn’t been all fun and games since getting home. Sunday, my daughter and I have come down with some sort of cold, which has manifested as a cough for my daughter that might potentially be croup, and sinus irritation and aches/weakness for me. My wife and newborn baby daughter have kept away in the master bedroom, while my eldest daughter, (name removed) remain for the most part, with few exceptions, quarantined apart from them… it’s been awful and my patience are being pushed in nearing unbearable ways.

Since confessing/repenting to the appropriate parties for the affair, I have been tested and shown to fail in other ways. I have confess and repent to having masturbated at least 2, if not three times since we last spoke. There is no excuse for me; I gave in to the pain felt in my testes—I gave in to stop the aching pain, led by the desire to climax. I failed. Please, please forgive me. [UPDATE: this subject continues to be a struggle for me...]

Also since we last spoke, I have received and read the email notifications for TPOT forum updates; and have had several of my own sins exposed in them, namely being a pharisee and a hypocrite not only before discovering TPOT, but even afterward. An example of this would be calling my wife’s grandmother a “Godless” person, when in fact, I myself have been and am still in most ways, Godless, not being born of the Spirit. I admit to being proud, foolish and especially giving in to acts of anger and losing my temper (something I have been struggling with a lot lately); my wife would attest to the fact that I haven’t been the nicest person to be around since we got home last Saturday…. I feel like a piece of shit. This frustrates me so much… I can’t stop it in and of myself and I know it. Admittedly, in some part, I have some fear in speaking with you again for fear I will be “whipped and spewed out” with the rod as others have. I have come to learn through those same forums, however, that it isn’t done out of hate, but genuine love to expose and burn up the sin—praise Jesus. For, the Lord chastens those He loves. Therefore, if I should ever be rebuked or scorned by you, sir, or another team member of yours, I should consider a blessing!

Victor, sir, I apologize for this lengthy email. I hope it catches you up in some way as to what’s been going on in my world. God bless you!! There is much more I could write to you about, but this is quite a bit as it is. I hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you,


Victor Hafichuk
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Re: To adulterers and fornicators...

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Everybody, see how the Way into the Kingdom of God is by repentance and confession of sins as is plainly declared in the Gospels, beginning with John's ministry as he preached to clear the way for the Messiah of Israel and the world, Jesus Christ. There is no other way.

Here we have Joey, who has humbled himself, as have others, admitting and confessing his wrong, his corruption, his sins. God has granted him the grace to believe, for nobody does these things he does here without the work of the Father drawing the soul to the Son.

Joey, God is definitely working with you as I told you when you first came forward. Don't doubt; don't procrastinate; don't be afraid.

Every one of you, turn from your sins that kill you, bring death and hell to everyone in your world, and great grief to our Heavenly Father. Why would you put a knife to your own throat? Why would you put your hand in a fire? What profit is there in that? Why forestall the good that is available to those who humble themselves before their Creator and begin to taste His great goodness?

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Re: To adulterers and fornicators...

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Amen Victor,

Joey, like Victor said, no one confesses these things unless The Spirit draw him.

Praise The Lord that He is drawing you,!

It brought tears of joy to my eyes when i red your post, I'm thankful to The Lord for what He is doing for you!
Keep going, trust The Lord, have faith in God, obey what you know to do, seek The Kingdom, take up your cross!

He IS Faithful , His promises are true, he who comes to Him with a contrite heart,He will in no wise cast out!

Read at TPOT, there's a treasure trove of teachings on the teachings section!

The Lord Bless and keep you!


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