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Genuine Testimonies

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Let me start by saying all praise and glory to YAHWEH ELOHIM YAHSHUA our great and mighty savior. I greet you with peace and mutual understanding. I came across an article about visits to heaven and hell. I did not read the entire blog as I had heard enough to know the truth. The attachment was a prayer I wrote down and found months later in 3 pieces and then I understood why He showed me so many great and wonderful things about Himself.

Yes YAHSHUA returned at Pentecost and we are now waiting for the instant revelation of either the son of perdition or Himself dwelling within.

Me and my wife are extremely blessed and have had great experiences. As Paul say I don't share it to boast but if I boast I will boast in how great YAHWEH is.

I was searching for others that potentially had been caught up to the 3rd heaven/His throne. Thus how I came upon your article. I read so many false stories it bothered me. Someone went as far as to say they saw a deer, they describe the angels only with 4 wings but failed to say what they look like. Example the cherub has 4 wings but also 4 different faces.

Mine was a vision of being with Him, He wore a red robe (Revelation 19:13) and all He said was "Its okay I already forgave you, just keep watching" That is My new birthdate 10/12/13. I was instantly changed and His peace was all over me. My wife's experience is one of amazing significance she was before His throne and the way she described it was of a beautiful pure white, even the room I saw myself in that had no end, was all white. So I related well to what she shared. She had left her body and I know cause I was there with her lifeless body. I remember when she came to the last time she said Ta (like tah)-ber-nacle. I wont go into too much detail on either account but I remember her singing praises I never heard before.

Why am I reaching out? I never know what He has me doing. I do enjoy sharing my testimony with the world of His love and my wife is shy of her experience. Another thing that made my wife's experience stand out was she had never heard the gospel till this year and this happened in 2014. YAHWEH had already told me that we were to have a daughter and He already named her well before this happened but I didn't realize just how merciful He had been to my wife (gf then) now till this year when we were studying. I was sharing the gospel and she explained she never heard it, but she would tell you she is a Christian. It really showed me how much work there is for us that have been given the commission to go make disciples of all the nations.

So why I'm writing, maybe you would be interested in hearing real testimonies of love since you hear a lot of fake ones. My testimonies go deeper than what I have shared I'm just not interested in boasting but sharing reasons to rejoice.

All glory and power is His,


Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk

Re: Genuine Testimonies

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Isaiah, we're always interested in hearing real testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ, but just so you know and understand, the only testimonies we believe are the fruits, not the signs and wonders.

Paul and Victor

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