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New Proverbs

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Proverbs 2151-2170

2151. Truth appears the unjust tyrant to those who prefer to nurse their egos and sensitivities.

2152. The deception of the Tree of Knowledge is that you feel justified by simply having knowledge without living by it.

2153. There is no such thing as a lie that escapes judgment.

2154. Those who celebrate birthdays promote their funerals.

2155. The will of God is not, "Lord, give me what I would like," but, "Lord, what do You want?"

2156. Better the hens are without a rooster than to have a fox acting as one.

2157. Better to do good than to feel bad about not doing good.

2158. Immediate gratification is a powerful foe against all reason, but God is greater. Those who put their trust in Him will not be ashamed.

2159. If one can accept the legitimacy of an adversary’s point, he will be more able to have his points considered.

2160. Victory does not come by overcoming self, but in knowing the Sovereignty of God and resting in that knowledge.

2161. The Law of the weekly Sabbath is a mere label of the Reality commanded within.

2162. We can only make right decisions by making wrong ones; it is called learning.

2163. Man doesn’t learn by making right decisions; he only learns by making wrong ones.

2164. By wrong decisions, man learns; by right decisions, he earns.

2165. Wrong decisions are a means to the end of right decision.

2166. If you never make a wrong decision, you’ll never make a right one.

2167. Only mistakes can propel one to success. There is no other way.

2168. Wrong decisions are the portal of death that leads to right decisions of life.

2169. As an egg needs a shell, so a right decision needs the wrong. A right decision is hatched by breaking the shell.

2170. If you want to see a knave instantly transformed into a saint, check out the obituaries of scoundrels.

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