New Teaching - The Second Death

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New Teaching - The Second Death

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05/23/17: We have a new Teaching:

The Second Death

There are only four verses in the Bible that directly mention “the second death,” all of which are in the Book of Revelation. None of these verses, however, plainly spells out what this mysterious phrase means, and few people seem to even notice its presence; it’s rarely mentioned or spoken of. We need revelation and understanding from the Lord to receive what He is telling us about His Victory over death. Read more...


Andrew Battaglia
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Re: New Teaching - The Second Death

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Wow, this is amazing, and right on time. Thank You, Father, for Your truth!

Surya Tarigan
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Re: New Teaching - The Second Death

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The intention of the 'beast' to establish khilafah has created un-easy political situation in my country. They expressed full hatred against christianity. Recently, I have been wondering whether the present situation related to the "beast" has reference in the bible. After reading this paper, it becomes very clear to me, what role the "beast" has on our spiritual pilgrimace. It will destroy the carnal christianity and the harlots, but The Lord will preserve His Saints. It is all Lord's doing Thank You Lord for thid paper.

Brandon LaBerteaux
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Re: New Teaching - The Second Death

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Praise the Lord for the revelation of Islam as the beast mentioned in Revelation.

And thank you Victor for the words of encouragement regarding the second death contained therein.

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