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New papers at The Path of Truth

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04/16/17: We have an update to a False Teacher:

Tongol, Joshua:

Tongol Incorporated Reorganized

Joshua Tongol says he is no longer a Christian. He speaks of false Christianity, the kind he was raised with from birth. Now he peddles podcasts and writings as “A Fresh Voice for Modern-Day Spirituality,” sans the name of Christ. It’s all Tongol, just as it was before, only the delusional ruse of it being about the Lord Jesus Christ is over.


04/16/17: We have a new False Teacher:

McQuate, Scott:

Welcome to the Inner Circle of Delusion

Are you feeling bored and insignificant? “Dr.” McQuate extends a limited-time invitation to join his inner circle of initiates in the “scintillating and crucial last days information” that will make you feel special. It will also keep you from the faith of Christ, as with all Satan’s offers, which is why we post this warning.


04/12/17: We have a new posting in Spanish:

Luz del Mundo

Cuando Dios envía a Sus siervos, la autoridad de Cristo está representada Y glorificada. Cuando los hombres vienen por iniciativa propia en el Nombre de Dios, Cristo es mal representado y degradado. Pueden decir algunas cosas similares, pero es otro espíritu. Los hijos de la verdad oirán y verán la diferencia.

Click HERE to read this writing in English.


04/12/17: We have a new False Organization:

Light of the World

When God sends His servants, Christ’s authority is represented and glorified. When men come by their own initiative in the Name of God, Christ is misrepresented and degraded. They may say some similar things, but it is another spirit by which they speak and not by the Spirit of God. The children of truth will hear and see the difference.


04/09/17: We have a new posting in French:

Le repentir

Qu’est-ce que le repentir ? Nous croyons tous que nous le savons, mais le savons-nous vraiment ? Le repentir, c’est nous détourner de notre justice et nous tourner vers la justice de Dieu. C’est la reconnaissance que, en nous-mêmes et par nous-mêmes, nous n’avons aucune valeur. Vraiment, c’est seulement par la grâce de Dieu que nous pouvons savoir cela, en théorie et en réalité. Un jour vous le saurez, parce que vous en aurez fait l’expérience.

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