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The Trinity


The Asininity of the Trinity

In this paper we take apart the trinity, tearing it in little pieces and discarding it in the theological trash can where it belongs. We begin by discrediting, defenders of orthodox Christianity and many of its diabolical doctrines.

The Gospel According to Trinitarians

Where is the trinity preached in the Bible? If you ask a Trinitarian to show you, they can only provide verses that have to be manhandled to support their confounding doctrine (and one famous verse that didn’t exist in the oldest manuscripts). That was until now – because here we present to you the unambiguous “Gospel According to Trinitarians.”

You Can’t Explain What You Don’t Know: And You Can’t Know What You Don’t Have

Does the saying, “the Word was with God, and was God,” indicate two separate beings, or is it the description of One Being? The Bible tells us it’s the latter – the incarnation of God the Creator as Lord and Savior of all mankind. This is an open secret; open to those who seek to do the will of the One True God, and closed to those who want to know and define God on their own terms.

The Perfecting Faith of the Son of God

If Jesus is God, how is it He didn’t know certain things in the days of His flesh? The answer to this question illuminates a wonderful truth that brings hope to all those who look to Jesus Christ as the Answer.

The Carnal Reasonings of a Trinitarian

Do you know three people who are distinct individuals but not separate persons? Neither do I! The Trinitarian in this correspondence, however, claims to know of such a god, but only in theory, because there’s no reality to his incomprehensible conglomerate monstrosity. And he refuses to hear the sayings of the true God because that would be the end of his justification for following his corrupt thoughts and lusts.

By Any Other Name, It’s Still the Trinity: And It Smells Bad

The trinity doctrine has many incarnations and explanations, which is to be expected with any theory not founded on the Truth. “Lest you should meditate on the path of life, her tracks are movable; you cannot know them” (Proverbs 5:6 MKJV).

Some theorists even deny they’re talking about the trinity, as with the one we answer here, but when they say they worship more than one god in Heaven, it’s not the One True God of Holy Scripture.

The Wisdom of God Trumps Trinitarian Tricksterism

What possesses religious people to attack and denounce, in the Name of God, those who refute what they can’t explain? Though they try, they find it impossible to justify how the True God and Lord Jesus Christ is three entities, whereas He plainly declares that He is One, with no other gods beside Him. Doesn’t the trinitarian’s belligerent contradiction represent the height of man’s arrogance?

These crazed minds are fed the doctrines of devils, and they love to have it so. Here we prove their madness with Scripture and sound reasoning, which doesn’t sway doctrinal zealots bent on promoting themselves and their false gods. Still, we have faith that our One God and One Lord will prevail in the end.

The One God of Israel and the Universe

Because God wills to manifest Himself in 3 ways, or 10, or 1000, or ONE, doesn’t make Him that many persons. “Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is ONE Lord.”

Diabolical Doctrine: The Trinity (God Is Three Persons)

It’s impossible to reconcile the Scriptures with the concept of a trinity – three gods in one. What is taught in the Bible is that God took on human flesh as Jesus Christ and indwells His people after the resurrection and ascension by the Spirit of Christ, which is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. It’s all the same Being. We worship only One God Who has different titles and manifestations. Anything else is polytheism and confusion.

“Who is Jesus Christ?” This is the most important question that could ever be asked, and the most important answer that will ever be heard.

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