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Sappy Stories with Mushy Morals


Addressing “The Silent Revolution”          

Everyone wants to be a hero, and men find many ways to play the part. The author of “The Silent Revolution” suggests you can be part of a company of important and genuine problem solvers of the world, ushering in a New Age, no less. The real problem, however, which the author exhibits, is pride and independence of God, and this is the reason for the many problems that plague the world in the first place. Only God, through Jesus Christ, can fix us, and He will.

We answer a story that makes a mockery of God, showing Him to be unjust, incompetent, and, well, just plain “sappy.”

The Bus Driver Tests the Preacher          

Is God dependent on man’s goodness to get His message and saving power to those He desires to receive it? Meet two fictional characters who think so. Their story is intended to inspire you to perform good deeds, but the real tale is a tragedy of unbelief and misplaced confidence.

This story reveals, unintentionally, what goes on in seminaries. The result is an indictment against the religious ways of man, as contrasted with the holy ways of God.

“Do You Believe This???” – Asking the Wrong Question          

People use various motivational tools to convince and lead others into works of various kinds. Sappy stories with spiritual elements are a choice tool of the religious to get people to join them in a “witness for God.” This kind of witnessing has nothing at all to do with God. In this example we expose these corrupt machinations of men and declare the truth of God that makes free.

We know that many in today’s world go without the basic physical necessities of life. What is not realized is how many go without the one basic necessity for a fulfilling life. Man does not live by bread alone. In this writing we answer a mass circulated email that gives a superficial and misleading response to the problems confronting mankind.

Know that with whom, or Whom, you identify, there will be a price to pay, with commensurate reward.

This is an example of how sappy stories can have a good idea that goes wrong, because those who write them lack wisdom and understanding of the most important issues of life. Yes, we are all in it together, but how can we ever forget our Creator and prosper?

Does the Kingdom of God come by man’s gentle persuasion and attractive qualities? Or is it another matter altogether? Consider some questions, and see what the answer is for yourself, Lord willing.

A Teenager’s View of Heaven – "The Room"          

Here is a story that twists together fact and fiction, lies and truth, light and darkness, in order to take what is sweet and leave out what is bitter. A concocted happy ending leads to a devastating real one.

“A TEST” – A Test from God or a Message from Hell?          

Fluffy wishes that stand in denial of reality do enough harm on their own, but when these messages propose to be from God Himself, they do even greater evil. What does God have to say about these messages? And where is true hope found?

"This Is Beautiful, Try Not to Cry": Satan’s Appeal to the Emotions          

Using God’s Name has provided people with a great palate on which to paint whatever pleases them. God can do whatever we want, right? They pass these imaginative deceptions along to others who may be similarly pleased with the escapism from Reality and hard Truth. The lies told in God’s Name do not make those go away, they only seal off the way to man’s only sure Hope.

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