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A Reader Takes Mormons to Task

We received the following response to A Letter to a Mormon:

To: The Mormon believers

What I’d like to ask the Mormon believer is:

1) Have you read the Holy Bible, and if so, do you understand the explanations about false religions, mysticism etc in Deuteronomy and Leviticus and the where the origins of false religions come from?

2) Have you accepted Jesus Christ?

3) Have you experienced the Holy Spirit?

4) I read the introduction and some of the first chapters of the Mormon bible. It is different than the Holy Bible. A fellow named Joseph Smith Jr in 1830 claimed to have had a visitation from an angel who gave him visions of the whereabouts of some tablets and writings.

Why would you take this guy’s experience in 1830 and his recorded dictation given to him from a fallen angel over the Holy Bible, it’s 66 books, it’s 40 authors and the undeniable evidence of Jesus Christ? Is it the fancy schmancy stories of going to some planet and re-populating it after you die? That fallen angel that dictated this book of baloney says that Jesus Christ, Lucifer (satan), the demons and fallen angels and we are all brothers.

This is a bold face lie. I was attacked by the enemy mercilessly. Only after the Holy Spirit spoke through someone, did I realize that there was a sin I needed to repent for. After this, The Lord moved the enemy out on a gradual basis as I prayed and got stronger in the Word. The fallen angels, demons and satan aren’t my brothers! They are the enemy, and Jesus Christ is Lord!!!!!

Jesus Christ walked this earth about 2,000 years ago and atoned for our sins by giving His blood and life, so that we can have a way to heaven with GOD ALMIGHTY. He said by Him only, is the way to heaven. It didn’t include Joseph Smith, praying to Mary as the Roman Catholics do, praying to saints, believing in Buddha, Mohamed, Krishna and the Hindus, L. Ron Hubbard, or any of the other false paths put here by the devil.

What about black people having black skin because of their misdeeds in another existence. Folks, we were all created by the same GOD that created the angels in heaven and the angels that fell because of their rebellion.

Get with it man! The Mormon bible is one of many “roads to hell” setup by the master deceiver himself. He (satan) puts a little leaven (poison) into the bread to poison the loaf. You are commiting a sin by worshipping a false religion. Lucifer now satan does not like you, Mormons, Christians or anyone. He’d love to deceive you, make you lose your inheritance in heaven and take you to hell with his group of fallen 1/3 ex angels of heaven and his amazing hybrid “half angelic, half human” group of deficient wandering spirits aka demons.

A Brother In Christ,

Victor’s reply:

I do not know if you were once a Mormon. Your letter is not clear on that point, or even indicates it. However, you should know that just as the enemy deceived you, so are Mormons, Catholics, Buddhists, and so many others deceived. Mormons will claim to read or believe the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon, to believe in Jesus Christ, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit, along with the gifts. They claim, in many cases, to have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, acknowledging that He died for their sins on the cross. Many Catholics will say the same thing, yet are in darkness. Telling them that what they believe is foolishness, and that they should “get with it” is not going to bring them through, anymore than it did you. Recall that you could not “get with it,” when you were in darkness and sin. It is no different for them. It was certainly that way for me, who was once a Catholic. Unless the grace of God comes, there is no hope. It is not by our own understanding, or cleverness, or study, or discernment, or any other power or virtue of ourselves that we are delivered. We are delivered by grace.

Why then do Paul and I speak against error and reprove the works of darkness? It is because we are given to do so. One must have the anointing to do so, the commission of God, whereby He gives us to hear and to speak that which is needful for those to whom He sends us. Do you find a difference? I would like to know your thoughts on this, Vincent.

Nevertheless, thank you for your feedback, keep heading in the right direction, away from sin and toward the Savior of sinners, the Arch Enemy of all sin, putting all your trust in Him, and you will come to victory and rest. It is guaranteed, provided we endure to the end. He is faithful and true.

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