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Owin’ Owen: A Fruit of the Deplorable Hypocrisy of the Mormon Church

My name is Mark Benson of Lethbridge.

This is a note of warning to anyone considering doing business with Owen Kenney, originally from Raymond, Alberta and currently residing in Jaffrey, British Columbia, where he operates under several different company names, including Creekside Cabins, Creekside Log Homes, and WindRiver Development Corp. for which he is listed as president. On the basis of an introduction from his brother, Kevin Kenney, and Shawn Reeves of Boulder Hydronics (both in Lethbridge), we contracted Owen, from Wind River Log Homes, to cut timber for our new home in Lethbridge.

Owen was supposed to cut $6,524 worth of square timber, and he asked me to provide him with a deposit for half of this amount, in advance, to purchase the logs. I direct deposited $3,262 into his bank account on May 4, 2009, and he sent me a receipt on May 5, 2009.

Owen Kenney failed to deliver the timber, giving several various excuses, and eventually declared he would be unable to fulfill the contract. At that point, he promised a prompt refund. As of November 2010, I have not received so much as one dollar.

Since May of 2009, I have been in contact many times with Owen and the person who introduced me to him. They gave me many reasons why payment was delayed and many promises of imminent payment, with none fulfilled.

Owen is a member of the Mormon Church. When I contacted a representative from the Mormon Church, seeking leverage from Owen’s presumed authority to get my money back, they told me they didn’t get involved in “secular” matters.

As we have heard directly from several, the “Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” Church rigorously collects tithes of all its members from their “secular” earnings, and presumes to be the cream of the crop of humanity on earth. Yet, it won’t lift a finger to address the “secular” sins and nefarious deeds of its members. The Mormon Church cares not a whit about what is right; neither does it care for justice to neighbor in God’s sight. It only cares about what is financially profitable for its organization, which presumes to represent, of all things, the Lord Jesus Christ, God of Heaven and earth.

Should Owen Kenney pay what he owes or any portion thereof, it will be published here, Lord willing. By God’s grace, shall we not void the bad with the good?

Update: We had to take our time and effort to track down Owen after he moved from Skookumchuck to Galloway and changed his business name from Wind River Log Homes to Creekside Cabins. He finally agreed to clear his debt, but lacked the cash to do so. We agreed to receive payment in lumber stock he had at his disposal. We finally received a partial payment we picked up in B.C. in late 2011. The remainder has yet to be delivered, though often promised.

Victor Hafichuk

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