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UPDATED Islam Section

Islam section:
Muslim Objections and Excuses
Supporters and Defenders of Islam Answered

We have some new correspondence to share with you as a result of responses we received to The Answer to Islam. This writing, or should I say the presence of this writing (as none have directly answered it), has elicited various objections to our characterization of what constitutes a true Muslim according to the Koran. While none has credibly answered the specific content and questions posed in our writing, other spurious lines of reasoning have been tossed out in hopes of drowning out the truth with sufficient noise.

No such luck. The replies have only afforded us greater opportunity to preach the truth, which is immovable. We have, by the grace and wisdom of God, answered all objections.

This is good news for everyone. These are answers that get to the crux of the matter. The problem is spiritual. It is not a matter of external religion, doctrine, social science, or of historical precedents and grievances. We have addressed the spirit of the words and arguments put forth as validating Islam, which is where the error and wrong attitudes come from. See the Islam section.

The spiritual Cure, the Truth that we speak, cuts both ways. The error is not strictly the Muslims’. The sins and errors of those afflicted by Islam are dealt with as well. This is the way of peace for all. Peace can only come via the interior, never the exterior. In other words, there is no external force that can rob a human being of the peace of God, if they have it through Jesus Christ, just as there is no external force that can establish one in the peace of God. Jesus said, "People can’t observe the coming of the Kingdom of God. They can’t say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ For the Kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20-21).

This is a battle that none can ignore, because all that draw breath, made in the image of God, are involved.

While we do appreciate many of the insights, perspectives, and facts that others bring to the conversation about the war with Islam, we have not heard any that address the core issues where the solution is found. Daniel Pipes, for example, says, "Radical Islam is the problem; moderate Islam is the solution." That is like saying, "Active cancer is the problem; latent cancer is the solution." We need healthy cells, not cancerous ones. How do we get those? We have the Answer.

Mr. Pipes says he does not approach this topic as a matter of faith. That is precisely his problem, because this is a matter of faith. He cannot translate his lack of interest or true experiential knowledge and understanding in matters of faith to mean that this is not a spiritual issue at heart. Non-experience and denial do not make reality and true causes go away. His belief that moderate Islam is more agreeable with Judaism, "based on law," than Christianity, "based on faith," reveals a gross ignorance of what true faith is, the relationship of faith to law, and the difference between God’s Laws and man’s laws. True Christianity is true Judaism and the fulfillment of the Law of God, as Jesus Christ promised (Matthew 5:17). Islam has nothing to do with either true Christianity or true Judaism.

While true Christianity came from true Judaism, Islam came from false Christianity, which came from Babylon and Rome. While there is a heartfelt conviction and genuine support from true, Bible-knowledgeable and believing Christians for the land of Israel and the Jews’ right to it, where does one find such an attitude among Koran-knowledgeable and believing Muslims? How wrong you are, Mr. Pipes. You are nearly as wrong as those Jews who attended Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust conference! Read A Letter to the Jews.

Mr. Pipes, I hope you are listening. Read the Islam section, all of it. That goes for all of you that would like to get to the bottom of things, who want the real story and would like to stop spinning your wheels. God give those so inclined towards the Truth the grace to see.

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